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Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet

Date post: 30-May-2018
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  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet





    Span TN Penalty

    1 0

    2 -2

    3 -4


    The absolute difference between the Move values of the two ships issubtracted from the TN for the Test. For example, one ship has a Movevalue of three and the other has a Move value of five; a Pilot making aGrapple Test would be subject to a TN-2 penalty. Conversely, a pilotseeking to evade the grapple would get a TN+2 bonus.


    A ship going for a grapple on a smaller vessel gets a TN+2 if that ship isone level smaller or a TN+4 if it is two levels smaller. Attempts to grapplea ship one level larger earn a TN-2 penalty. The categories of ship size are:





    Very Heavy


    Each degree of success from the Grapple Test may be used to reduce theMove value of the ship that has been grappled. The number of successes itcosts to nullify one Move is:

    One at a distance of 1 Span

    Two at a distance of 2 Spans

    Three at a distance of 3 Spans

    Any fractional successes remaining are lost.

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet



    Sensor/Application Range in Spans

    Passive EM/detect 12

    Passive EM/identify 4

    Radar/detect 4

    Radar/identify 3

    Ladar/detect 5

    Ladar/identify 4

    Mass detector 4

    Mass detector/ID drive signature 6

    Quantum Trap 12

    Range Modifiers:

    Short 0

    Medium -2

    Long -4

    Other Modifiers:


    Attempts to use ladar for detection, a blind spenalty -2 earch, suffer a TN-4

    Long -4

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet


    Mass Detector

    Target is within one Span of a terrestrial world: TN-2

    Target is within three Spans of a gas giant: TN-2

    Target is within one Span of a gas giant: TN-4

    *Target is operating a gravity drive with a Move Ratingof between 3 and 6:


    Target is operating a gravity drive with a Move Ratingof between 7 and 8:


    Target is a very heavy or capital category ship: TN+2

    Target is operating a gravity mask and is at mediumrange:


    Target is operating a gravity mask and is at long range: TN-4

    * Operating a gravity mask at the same time as a gravity drive at these Move


    atings nullifies this

    Quantum Trap

    All Tests within Fighting Range are made at TN-4; range


    odifiers do not

    1. Each doubling of range constitutes a range category;long.

    short, medium or

    2. All sensors except quantum traps are blocked by terrgas giants positioned between the sensor and the tar

    estrial worlds andet ship

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet



    Sensor EW System

    Radar EM Jammer or Smart Jammer

    Ladar EM Smart Jammer

    Mass Detector Gravity Mask

    Sensor Countermeasures

    Ladar Smoke

    Radar Smoke/DecoysPassive EM Smoke/Decoys

    Quantum Trap Decoy

    EW System Ranges:

    EW System Range in Spans

    EM jammer 5

    EM smart jammer 4

    Gravity Mask N/A (See below)

    Range Modifiers:

    Short 0

    Medium -2

    Long -4


    1. Each doubling of range constitutelong.

    a range category; short, medium or

    2. A gravity mask only works in prohas no range value.

    imity to the ship it is on and therefore

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet



    Comms Jammer Results

    Fail Fail No communications possible this Round.

    Pass Fail Ship can communicate this Round.

    Pass Pass Winner is the one with the most degrees of success; tie goes to the defender

    Fail Pass No communications possible this Round.

    There is no reliab

    cannot send or re

    le means to jam l

    ceive messages v

    laser communications by opposing ships. A ship that has deployed Smoke

    ia laser.

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet



    In order to hit a target, a gunner performs a Gunnery Test as follows:

    1. The gunners Gunnery Target Number, modified by theweapon range modifier plus,

    2. The firing ships Offensive Modifier plus,

    3. Any degrees of success from the earlier Tactics and sensorTests allocated by the CO plus

    4. Any successes from the attacking pilots Piloting Test (seebelow) plus

    5. Any additional modifiers imposed by the GM minus

    6. The defending ships Defensive Modifier minus

    7. Any successes from the defending pilots Piloting Test.

    Or in other words:

    TN weapon range modifiers + ships OM + Tactics/sensor degrees ofsuccess + Piloting Test successes +/- any other modifiers the DM of thedefending ship and the defending pilots Piloting Test successes.

