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Timely Progress Reports

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Timely Progress Reports. ARD Information and Reminder Strategies. Progress Reports. Format Must be reporting directly on goals and benchmark objectives that are listed on the student’s IEP. Use percentages. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Timely Progress Reports ARD Informationand Reminder StrategiesProgress ReportsFormatMust be reporting directly on goals and benchmark objectives that are listed on the students IEP.Use percentages.Not all benchmarks must be addressed on every progress report, but they all must be addressed in the year.Reporting PeriodsMost children are ARDed to receive progress reports on a 6 week basis.This coincides with the regular report card period.However, some students are ARDed to receive them at shorter intervals.These outliers may be difficult to remember, especially for related service personnel.Where to find the interval in the ARD

Page 4 (current year) and 4b (next year)

One of these boxes will be checked off.Outlook Calendar RemindersClick on Calendar

Double click on the day that the first progress report is due.

Outlook Calendar RemindersThis will open a new calendar item where you fill in your information.Then click the Recurrence button.

Outlook Calendar RemindersSet your parameters and click OK.

Getting Your ReminderYoull get your reminder every time a progress report is due.

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Timely Progress Reports ARD Information and Reminder Strategies
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