Titan Rain

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In 2004 a security admin at Sandia Labs uncovered wide spread foreign agent spying within the US research labs and agencies. This is his story.
  • 1. Shawn Carpenter and the inside story of Titan Rain
    • Richard Stiennon
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3. Agenda China and the RMA Shawn Carpenter Repercussions Past is prologue 4. ChinaRevolution in Military Affairs 5. Sun Szu on spies Only a brilliant ruler or awise general who can use thehighly intelligent for espionageis sure of great success. 6. Allen Dulles on Sun Tzu It is no wonderthat Sun Tzu's Book is a favorite of MaoTse-Tung and is required readingFor Chinese Communist tacticians -A.W. Dulles, The Craft of Intelligence 7. A Chinese Communist Tactician Sun Tzu is a grand strategist without parallel in history - Chai Yuqui, Nanjing Army Command Academy, Speaking at 6 thannual international conference onSun Tzu and the Art of War, 2004, Beijing 8. Chinese Thinking Wang Qingsong, Modern Military-Use High Technology, 1993 Zhu Youwen, Feng Yi,and Xu Dechi, Information War Under High Tech Conditions1994 Li Qingshan, New Military Revolution and High Tech War, 1995 Wang Pufeng, InformationWarfare and the Revolution in Military Affairs, Beijing: 1995; Zhu Xiaoli and Zhao Xiaozhuo, The United States and Russia in the New Military Revolution,1996; Li Qingshan, New Military Revolution and High Tech War, 1995 Dai Shenglong and Shen Fuzhen, Information Warfare and Information Security Strategy, 1996 Shen Weiguang, On New War 1997 9. Decoding The Virtual Dragon Network confrontation technology intercepting, utilizing, corrupting, anddamaging the enemys information andusing false information, viruses, andother means to sabotage normalinformation system functions throughcomputer networks.-General Xu Xiaoyan, the former head of theCommunications Department of theChinese General Staff. 2004 10. Thomas Makes a Point If Xus suggestions were accepted, then onemight expect to see more active reconnaissanceand intelligence activities on the partof the PLA(as seems to be occurring!)That exclamation point is Thomass. It refers to Shawn Carpenter and Titan Rain 11. Shawn CarpenterCyber Warrior 12. Introducing Shawn Carpenter 13. Introducing Shawn Carpenter 14. Introducing Shawn Carpenter 15. One Good Thing About IPv4 A source IP address from an attack on Lockheed Martin is noticed. I had accessed a Chinese server thatwas involved in the compromises. And during thataccess I discovered a file on that server entitled1.txt. That file contained an internal port scan oran internal scan of Fort Dix military installation. -Shawn Carpenter Deposition 16. Backhacking . "I backhacked into a computer system and found evidence that perhaps hundreds of defense contractors had been compromised," Carpenter testified. He determined that breaches occurred at Fort Dix, the Redstone Arsenal, the Defense Contract Management Agency and the World Bank, and that the hacking was coming from South Korea. -Albuquerque Journal 17. Sandia's Response "We don't care about any of this. We only careabout Sandia computers. Stop what you're doing.Stop whatever you are doing."Shawn's immediate supervisor 18. Shawn works with Military Counter Intelligence The summer of 2004 Shawn works with CI to uncover sources of attack 19. Shawn becomes a confidential informant for FBI Initial meeting with FBI October, 2004 Trade craft:Meeting in the stacks of the UniversityBe careful when working with geeks! 20. All's Well That Ends Well. NOT 21. Chinese Cyber Espionage Continues Northrup Grumman United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission report. 11-1-09 22. AftermathPast is Prologue 23. Ghost Net, Google, Oil and Gas

  • Pentagon email compromise, 2007
  • Ghostnet report published by SecDev March 2009
  • Google Hacked December 2009
  • Oil and gas commercial attacks 2009-10
  • US Secretary of States goes on record
  • China denies
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