    Final Target Numbers for the Test, after all modifiers are applied, which

    are higher than 23 are treated as a 23. A roll of 24 remains a CriticalFailure. In the unlikely event that a TN is reduced to 2, a result of 2 is stilltreated as a Critical Success. A TN of 1 or less means the ship cannot behit.


    Range Modifier

    Short +0Medium -1

    Long -2

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet



    Sometimes it is more desirable to hit a specific part of a ship instead ofsimply trying to destroy it outright, for example knocking out its enginesas a prelude to boarding. To do so requires a called shot and incurs a

    penalty to the Gunnery Test based on the range to the target; the penalty isTN-4 at short range and TN-6 at medium range. They are not possible atlong range. A success indicates that the desired target has been taken outof action; a normal failure is a clean miss. A critical success results in anunexpected benefit, such as the boarding party being able to repair thedamage incurred in half the time normally required. The critical failure ofa called shot Test will inflict 1d12 times the base Damage Value of theweapon being used on a randomly determined part of the ship.

    Energy lances and spinal mounts are not capable of making called shots.

    The GM has a lot of latitude in establishing what can be a valid target fora called shot. A D-Drive buried deep within the structure of a ship wouldprobably be off limits, but elements of the gravity drive would beacceptable. Also, a single called shot to the gravity drive of a dreadnoughtmight not take it out all together just because of its sheer bulk.

    The number of successes from a called shot should be recorded fordamage repair purposes. The more successes that are earned, the more

    complex the repair effort is. One success might be repairable during thecurrent Round, three means the system can only be fixed once combat isover and five successes requires that the ship needs to put into port forextensive work.

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet



    Type Damage Value Range ROF

    Fusion Beam 4 (60) 3 S

    Gauss Gun 3 (50) 4 S

    Gravity Ram 7 (80) 1 S

    Laser 2 (40) 3 S

    Laser, Heavy 4 (40) 4 S

    Maser Cannon 5 (75) 6 S

    Maser Cannon, Heavy 8 (100) 8 S

    Mass Cannon 3 (50) 5 S

    Mass Cannon, Heavy 5 (75) 6 S

    Missile, Submunition 2 (40) N/A S

    Missile, Nuclear 5 (60) N/A S

    Missile, Plasma 6 (90) N/A S

    Needle Driver 2 (45) 4 A

    Particle Beam 4 (60) 4 S

    Particle Beam, Heavy 6 (75) 5 S

    Particle Lance 18 (300) 6 S

    Particle Lance, Heavy 20 (325) 5 S

    Particle Spinal Mount 100 (1100) 6 S

    Particle Spinal Mount, Heavy 200 (2100) 5 S

    Plasma Cannon 5 (60) 3 S

    Plasma Cannon, Heavy 6 (75) 4 S

    Plasma Lance 12 (245) 6 S

    Plasma Lance, Heavy 15 (275) 5 S

    Rail Cannon 3 (50) 3 S

    Damage Value = the number in parentheses is the wea

    Range = each doubling of the stated range defines the

    ROF = S indicates single shot capability, while A r

    ons maximum damage.

    ange category (short, me

    presents automatic fire c

    dium, etc.)


