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Tony & Suzy. Tony with Dad Suzy with Dad Tony with Grandpa.

Date post: 13-Jan-2016
Author: claribel-smith
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Tony & Suzy

Slide 1

Tony & SuzyTony with Dad

Suzy with Dad

Tony with Grandpa

Suzy with Dad

Tony in Thailand

Suzy in Minnesota

Tony with Jack and Jack-in-the-Box

Suzybald is beautiful!

Hang on, Tony!

Suzy with ticklish feet.

Tony having fun in Arizona

Suzy with all her barrettes!

Tony with Mom

Suzy with curly-Mom

Tony with Cocoa

Suzy at preschoolcan we go home now??

Cocoas the greatest!

Suzy going fishin

Can you fix it, Dad?

Boo to you from Suzy!

Happy Birthday, Tony!

Suzy with baby Julie

Faster, Dad!

Suzy on Uncle Franks porch swing

Tony in Christmas pageant

Suzy with Sugar and Julie with Trixie

Tony with Darryl

Suzy and Julie at DisneyWorld


Suzy and Julie at Walnut Grove, Little House on the Prairie

Tony in wedding

Suzy and Julie camping


Suzy and Julie with Sugar

Tony at the Gulf

Ya seen one dinosaur, ya seen em all!


Suzy going fishing at Glacier

Tony with baby sister Jennifer

Suzyno training wheels?!


Aloha to you!

We hear you, Jennifer!

Suzy and Julie in Washington, D.C.


No more museums, OK, Dad?

Tony at Christmas

Suzy at 12


Suzy and Julie with Sugar-Elf


Suzy backpacking with Dad in Europe

Tony and Jennifer

Suzy at 18