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Date post:11-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. TREASURY INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS | SMART PAYMENTS BETTER DECISIONS Leading cloud platform for managing corporate payments, liquidity and bank relationships TIS Company Presentation
  2. 2. 21/05/2015 TIS | Classification: confidential | www.tis.biz 2 Typical Pain for CFOs and Treasurers Simple questions about your companys liquidity and payment cannot be easily answered Tricky CFO Questions Operational Pain for Treasurers LACK OF TRANSPARENCY How much cash is on all your company accounts at this time? What is your companys net US-Dollar cash flow this month that can be used as a natural hedge? How much money was actually paid to which of your suppliers? How high are all your bank transaction fees? COMPLIANCE RISKS How many company accounts do you have across all offices and subsidiaries? Who can sign for which account? Who can approve payments up to which amount? MANUAL WORKAROUNDS Five to ten days of manual work for data collection and analyses in EXCEL to get accurate figures for company liquidity; meanwhile the cash position has potentially changed Workarounds to manually extract payment files, convert formats and upload in E- banking tool Strong dependency on a few employees, who maintain and run manual workaround processes Need to carry around a bag of security tokens MISSING GOVERNANCE, LEGAL/AUDIT COMPLIANCE Impossible to track who approved which payment Difficult to monitor signatories and authorisations ? ? ! !
  3. 3. 21/05/2015 TIS | Classification: confidential | www.tis.biz 3 Smart Payments - Better Decisions TIS is the leading cloud platform for managing corporate payments, liquidity and bank relationships Overview Key Facts Build by Experts SaaS 0.2UP TO1.0+M Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Walldorf, Germany TIS is a highly scalable and highly secure cloud platform for managing corporate payments, liquidity and bank relations Solution running with midsize and blue-chip customers including Fujitsu, Dachser, BearingPoint, VW, Dutch Railways and many others Funded by Target Partners, Zobito and SAP Fast growing based on excellent customer feedback ISO 27001 and SAP Certified MULTI ERP MULTIBANKS SAP CERTIFIED SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE: FAST, SCALABLE, SECURE BANK CONNECTIVITY AND PAYMENT FORMATS IMMEDIATE AND YEARLY COST SAVINGS Jrg Wiemer, CEO and co-founder; SVP/Head of Global Treasury SAP; 20 yrs. treasury and 10 yrs. senior management experience Erol Bozak, CTO and co-founder; Director Development SAP; cloud expert; 33 patents
  4. 4. 21/05/2015 TIS | Classification: confidential | www.tis.biz 4 The TIS Revolution Fully scalable SaaS platform for managing corporate payments, liquidity and bank relationships converting the current many-to-many relationship model into a 1-on1-model Old World New World Shared Service Centers SubsidiariesHead Office E-banking Tools Treasury Systems Inhouse Pro- jects + Service Bureaus Shared Service Centers SubsidiariesHead Office Single point of contact Host-to-host connection, EBICS , SWIFT Significant cost savings (0.2m to 1m p.a., depending on customer) Increased transparency Enhanced governance Legal/audit compliance, e.g. SEPA ERP integration Fast roll-out Strong analytics focus HR/Treasury /LegacyERP System ERP System ERP System HR/Treasury /LegacyERP System ERP System ERP System AgentPlugin Agent Agent Multiple corporate entities, geographically dispersed each of which run several ERP-systems in parallel; Various tools and workarounds in use to extract, convert and submit payment data to banks in their required data formats. TIS offers a one stop solution for bank connectivity, which enables us to centralise and automate our payments. We achieve complete transparency over bank account authorisations. Through global visibility over all account movements, we can better control corporate liquidity. With TIS we achieved a new level regarding control and compliance for our corporation. Katja Zimmermann, Head of Corporate Treasury
  5. 5. 21/05/2015 TIS | Classification: confidential | www.tis.biz 5 The Difference Why are some treasurers and cash managers still carrying a bag of security tokens around? The Old World Challenge The New World Solution o Payment orders need to be routed to different bank accounts, each bank using different interfaces, data and bank formats and authorisation processes it is costly to maintain. o The multitude of manual steps involved creates extensive governance, legal, audit and compliance risks, while also representing a significant cost factor. o General lack of transparency over liquidity status and cash flow at any given point in time, given complex system of payment routing o High dependency on IT with high cost and upfront investments You need only one Secure ID key A single, multi-bank-capable, audit-proof SaaS platform End-to-end data processing (straight-through processing) with full ERP integration (through plugins or agents) Comprehensive library of payment formats, bank communication and security channels Full transparency into corporate cash flow and liquidity, and complete control of all bank relations and cash movements Immediate cost savings Fast roll-out, no IT projects and IT investment