  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet



    Target Number Probability Multiplier

    2 No Hits

    3 0.02

    4 0.04

    5 0.07

    6 0.10

    7 0.14

    8 0.19

    9 0.25

    10 0.31

    11 0.38

    12 0.46

    13 0.54

    14 0.62

    15 0.69

    16 0.75

    17 0.80

    18 0.85

    19 0.89

    20 0.93

    21+ 0.96

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet



    Detailed Hit Results

    Table:Detailed Hit Results

    1d12 Effects

    1 Roll on Special Hit Table

    2-7 Normal hull hit

    8-9 Weapon mount hit

    10 Sensor hit

    11 Communications hit

    12 EW/Countermeasure hit


    Special Hit Results

    Table:Deta led Hit Results

    1d12 Effects

    1-2 Power plant hit

    3-4 Gravity drive hit

    5-6 Artificial gravity hit

    7-8 Cockpit/bridge hit

    9 Quarters hit

    10 Hangar hit

    11-12 D-Drive hit

    Hit Results

    Normal hull: Damage is deducted from the Hull Rating as normal.

    Weapon mount: A single weapon mount is disabled.

    Sensor: A single sensor array is disabled.

    Communications: A single communications array is disabled.

    EW/Countermeasures: A single EW array is disabled or a single use ofa countermeasure is destroyed.

    Power Plant: The power plant is knocked out for one Round.

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet


    Gravity drive: The gravity drive is offline for one Round; the shipcontinues to move in a straight line at its current Move value.

    Artificial gravity: Partial failure of he ships internal gravity/inertialcompensation causes the crew to suffer a penalty of TN-2 to all Tests

    for one Round.Cockpit/bridge: All Piloting and Tactics Tests incur a TN-2 penalty forone Round.

    Quarters: Quarters or facilities of the GMs choice are disabled andunusable.

    Hangar: Craft carried externally have their Hull Rating reduced by theamount of damage inflicted. Craft in recessed hangars take damage inproportion to the amount of hull that is exposed. Any remaining

    damage in either case is a normal hull hit for the carrying ship.Damage done to open hangars is applied to either carried craft or thehangar facility itself, reducing its total capacity.

    D-Drive: The Dillingham Drive is disabled.

    A hit on anything other than the hull results in a ships systembeing disabled. If the ship is not equipped with the system rolled or all ofthe available components of that system have been disabled, apply the nextlowest result on the table or consider the system destroyed, whicheverseems more appropriate. Where multiple types of the same system exist,such as with sensors, pick one of the systems at random. Systems that aredisabled can be returned to service as per the rules below for damagerepair.

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet


    Critical Hits

    A Dramatic Success on a Gunnery Test inflicts maximum damagefor the weapon type used on the target. If there is any damage remainingafter deductions are made for energy shields and armor, the GM has the

    option of consulting the critical hit table and applying the results foundthere. Otherwise simply apply all remaining damage to the Hull Rating.

    Optional Critical Hit Results

    Table: Optional Critical Hit Results

    2d12 Effect(s)

    2-7 Normal critical hit

    8-9 Normal critical hit, crew casualties

    10 Severe critical hit, gravity/life support

    11 Severe critical hit, crew casualties

    12 Damaged system: comm system

    13 Damaged system: sensors

    14 Damaged system: quarters/hangar

    15 Damaged system: defenses

    16 Damaged system: EW/countermeasures

    17 Damaged system: computers

    18 Damaged system: cockpit/bridge

    19 Damaged system: life support

    20 Damaged system: D-Drive

    21 Damaged system: gravity drive

    22 Damaged system: power plant

    23 Damaged system: weapon

    24 Destroyed weapon

    Note: Any re


    ult listed as damaged means that component has stopped working until it is

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet


    Normal Critical Hit Results:

    Normal Critical Hit: The weapon does maximum damage to the HullRating.

    Crew Casualties: Crewmembers and passengers are severely injured or

    killed. Roll 1d12 to determine the percentage of the crew effected. Ifthe ship carries passengers, also roll 1d12 to determine the percentageof passenger casualties. This result affects only NPCs, unless the GMstates otherwise.

    A starship with less than one-half of its normal crew complementtakes a 2 penalty to the TN of all attacks.

    A starship with less than one-quarter of its normal crew complementtakes a 4 penalty the TN of all attacks.

    A starship with no crew continues to fly in its current direction at itscurrent Move value. If this result is rolled again and the ship has noliving crew or passengers, ignore this result and reroll.

