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TLC PERU Your expert on the Ground TLC PERU Your expert on the Ground

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  • TLC PERU Your expert on the Ground TLC PERU Your expert on the Ground
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  • 1. About Us 2. Our Services 3. Our Experience 4. Our Team 5. Our Trip to Asia
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  • About Us
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  • TLC Peru Background Peru at a Glance Main Socioeconomic indiactors: Area: 1285,216 Km 2 Three natural regions: Coast, Andes and Jungle. Population: 29.1 mill. Lima concentrates 30% GDP: US$ 118,933 mill. (2009e) GDP per capita: US$ 4.087 (2009e) Inflation: 0.6% (2009e) Currency: New Sol (S/.) and Dollar EE.UU (US$) Poverty: 36.2% (2008) Underemployment: 49% (Lima, 2009) Medium and Large enterprise labor force: 1.98 mill.
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  • TLC Peru Background Peru is undergoing a structural change in its public policy. This process has lead the way to 10 Free Trade Agreements negotiations, with more than 35 countries, which account for more than 70% of the worlds GDP This means more Trade and Investment Source: Proinversin.
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  • Peru Gross Private Investment Growth TLC Peru Background Source: Central Bank of Peru Peru Export Growth
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  • TLC Peru Background Peru offers a favorable legal framework for foreign investment: Non discriminatory treatment. Unrestrictive access to most economic sectors. No performance requirements. Free transfer of capital. Free competition. Guarantee for Private Property Freedom to purchase stocks from locals. Freedom to access internal and external credit. Network of investments protection agreements.
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  • Trade and Legal Consulting Peru, or TLC Peru is in the market to advise foreign companies that want to invest in Peru to get the most out of the advantages and benefits from a business and legal viewpoint. TLC Peru also advise governments and international institutions in matters of free trade and international investments under the scheme of Free Trade Agreements. The stockholders of TLC Peru are prestigious firms of Peru and Chile, which will add their experience and knowledge to TLC Peru high quality services. TLC Peru Background
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  • Stockholders: Macroconsult Macroconsult: One of the first and most prestigious Peruvian consulting firms. Founded in 1985 by high ranking officials of the Peruvian Central Bank with the aim of offering their clients the highest quality in economic, financial and business consulting. The company has had a key role in the economic transformation of the country since 1990s, intervening in key significant transactions such as the transfer to the private sector of the Peruvian Telephone Company and ENTEL Peru, and participating in mega mining projects such as Antamina, Las Bambas, Toromocho, La Granja and Michiquillay, among others. In total, Macroconsult has participated in over 50 transactions totaling more than U.S. $11 billions. The record and success in many, varied and complex transactions, allows the company to supply a key differentiated value.
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  • Stockholders: Echecopar Law Firm Echecopar Law Firm: Recognized as one of the most prestigious law firms in Peru, with 59 years of uninterrupted professional practice. Echecopar has remained at the forefront, excelling in specific practice areas such as Banking, Mergers and Acquisitions, Foreign Investment, Privatization, Financing, Capital Markets and Project Finance, among others. The team is formed by more than 190 professionals, who dedicate their efforts to provide legal consulting services. Our lawyers are highly skilled with legal training at the most prestigious collages and law schools in Peru, the United States and Europe.
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  • Stockholders: TLC Chile TLC Chile: Chilean firm specialized in trade and investment legal advise for companies, governments and international institutions in Free Trade Agreements scheme and is business oriented in finding, structuring and executing opportunities created by these agreements. TLC Chiles main partner is the well known Chilean law firm Prieto y Cia. (www.prieto.cl), who has more than 60 business oriented lawyers, advising the biggest companies in Chile.www.prieto.cl) Latin American governments, several regional international agencies, and private companies that operate internationally, stand out among the main clients of TLC Chile.
