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ThingFace deck - AngelList version

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ThingFace is an Authoring tool which creates Apps that encapsulate and exemplify the Author's domain expertise, essence and knowledge.

PowerPoint Presentation

App Authoring for Mere Mortals

What problem does ThingFace solve?

Everything is becoming connected.

Businesses and individuals want to wire up their own apps to connect activities, things, people and content.

ThingFace allows authors to create custom apps for connecting their customers or their own on-line lives to the real-world without knowing how to write programs.

ThingFace integrates with existing apps and platforms.

ThingFace authoring tools are designed primarily for non-programmers, but can build sophisticated, contextually aware apps for specific tasks and environments.

2014 ThingFace, Inc.

ThingFace produces custom Apps

Authored by non-programmers

Outputs compelling Apps which the Author can adjust and customize to their own clients needs

Works with:

Wearables, Devices, Sensors, IoT platforms

IFTTT, existing Apps, BigData

Mobile, Tablets, Web

2014 ThingFace, Inc.

2014 ThingFace, Inc.

2014 ThingFace, Inc.

ThingFace App Examples

A powerful and flexible tool that works WITH IFTTT and lets non-programmers create apps that assist people in their real-world activities.

Use case #1:

Trainers or Fitness professional can capture the essence of what they offer their clients by recording their voice doing a motivational speech and providing a custom publishing system. The Trainers ThingFace App then acts as their proxy and sustains their presence when they are NOT with their clients. The ThingFace App integrates with data from wearables like FitBit and FuelBand and can then automatically trigger this motivational audio at just the right time.

Use case #2:

Local culture curators, travel guides and event producers can create customized Apps which encapsulate history, recommendations and cultural insights into a mobile ThingFace App that can be distributed through the Apple App store. Event lineups, local merchant promotions, upcoming milestones and festival information can all be propagated into a contextually aware ThingFace App - that provides relevant information where and when it is accessed.

Use cases #3:

Home Assistants will be authored as private Apps for family and friends that are managed by tech savvy home owners, parents or individuals. These assistants can coordinate and orchestrate the many web services, Apps, IoT platforms, hubs or devices that are part of each person's mobile life and on-line world. ThingFace will enable Authors to synchronize their own content with Smarthome devices, triggered by social interaction of friends, family and groups.

2014 ThingFace, Inc.

New company from Marc Canter and team

Helped create multimedia tools industry Macromedia

starting in 84 IPO 93 merge with Adobe 05 (with a $3.4B valuation)

Solving same problems as MacroMind its too hard to create apps right now

Empowering a new generation of non-programmers and domain expert authors

Providing state-of-the-art tools which work WITH everything else

Built and run by experienced entrepreneurs who have been there, done this once before

Understand importance of building partnerships:

Be friends to all complement not compete

Kickstart entirely new generation of developers with approachable authoring tools creative community, freelancers, SMEs, local tech services, educators, on-line marketers, activists

Branded apps white labeled SaaS deals

Entrepreneurial growth path

Start with Fitness 2.3m units Q1 14 - $330M 13

Aggressively go to prosumer market target people with expertise in a domain and some technology savvy re-create the MacroMind phenomena

Opportunistic bootstraping with industrial one-offs shopping assistants

Roadmap to add Natural Language Processing, Community, Marketplace, Developer Program

2014 ThingFace, Inc.

With help from


Marc Canter


30+ IDEA guy

Winston Tsang

Ruby guru

20+ VP of Tech

Alex Seiden


Lucas Film, Pixar

30+ Sr. Coder

Jim Collins


25+ Designer

Jamie Fenton


Apple, Amazon

35+ Sr. Coder

John Henry


MacroMind, NYU, MIT


30+ Sr. Coder

Robert Scoble

Microsoft, Rackspace

Social Media guru

15+ blogger

Dan Farber

MacToday, CNet,

CBS Interactive

30+ Journalist

UI/UX team

David- Nic - Daniel

SchmeltekopfFontaine Kairoff

2014 ThingFace, Inc.

Looking for

$1m up and running MVP: initial set of Agents and Tools

Prove model (tool) and compelling experiences (end-user App)

