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Top 10 Holiday Party Ideas for Work (Infographic)

Date post:29-Jul-2015
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1. _t~ .2 if?"**r[c"r~"'*, 'HA":it (it 3*f%t? bi= ;Jr-itzi ~+hw*m, aa; ,i i :3i'l''J; itill= ,~itlilI3ll'j -, t.: iii . ,_lg7'i5}i-_l.75;7>ll, i' ittf-l'l: ~-*it| liitl-Ifillt>jti: :'ii? lt, $'_' -| ll. l_ll"i"['Vi_li't}t; fltf. '.'l'iitF3{ii7lt3 c c 1 ? ii_r{i~. i,lil1-r: L'i_%rl$~ (Iltiit"filittlt: il' : ~Y_'i. :ftlit_}'i'l, 'l| -ll"1Iiiii_*53Elti0ll: v:t_| ".li'l'.1}ttltli}lti4ltt".E, _IiIt-. '.'i'li-I(= Jt~-Elli;fl| .=3!t-| Vl'"ilklit-tVtt'ititt= 'K . '.'l-iii -iir-lax.iil: l""rtir-l'l: :d'- it-l ililv l'il('. i|}-K5 zillli"l'. -: ;i. :. tti. ?55{~ (sit?'l"iil-, lil, '-t-t, ~il-i_i". tFli$ l. i*~. ti x I _- 1} '. _ 1' V (*3eahgiiyi~i*rr-'e iyoubeiii ~iiSt "_-: '= }/ J. A.IV): 3 3... I.gd' . . ___ C r T~" ~: . 3-~ i$t% - -K:5"_;. 4}. take everyone into a wonderful while winiery eifravaganza and _; t__-' dlur n your company holiday party into a magical winter wonderland.2 . =r' ' ),Decorate your venue in W0l1t3ellUlWilil2.$| |Vel ano light blue winter colors coniplele with all the rnariiitat snowy splendor befitting aA-. .: .. N t _.7 winl-: -i wonderland party.t. .alie the place t}l0i'~ with acrylic natty ; , ma- . . garlands.crystal prisms and beaded curtains that could serve '. Z: '; .- as dazziinn center nieces our inn your celebrations.O 6 6 39333;U : '.: -_. H J at I t 7) $39: 3 ': ~ 1 -"J _ 3 3 ; - r ' S K6, ' n .afar . ~- I wink- -i -3:;_ .._,.. .., -. -~:' ,1.{; :F; ; :1-r: .. .:.";: 2 J;K _ .... .. .. .. . ._i7,_. ., . . _ ,'xx,: .. ..t: _' .1 +it yr-. i want -. -crrrie'et~sri_siiir. .e and ~. 'lr: ':$ in yzur -'cinipan~. - ioilrlay iiarty.if . g a irramtutzraile nail wiiiilo be the 3-3. leci venue that -. _vr: ulfJ delight all , .your eniplovcies.statt and guests.What would 3 iriasduerade be I V Wllllt_iU|masks? . ".t_'. _l. (_: Ql'If;1io:0iiiii: t5iiJitll3.iQgi. n{i; li;5-t'= V'i_ld3Eii){iilo'= Iii=5U? HE"7-ltlu'fi3t1l! }i. iitglr3:giaig' villi?35.ht3ti: olfj'6ilt= lri3;l5t. liioilii9}t-1i-')~'': l.'l! :*" -~)-ioi~. - iii-iii:(-1-iiii: :lli~-l3ri'. 'iitiiI: &vcloiiiloigr-l+i'i~ I.-' ' _i:-. :'; fe~ - '_ . r l ' . - - s 31 I x fr . ''(. ,~ .i-.9-g i W.F' ; R V ;I y_ - I,.raciy . .airt. iti E.eanrr -lII!~ 7 I _ i i 2 .1. =- MMNNL " , J Vit you and your company buddies feel like traditional parties isrt Ie: c*' not in' tor you this year.then you can lighten up the holiday vi mood a little bit and go tor something wacky llize an ugly _;_.sweater party.liach one probably received a truly awlui and .-1 d-- ,0 wacliy sweater during one liollilay season or anutliei,with you enduring all the guitaws from ltiE'tlU' and invert ones with a _ V, mischievous grin on your lace.7' J J, fig. /fl ' Jun '. '1liitJ -; i II It... _-. .I: .--,ll ii : ~.iiii -.igr . yi. ... ... .. -. .:ii. i ii.i: F.; -. V (N,I , l|-y 'v'l_u. io_ . ,1;-, r.r uurlu-r, -n-. ir. .' , ilII lii". i its-i sip,-, ..1ii-iv Mr .4. . .ii.ii t, liI(. ." -fin ~: :. tie -.i| '.'IIa --.7 l.HO LEW-ti.ii irri QWE Titii-rt. Dozens or Chrlstinas-theinect box-ottice nits were showcased. ___ throughout the Vt: -ars.making each one a perieci choice tor a " - ' X l holiday rnovie themed company party.You can go tor the classics .) like it's a Wonderful Life or A Chi lslmas Story.or go for more_ v modern pieces like the Nigtitriiaie Before Christmas and Eli. You can choose traditional holiday tare like duck.turkey.H potatoes and cranberries then serve fancy drinks that complement the food like root -< ' it 1- beer float.militsliakes and egqnogs.Enliven the place with appropriate decor like silver sparlnte table runners,bay green or boxwood stems,white LED garland lightsI 7 , i and set the mood with ilameless and smokeless LED wax pillar candle lights.. : ::':32" i V J L '.r 1':I,. V i 3 tired or the raid,sriciwy and winlerii i. 