    Severe Critical Hit Results:

    Crew Casualties: As per the crew casualties result above except that aroll of 2d12 is used instead of 1d12. In addition, the crew is so shakenby this damage that the entire vessel is unable to act during the next

    Round.Gravity/Life Support: The starships artificial gravity and accelerationcompensation is disabled for 1d12 Rounds. During this time, the shipcannot turn or alter speed and anyone without Ranks in the skillAcrobatics suffers a 4 penalty on all Tests while coping with the zerogravity conditions. Those possessing the skill are unaffected. If thisresult is rolled a second time and gravity has not been restored, the lifesupport system also fails for 1d12 Rounds. Anyone without access tosome form of breathing gear must pass a Body Test to remainconscious and be able to act during the current Round; failure at theTest results in suffocation.

    Damaged System Results:

    Comm System: One communications system of the attackers choice isdamaged. If this result is rolled again and the ship has no undamagedcomm systems, ignore it and go to the Sensors result below.

    Sensors: One type of sensor system, for example the EM sensor suite

    or radar, of the attackers choice is damaged. If this result is rolledagain and there are no undamaged sensors, ignore it and go toquarters/hangar below.

    Quarters/hangar: A number of Tons of quarters, facilities and cargo orhangar space equal to the number of hits inflicted is damaged. The

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet


    attacker gets to choose what exactly is affected. Hangar relateddamage is treated in the same manner as for the Special Hit Tableabove.

    Defenses: The armor value of the ships energy shield is reduced by

    2d12 percent, rounded down. If there are no shields remaining, theships hull armor is reduced by 2d12 percent. If the hull armor valuefalls below zero, apply damage to the Hull Rating. The attacker hasthe option of declaring one point defense weapon destroyed instead.

    Electronic Warfare/Countermeasures: One type of EW system orcountermeasure of the attackers choice is damaged and unusable untilrepaired. If this result is rolled again and there are no undamagedsystems, ignore it and go to the computers result below.

    Computers: The ship suffers a failure of its central information system;all subsequent Tests aboard ship are made at TN-2. Further receipt ofthis result reduces the Target Number by two again. The attacker hasthe option of declaring any one tactical computer to be damagedinstead.

    Cockpit/bridge: The ship can take no action in the following Roundand suffers a TN-4 penalty to all Piloting and Tactics Tests until thedamage is repaired. If this result is rolled a second time, the cockpit orbridge is destroyed and the vessel is rendered uncontrollable withouthope of repair. Ships that have a fully operational auxiliary bridge canignore the effects of this critical hit.

    Life support: The results are the same as in the listing for a severegravity/life support hit except that the damage persists until it isrepaired.

    D-Drive: The Dillingham Drive is knocked offline until it is repaired.

    Gravity Drive: The starships Move decreases by 1 until the engines

    are repaired. If this result is rolled again, the effect is cumulative. Ifthe ships Move has already been reduced to 0 due to engine damage,ignore this result and reroll. The ship continues along its current flightpath at its current Move value.

    Power Plant: A random system of the GMs choosing losses power andgoes offline until the damage is repaired (reroll on this table forpurposes of determining location only).

    Weapon: One of the starships weapon mounts (attackers choice)

    ceases to function. The weapon remains inoperable until it is repaired.If this result is rolled again and the ship has no functional weapons,ignore this result and reroll.

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet


    Destroyed System Result:

    Weapon: One of the starships weapon mounts (determined by theattacker) is destroyed. It cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Ifthis result is rolled again and the ship has no weapons, ignore this

    result and reroll. If the destroyed weapon was linked or part of abattery, the other weapons to which it was linked continue to functionnormally, but must be fired individually.

  • 8/9/2019 Thousand Suns Starships -- Chapter 3 Cheat Sheet



    Category # of jury rigs

    Ultralight and light 1

    Medium 2

    Heavy 3

    Very Heavy 4

    Capital 5