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The Weakening of Feudalism

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The Weakening of Feudalism. England. King Henry II. Ruled from 1154 to 1189 Made legal reform a central concern of his reign Ruled that juries must formally accuse a person of a serious crime Strengthened royal authority. Constitutions of Clarendon. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Political Developments in England

The Weakening of Feudalism1England

2King Henry IIRuled from 1154 to 1189Made legal reform a central concern of his reignRuled that juries must formally accuse a person of a serious crimeStrengthened royal authority

3Constitutions of ClarendonThe document spelled out the kings traditional rights. The king had the right to try clergy accused of serious crimes in royal courts.Upset the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket, the kings friend.

4The Magna CartaIn June 1215 King John met with barons and put a seal on the Great Charter.John agreed to observe common law and the traditional rights of barons and the church.

5The Magna CartaJohn also agreed thatHe would consult the barons and church officials before imposing special taxesno free man could be jailed except by lawful judgment of peers or by the law of the landThe Magna Carta *Protected the rights and privileges of nobles*Limited Kings*Eventually extended rights to commoners

6Model ParliamentEstablished by King Edward IIncluded commoners and lower ranking clergy as well as church officialsThese were steps to include more people in English government.


The Game Changer/ The Watershed Moment: The Bubonic Plague8A Plague!!!Struck Europe from 1347 to 1351Began in central Asia and spread along the Silk RoadOver a third of the population of Europe died25 million peopleSome say 40-50%Carried by fleas on the backs of rats

9The Black DeathVictims showed black and blue blotches on their skin after being infected. Living conditions contributed to the spread of the plague.

10It was so badTransferred through trade & interactionCaused people to question the Church/GodMASSIVE DEATHWhole communitiesSpared no one nor any social class

ReviewPut these events in chronological orderThe Hundred Years WarThe Magna CartaThe Bubonic Plague

122) What did the Magna Carta protect?

133) List two reasons for the English victory at the Battle of Crecy.

144) What trading route did the bubonic plague spread through?

155) What are two reasons for the shift of power away from feudal lords after The Hundred Years War?

166) Who took part in the Model Parliament of Edward I in 1295?

7) Why was the bubonic plague known as the Black Death?

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