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Thousand splendid suns

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A Thousand Splendid Suns Khaled Hosseini
Page 1: Thousand splendid suns

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Khaled Hosseini

Page 2: Thousand splendid suns

Khaled Hosseini Khaled Hosseini was born on March 4, 1965 in Kabul,

Afghanistan At age 11, his family moved to France; 4 years

later, they applied for asylum in the U.S. Did not return to Afghanistan until 2001, where

he “felt like a tourist in his own country” All 3 of his novels became bestsellers:

-The Kite Runner -A Thousand Splendid Suns -And the Mountains Echoed

Is currently a Goodwill Envoy for the UNHCR

Page 3: Thousand splendid suns

Setting Takes place in Afghanistan from the early

1960s to the early 2000s The novel begins in Herat Moves to the capital, Kabul Travels to Pakistan Returns back to Kabul

Page 4: Thousand splendid suns

Language Told in 3rd person through chapters that

alternate the focus of either Mariam or Laila The speaker includes words spoken in

Pashto - “But he was a coward, my father. He didn’t have the dil, the heart for it.”

Very descriptive sentences - “Mullah Faizullah recited prayers at the graveside and the men lowered Nana’s shrouded body into the ground.”

Page 5: Thousand splendid suns

Mariam Ethnic Tajik from Herat Illegitimate child of Jalil Khan and his housekeeper,

Nana Grows up in a simple mud hut with Nana, but longs to

be accepted into her father’s family At age 15, her mother commits suicide, so her father

sends her off to marry Rasheed Her spirit is beaten down after 7 miscarriages and

many beatings of her husband Mariam finally finds love and and the family she has

always wanted in Laila and her daughter

Page 6: Thousand splendid suns

Laila Ethnic Tajik from Kabul Extremely beautiful Falls in love with her friend, Tariq at a very young age Plans to attend a university in the future, but the dream

is shattered when her parents are killed in a rocket attack Rescued by Rasheed and nursed back to health by

Mariam Becomes Rasheed’s second wife when she comes to

believe that Tariq is dead Has two children: Aziza and Zalmai

Page 7: Thousand splendid suns

Rasheed Mariam’s husband: an ethnic Pashtun Shoemaker living in Kabul Abusive Seeks a wife who will bear him a son When Mariam fails to have children, he treats

her cruelly and seeks to find a second, much younger wife

Requires his wives to wear full burqa and to not leave the house without him

Eventually is killed by Mariam

Page 8: Thousand splendid suns

Tariq Laila’s childhood friend and sweetheart Only has one leg as a result of being injured by

a Soviet land mine Flees to Pakistan during war Separated from Laila; she is led to believe that

he is dead Eventually returns and the two run away to

Pakistan together Real father of Aziza Respects women as equals unlike Rasheed

Page 9: Thousand splendid suns

Jalil Khan Mariam’s father Wealthy merchant and cinema owner Has 3 wives and 10 children Visits Mariam each week with gifts, but never lets

her come to his home Years later, Jalil regrets his mistreatment of Mariam

and seeks forgiveness Leaves her an apology letter and inheritance

money, which is found by Laila when she visits Mariam’s childhood home

Page 10: Thousand splendid suns

Themes Women and Femininity

- Gender Inequality - Slavery to the Household

War - Afghani war against the Soviets - Taliban Takeover - 9/11 terrorist attacks

Marriage vs. True Love - Cruelty - Mutual Respect

Page 11: Thousand splendid suns

Literary Devices Symbolism

- Burqa -Hospital

Metaphor -Nana tells Mariam that she is nothing but a “mugwort” that is ripped out and tossed aside

Irony -When Jalil visited Mariam, he would raise her high in the air and swing her around, but Nana told her that one day he would surely drop her

Simile -It’s like someone is ramming a screwdriver into my ear.” -Rasheed

Page 12: Thousand splendid suns

Quotes “Like a compass needle that points north, a man’s

accusing finger always finds a woman. Always.” “You see, some things I can teach you. Some you

learn from books. But there are things that, well, you have to see and feel.”

“The past held only this wisdom: that love was a damaging mistake, and its accomplice, hope, a treacherous illusion.”

“But the game involves only male names. Because, if it's a girl, Laila has already named her.”

Page 13: Thousand splendid suns

Personal Reaction

Page 15: Thousand splendid suns

Which Character Are You?

Based off of answering these questions, you can find out which character you are from the novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Keep track of how many points you have, because at the end of the quiz, you will add them all up to match them with the character you most resemble.

All A’s—1 point All B’s—2 points All C’s—3 points All D’s—4 points

Page 16: Thousand splendid suns

Let’s Get Started 1. If the Soviets had invaded your hometown, what would you do?

A. Care for your family and hope that they leave soon

B. Leave with your family to another country

C. Try to continue on with your everyday lifestyle

D. Hope for a radical group to come and kick them out

2. How would you react if you were in an abusive relationship?

A. Leave your abuser and run away with your childhood love

B. You’re the one who would save someone from the abuser

C. Kill the abusive partner with a shovel

D. You’re the abusive one

Page 17: Thousand splendid suns

This is Fun Right? 3. What is/ will be your status on children?

A. Care for all of your children no matter what

B. You will love them even if you know them for only a short time

C. You never have kids

D. You only want a son so he can carry on the family name

4. If someone in your family died…

A. You are willingly sent away to live with a stranger

B. You walk all over the country looking for the love of your life

C. You are sent away to live with a stranger after putting up a fight

D. You find a person to create a new family with you based on your circumstances

Page 18: Thousand splendid suns

I Know This Makes You Want to Read

the Book! 5. What best describes your personality?

A. Bitter, frequently tense, spiteful from horrible memories of your past

B. Full of love and passion, caring, occasionally funny

C. Quiet, obedient to those of authority, very easy-going

D. Arrogant, rude, ungrateful, obnoxiously loud

6. If you were to have one of these, what would your biggest flaw be?

A. You give in too easily and never stand up for yourself

B. You have a very noticeable body disfiguration

C. You are incredibly lonely and hard to love

D. You have a horrible personality

Page 19: Thousand splendid suns

You’re Almost Done! 7. If you had one wish, it would be to…

A. Pursue a proper education at a prestigious school

B. Live a strong, individual life without the assistance of another

C. Live a happy life with a family who loves and cares about you

D. To have a son to replace all of your sorrow and regret

8. What best describes your daily life?

A. Constantly caring for or helping your family

B. Your activities change from day to day

C. Spending all day doing housework or chores

D. Working all da at your job and then coming home to a hot meal

Page 20: Thousand splendid suns

So Close! 9. Who is your favorite person?

A. Your close friend

B. Your loving partner

C. Your mother

D. Your kid

10. How would you fight back against someone?

A. Insult them with harsh words

B. Take off your fake leg and beat them with it

C. Hit them over the head with a shovel

D. Choke them

Page 21: Thousand splendid suns

RESULTS 10-17 points------Laila

You are kind and innocent, and you have a very mellow personality, which is why so many people like you

18-25 points------Tariq

You are passionate and loyal. You can always be counted on, and everyone always wants to be around you

26-32 points------Mariam

You are stubborn, but strong-minded. You may have had a hard life so far, but things will turn around for you eventually

33-40 points------Rasheed

You are hard-headed because you know what you want. You don’t care to listen to anyone else because you think that you’re right all of the time