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  • Our Services
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  • Core Capacities Investment Matching Corporate Services Institutional Services Our Services Business Opportunities for Our Clients
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  • 1. Corporate Services: TLC Peru offers a platform of services oriented to foreign companies that want to trade or invest in Peru. This platform has the goal of identifying and developing business opportunities under the scheme of Peru`s Free Trade agreements. The main components of this platform are: Our Services Business Intelligence Studies Legal Investment Framework Feasibility Studies Project Financing Corporate Strategy Corporate Networking Government Procurement Opportunities Trade and Investment Legal Assistance
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  • 2. Investment matching: We assist foreign investors in structuring and developing investment projects in Peru with foreign capital covering most of the needs for an optimal investment assessment and further implementation. These projects are oriented to areas such as mining, infrastructure, energy and telecommunications. We achieve this through the following: Generation and maintenance of a project investment portfolio Portfolio Peru. This portfolio is constructed using information regarding local companies` investment plans, and information on Proinversions and Regional Governments promotion plans. This database is classified by sectors and investment amounts and will be available in a user friendly manner in order to make it easily accessible. Our Services
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  • 3. Institutional Services: We offer assistance to governments and international institutions in the negotiation and the implementation phase of Trade Agreements subscribed by Peru and other countries and WTO Agreements. Our areas of specialty include: Market access, public procurement, intellectual property, dispute settlement, services, dumping, safeguard, subsidies, etc. Identifying and developing business opportunities in the interest of Government Institutions arising from Trade Agreements. Capacity building programs for government officials and Small and Medium Enterprises international trade related areas. Workshops and informative presentations to the civil society. Our Services
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  • Our Experience
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  • TLC Experience International Businesses Projects for our Clients: Because many of our clients are directly involved with activities and businesses abroad, TLC has an important worldwide network and strategic alliances that allows us to deliver what our clients expect from us. TLC has a vast portfolio of business projects regarding many different fields such as mining, infrastructure and energy. Here is a brief summary of some of our experience.
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  • Feasibility study for Biogas technology using for the Agroindustrial Sector. Chile, 2009 Feasibility study for Plastic Recycle Plant for Russian Economic Holding. Chile, 2009 Market Intelligence Study of the Food and Beverage Industry for Spanish Fast Food Holding. Chile, 2009 Entry Strategy Project for Russian Urban Bus Group, Holding Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska. Chile, 2008 Business Intelligence Study regarding the Mining Technology Market in Australia for the Investment Chilean Agency. Chile, 2008 Feasibility studies regarding Korean direct investment in Chile. Chile, 2008 Business Intelligence Study regarding the Agri-Tech Market in New Zealand for the Investment Chilean Agency. Chile, 2008 Market investigation regarding the copper sector for Chinese investors. Chile, 2008 Our Experience Projects 2008-2009
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  • Our Experience Presentations to Asian Conglomerates regarding our investment projects in Chile. Nov. 2007 Research of business opportunities for Chilean investmentt in USA, Colombia and Peru. Mar-May. 2007 Market research of strategic supplies for Chilean enterprises, pertaining to Chiles FTA Nov. 2007 Project oriented to identify business opportunities for Chilean investment into the public procurements market of the European Union ( Europea/Prochile commission), under the support of the existing Association Agreement between both parties. Jun. 2007. Investment seminar, business committee Chile-Uruguay, Ag. 2007 Training IPR/CAFTA MINEC, El Salvador, Jul. 2007 Business seminar ProChile, Pars, Francia, Nov. 2007 First business summit China-Latin-America, Co - Organizer, Nov. 2007 Projects 2007
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  • Our Team
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  • Eliel Hasson Nisis General Manager at TLC Chile Attorney at law and political scientist, University of Lima, Peru. Specialist in International Economic Affairs with an M.A. in International Law, University of Chile. He headed the European Union and Administration of International Agreements Departments. He also took part in negotiating investment, mining integration and environmental treaties. Eliel Hasson coordinated negotiation of the chapters on public procurement in agreements signed with the EU, USA, EFTA, Korea and Central America, besides representing Chile in FTAA, APEC and the WTO. He is a founding member of TLC Consulting and has been with the company since 2003. In 2004 and 2005, he was appointed International
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