$5m flesh out Agents, iterate/perfect design, expand toolset, build-out infrastructure build business

One-off production work helps build platform, establish brand

With each new viewpoint 10 more IQ points

$10m scale up revenues, natural language processing, establish marketplace more tools and agents, International presence

Prosumer, Industrial and Consumer

Friends to all ride the wave empower new kinds of developers

2014 ThingFace, Inc.

Appendix A


Thanks ThingFace I can now record my own voice for my clients and leave my presence behind for them. ThingFace acts as a proxy of ME that my clients can access 24/7/365.

The ThingFace App works WITH Runkeeper so I dont have to COMPETE with those folks.

I can also

provide custom Information and Nutritional data exactly what my clients need when they need it!

With ThingFace I can keep track of my husband, make sure my kids are doing their homework and create some educational family fun connecting us all into our SmartHome!

I can even create my own Agents and sell them as a way of running my own business!

My ThingFace assistant helps me best utilize my commute, pack and prep for a trip, do my expense reports and it even helps me manage our AirBnb business!

I started my own local Tour Company and produced a smart Assistant App for my customers. ThingFace delivers my unique local knowledge to my customers at JUST the right time, place and context!

More Examples.

Home owners could bomb drops that were triggered by social interaction

Music (or sound EFX) or video playback starts on-demand

Contextually relevant web sites and media channels appear on mobile devices

Make sure the right Delivery people can get into my home

and that they leave with it securely locked

Marc Canter is at the door

start playing Bob Marleys Trenchtown Rock

Augment your kids softball game

reward points - most swings, best defensive moves, minutes played, sportsmanship

establish Leaderboard for team

Spice up a Senior Citizen center

augment Bingo or Name that Tune with points, badges and leaderboard

Help your BFF keep track of you

send hottie alerts to encourage friends to join you wherever you are

2014 ThingFace, Inc.

Initial set of Agents are the authoring frameworks

Life Assistants helps manage your daily commute, helps you Pack, keep track of your homes security, produce expense report, counsel, create family activities. PRIVATE

Home Assistants manage delivery people, keep track of your kids homework, create educational family activities integrated with smart home and media playback. Coordinate drop/off pick/up errands. PRIVATE

Personal Trainer work with clients Fitbit App (Runkeeper) and existing exercise equipment adjusting exercise routines and schedules. Create motivational audio customized to their clients real-world results. PRIVATE

Game Masters augment sports or board games, judge Group activities, awards points and badges. Also acts as Referee and Oracle. PUBLIC

Tour Guides - author customized guides and sell them publicly. Regional knowledge, local merchants and timely insider suggestions. PUBLIC

2014 ThingFace, Inc.

One could certainly imagine Agents from

Educators - create edTech games, lessons or environments for THEIR students

Foodies, Sommelier advise on favorite wines, restaurants, dishes, bars, movies, books, places and things. Provide a unique panache - on-demand.

Creative Artists, DJs, Culture Curators, BFFs express themselves

Media Critics voice their opinion in creative, relevant ways

Community Leaders provide resources, training and leadership via Agents

Marketing agencies help market and sell products and services via Agents

Computer Repair/Media Support services companies branded Agents

Training companies provide customized training programs via Agents

Shopping Assistants, Lifestyle Coaches, Family/Senior Assistance all can create customized Agents for their particular constituency

2014 ThingFace, Inc.

Putting a face on the Internet of Things

Go to market strategy

Leverage Marc Canters ability to get into the news speeches, panels, opinion pieces on the evolution of the IoT, open web politics and playing nicely with everyone

Connect to geeky, early adopters help from Robert Scoble and Dan Farber

Identify the right influencers, get onto the IoT circuit, partner with key IoT players, IoT brand sponsorship deals

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