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Tod presentation For Seedcamp

Date post:15-May-2015
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Office Deli presentation for Seedcamp
  • 1. The World Is Changing More people are online than ever before 80% of people in the UK have access to the internet. Over 50% of the UK population shop online with 50 billion worth of online trade inSource: Forrester Research the UK.

2. The Takeaway Market HasAdapted Just Eat and Hungry House have revolutionisedthe way takeaways are ordered. Just Eat processes 100,000 orders per day, has25,000 restaurants and gets 3.2 million visitorsto the site per month. 3. Now The Lunch Market Is... 4. The Premise To provide our users with a quick and easy wayto order food at work from a wide range of localdelis, sandwich bars and restaurants. 5. Advantages For Users Quick and easy save precious work day time Calendar order system to plan out lunches Huge choice Freshly made food when they want it Delivered to office Avoid queues Rate delis Interactive site track calorie intake & more 6. How It Works Customer signs up Tops up account Chooses food, date & time Food is deliveredFuture Offerings To Include- Collection- Pay @ end of the week- No register order 7. How It Works For DelisOrder appears on TwiceCustomer Deli dashboard Deli fulfilsmonthly placesaccepts & reminderorderinvoice toorder order email / faxOffice Deli / text sent 8. Whats The Cost? Current model is 15% commission on allorders through the siteAnd thats all! 9. Why Use Us? No one else offers this exact service Pay only when an order is received Easy to use upload menus, view orders etc allthrough a simple dashboard Work in close partnership with you We focus on marketing with partner advertisingagencies and experts to grow users & orders When you sign up we will help you market in yourdelivery area to increase users 10. Deli Dashboard FeaturesSite Users See where users that are ordering from your deli/restaurant are located andhow many of them are new or recurring customers. Report on this historicallyto help you understand your customers and identify trends. (e.g. January thisyear shows 60% orders were from new users and 40% from users that haveordered previously within the last 6 months)Food Identify which foods are popular and see trends with user preferences andpricing. (e.g. Your best selling item is the chicken and bacon baguette with theaverage order containing this item costing 5.75. Or most popular item on aFriday is chocolate croissant).Comparisons Compare all stats and data with that collected by the entire site (e.g. 9% ofyour users are vegetarians. The deli/restaurant average is 10.5%). 11. Marketing FeaturesOffers Run targeted campaigns by offering certain users discounts or incentives for orderingfrom your deli. These offers will appear on a users dashboard when he/she logs in.(e.g. all users who have previously placed an order with your deli get 10% off their nextorder)Sponsored listing (targeted) Pay to be at the top for a listing in your area and / or food type. (e.g. a user browses bydelis in his area sorted alphabetically you would still appear top in the sponsoredsection.)Regular email newsletters Feature on one of the regular office deli emails to promote your deli and food.Auto Upsell Link food items in your menu that then get recommended when the customer is aboutto buy. (e.g. a customer who buys a bacon sandwich may be recommended a pack ofcrisps to go with it) 12. What We Are Looking For 10 beta partner London delis to work with at thisinitial stage feedback and resolution focus Beta site approx. 3 months from completion Commission free orders for 6 months for initialpartners (pay transaction cost only)

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