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Thesis Statement

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This presentation will help you understand the major components of writing a thesis statement. Usually students fail to get the proper understanding of this which is why they face issues. http://www.paperomatic.com/thesis/
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An LAVC Writing Center Workshop Presentation
Page 1: Thesis Statement

An LAVC Writing Center Workshop Presentation

Page 2: Thesis Statement

It is one sentence.

It states the main idea or argument of your essay.

It is typically placed at the end of the introduction paragraph.

It lets your reader know what to expect.

It is the basis for your entire essay.

It is the most important part of your essay.

It is awesome (kinda).

Page 3: Thesis Statement

1. The topic/subject.2. Your opinion of the topic.

Quick Activity: Pick a subject that you feel you can support or disprove and try to think of three things you feel support your idea.

For example: LAVC is a great college because of their experienced teachers, skilled tutoring offices, and welcoming academic environment.

Page 4: Thesis Statement

The Thesis is the central idea of attention within an essay

It tells the reader what position you are supporting about the subject in the essay.

The thesis must always be a complete sentence that is: specific, succinct, and suggestive of the organization to be followed in the essay.

Page 5: Thesis Statement

The THESIS STATEMENT doesn’t always come first in the writing process, but it is good to develop it early so you can use it as a guide for your paper.

I am writing about ____________ , and I am going to argue, show, or prove that _________, by stating that ___________ , _____________ , and _____________.

Page 7: Thesis Statement
Page 8: Thesis Statement
Page 9: Thesis Statement

The first sentence of your introductory paragraph should contain an attention getter, which is a sentence that attracts your reader’s attention makes them want to read further.

The introduction paragraph of an essay provides the reader with a general survey of information of the subject being discussed.

Page 10: Thesis Statement

Once all necessary and relevant background knowledge is stated, it is typically then that a thesis statement can be declared in the last sentence of the introduction paragraph.

Page 11: Thesis Statement

After the Thesis Statement, an essay has body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should be at least 3-4 sentences long and will include a topic sentence and concluding sentence to let the reader know what that paragraph will discuss.

These body paragraphs should discuss what you have stated in your Thesis Statement using evidence to back up your claims.

Page 12: Thesis Statement

After your body paragraphs, you will have a conclusion paragraph that is located at the very end of your essay.

Your conclusion paragraph should restate the ideas in your Thesis, but in a different way. Conclude your thoughts and let the reader know why you have successfully proved your point.

Page 13: Thesis Statement

A beginning THESIS STATEMENT:A is B.

A better THESIS STATEMENT: A is B because of x, y, and


A more complex THESIS STATEMENT:Although C is D, A is B because of x,

y, and z.

Page 14: Thesis Statement

BASIC THESIS (just alright!): Community colleges are an important part of California’s educational system.

MORE COMPLEX THESIS (much better!): Community colleges are an important part of California’s educational system because they are a more cost-effective way to attain a degree, classes are smaller, and they prepare students for the demands of University life.

Page 15: Thesis Statement

VERY COMPLEX THESIS (perfect!!): Although many students want to go straight from high school to a four-year university, community colleges are an important part of California’s educational system because they are a more cost-effective way to attain a degree, classes are smaller than at most four-year universities, and they prepare students for the demands of University life.

Page 16: Thesis Statement

Although is a conjunction that means, “in spite of the fact; even though,” and is helpful in connecting and comparing/contrasting different, but related, ideas.

Because is also a conjunction that means, “for the reason that; since,” and is useful for offering insight and introducing supporting details for a claim.

Page 17: Thesis Statement

Thesis statements that are too broad and general will lead to an essay that lacks focus.

Certain words may be used to narrow the focus of an argument, as well as expand a thesis statement to make it as specific as possible. EXAMPLE: “While, “Although,” “Because”: “While/Although the rise of industrialization led to the

expansion of global trade relations, the conditions of working class people deteriorated because __________, _________, and _____________.

Page 18: Thesis Statement


Anyone can do it!