'litir= tiiias : ,-rttiiiri'. I why not no " for it moi -: - il'o{)| CvllV'tl. tl1T-(1 ilt.7ti'JEI, ' Witty a Cdlil. ttl~? ltt clir iSiiitiS,or .1 i-taivaiiar.holiday luau Prerrarr;real anitl . _lt"? i: iinral it-is tor everyone __ in w-: -ar and d'. :C0l&ic the plat:i-. -liti -Briualiy anpi: inriate elennzrits.. ..." .t i o i 1;.ii r ,q l in l K I |r r i I I 0 VA i t ii II I ii ' r l l l i l I ri I |II I it I . til I i 1 I4 I I t I i ll t I _ " 1' y1T; :igLf- _'Tsz; ;. r -' ~ x r-1":-.+1.. -. ~ Us " ' A-log? TZiimzszozozeoggg W'lllLLi WON iU.3.S t3t~i0tCClLAt'E FAC'iOiiii'L [ Start oil with invites to employees and guests using cards thatappear like golden tickets.Oi course,there should be as muchchocolate,oversized candies.desserts and other tasty treats as _35. possible served on crystal cake stands.crystal cupcake stands.and ' -4 J clear glass dessert stand centerpieces. CiiiR. tSiit~iAS ARGU no lii= iE iyoaip The holidays are celebrated in various forms and configurations all across the globe.each with their own sets oi traditions,drinks,cuisine.and other unique attributes that make each international celebration special.Mufti-colored paper lanterns are traditional holiday dticor used in many countries so simply choose the most d{)t2lloptialc' colors tor your stations.Label your stations so your guests will know what country they are in using Styrofoam alphabet letters and balls decorated with appropriate ribbons,linen and other decor.ti ociceriiry sunenisr:ts. -i . - . . .y .- ->- lg. Well,that would really be a great idea and everyone in your company will v ' definitely have a blast it all these celebrities come down and perform ~- L ' special numbers for everyone.While it may really not be possible to tiave - W real celebrities joining you for your holiday party.you can get the next - big thing by having entertainers. .. or someone from your own company. ...~- impersonate the performance of these celebrities.~.6 Have them prepare short numbers playing alone or as a group.while theyre at ,-~ it,decorate the place with a bit oi glitzy gtamor using gold checkered diamond,, mesh rolls or diamond mesh rolls,then add silver flower diamond or rhinestone . ;s_. : ribbons for good measure.' k : x I . _-1: - .2, Au'3 I C , .' OO I 000' SLiivtiriER -iitiitiii-lCiiii;1SiirrU-i3 h Woiiltiiit summer be or eat at Ctiristriias?So.why not have 3 siimriier-themed holiday part v tor a change?While it may not be possible at this time to bringeveryone to the beach tor a party.you can bring the warmth oi summer" or " i even the toys oi the i)ear. n right into your company docrsteps. ! l:J. {I]#: Tl:l. ::. il_I: ii-.Mitt. :I! ): l'! Q Il nliiiiiira i'il: :iii~.u. ~ii. :i-: i-2:L4ii'. ii 'r: u1"-_ lllt-. :.~. ~ Hf-l! |l. ':i . 'i9:-is .4it= ".-x r. L1 liiiur-: . rr. llIir'. -l '. 'ior-: - -r. l| 'nL: '= ""= ;-f'c. r; r= _= '"-. ..-. ::'~"~-_*-= '~;5-Add dlyp 3.. .. - ~ SAMTA3 Vtl'0Ri{St-EOP At onetime of another during their childhood,each one may have dreamed C 2,.. _ .iO, _id~zc fa,. of visiting Santa s workshop and help out in making and preparing the toys -. ,__ : a, tor deserving children.Bring the delight and glee to each and everyone in ". _._ 55 the party by bringing the workshop right into your party.5. "' .. .. 0 Decorate the place with hanging terrariums.silver and gold fruit decorations placed on multicolored charger plates,tingle bells andLED candle lights.. r ' . p _y'g _y ,f; [i, "Eiiij, rE; iiitiiEi _ . ;. -iii:t: iiiJtt'5. $3'/'.1f*s. F3.I'%1tl! tt! ~t, . : :ii; l: t2r gfis ling : l.ii; lii1i: '.ti't'-, .tyl.4?i3s? it! .ii3l7)iiGs-suc- lilii tiitltii-g r: iir. ii: i.iiirr; i3i; rs: iir: i res . i i . mm A_ : ewc; ; (V ; g immwgmgumwhwp* 'i>mm

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