  6. 6. 21/05/2015 TIS | Classification: confidential | www.tis.biz 6 BAM : Bank Account Manager BTM: Bank Transaction Manager TIS SaaS Solutions 1/2 TIS offers a single platform with the following solutions to solve the key challenges Bank Account Management Central repository / process tool to manage and track worldwide bank accounts Management of signature rights and users Solution helps to monitor all existing accounts and to assist in the setup of new ones Ready to implement your eBAM strategy Central, web-based, multi-bank-capable, SEPA- compliant and SAP-non-SAP integrated payment platform Makes payment processes more efficient, transparent and safe Audit-proof tracking and tracing of payments, workflow-based approvals and automatic retrieval of bank account statements Sanction lists, monitoring, mandate (direct debit) management Bank Transaction Management
  7. 7. 21/05/2015 TIS | Classification: confidential | www.tis.biz 7 BDM : Business Discovery Manager BSM: Bank Statement Manager TIS SaaS Solutions 1/2 TIS offers a single platform with the following solutions to solve the key challenges Web-based dashboard to analyze and manage your daily business Web-based business intelligence solution to better manage your corporate payments liquidity and cash Comprehensive analysis of banking relations and bank fees Analyze to manage your customer and supplier relations Business Discovery Management Transparency and insight - in all bank accounts- signatory rights and bank documents Automation - workflow and alert system for reducing manual work and non compliancy Electronic collection of banks statements no manual upload of bank statements Straight through processing (STP) in ERP system via plug-in or TIS agent Dashboard of liquidity and cash status and daily reports of bank changes Bank Statement Management
  8. 8. Information Security with TIS 21/05/2015 TIS | Classification: confidential | www.tis.biz 8 ISO 27001 Accredited ISO 27001 Information SecurityTIS Cloud - A Solution you can trust ISO 27001 certifiedMember Highest industry security standards "ISO 27001 Certification" The leading international standard for data Accreditation was audited by DQS, a German ISO accreditation agency for information management systems. To maintain the certificate, TIS's information security management system is reviewed, monitored and audited on a regular basis. Customer audits welcome Audit Reports and Statement of Applicability can be shared under NDA
  9. 9. 21/05/2015 TIS | Classification: confidential | www.tis.biz 9 TIS Cloud Software as a Service: business value fast and secure 5000BANK ACCOUNTS UNDER MANAGEMENT IN TIS CLOUD Leasing of applications delivers business value easy and fast Secure and Highly available. TIS and Hosting provider is ISO 27001 certified. Excellent audit results (available under NDA) SAP certified ERP Plug in Frees up internal resources: operating hardware and software for payments is not a core area of expertise for many companies TIS Hardware ISO 27001 certified Key Facts 99,99%TIS CLOUD AVAILABLITY LAST 6 MONTHS No painful local or ASP installation No maintenance costs No problems with release upgrades All customers are running on latest version of TIS software Fast business value without long IT projects TIS customer community drives efficiency and innovation Competitive Advantage 40 bnTOTAL TRANSACTION VOLUME BenefitsOverview TIS delivers complete applications, including administration, operations, upgrades, and maintenance from the cloud (Software as a Service) SaaS runs on TIS Hardware in Germany managed by dedicated TIS employees Hardware is hosted by a leading provider with >1,000 customers Any change in setup is previously aligned with customers By 2016, clouds strategic importance to business leaders is poised to double from 34 percent to 72 percent. IBM: under cloud cover: How leaders are accelerating competitive differentiation (2013)
  10. 10. Satisfied Customers 21/05/2015 TIS | Classification: confidential | www.tis.biz 10 Wide array of happy customers from small to large across a broad range of industries Overview of Selected Customers
  11. 11. What our Customers are Saying 21/05/2015 TIS | Classification: confidential | www.tis.biz 11 Ask for more of our success stories Customer Testimonials The collaboration with the TIS Team is outstanding. I am impressed how fast the solution was delivered and how deep the understanding of our cash management processes is. Andree Stubbemann, Head of Cash Management, Fujitsu Technology Solutions The technical skills but also the open attitude of the partner dedicated to our project have been key s
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