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The Worry Jar Technique: Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety

Date post:25-Apr-2015
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The presentation explains the steps on how to implement a favorite cognitive-behavioral technique that helps your child contain his or her worries.
  • 1. The Worry Jar Technique: Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety By: Stephanie Margolese, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist http://www.drstephaniemargolese.com/
  • 2. Purpose The Worry Jar is a creative and useful technique used to help manage anxiety and worries. The Worry Jar is a place for your child to put their worries. Just knowing that their worries are contained somewhere can free your child from replaying them in their minds and can limit the time spent focused on worries.
  • 3. Step #1: Create A Worry Jar Find a real glass or plastic jar Have your child decorate and label it (e.g., Lisas Worry Jar)
  • 4. Step #2: Write Out Worries Help your child write out or draw each of his or her worries in a list on paper. Cut out each worry into its own strip of paper. Fold each worry. Place all papers into the jar. Have your child close the jar.
  • 5. Step #3: Schedule Worry Time Worry Time = a set time of day (10-15 minutes) dedicated for worrying. Set timer or alarm to indicate the start and end of worry time. During worry time, your child opens the worry jar, looks at his or her worries, and can worry. This time can be spent alone or with a parent. At end of worry time, your child closes the worry jar to put worries away for the day.
  • 6. What To Do If worries come up at other times of day: Write down the worry Remind child to save the worry for worry time. If my child raises a new worry: Write down the new worry and add it to the jar Remember to save the new worry for worry time If my child is no longer worried about something: Have child rip up old worries Celebrate all successes at overcoming worries!!!
  • 7. Questions or Comments? Submit your feedback, questions, and comments to: http://www.drstephaniemargolese.com/ THANK-YOU! Best wishes, Dr. Stephanie

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