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Top 10 Marketing Trends that Will Rock 2015

Date post:12-Jul-2015
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  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Top 10 Marketing Trends

    that will rock 2015

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Top 10 Marketing Trends

    that will rock 2015

    how do you get ahead of the competition here in 2015?

    How can you make sure that the competitors do not overtake you?

    Here are top 10 marketing trends that will rock 2015

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Marketing Trend 1

    All-in-One Marketing system

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    All-in-One Marketing system

    Use your knowledge about your customer you know a lot allready get an all-in-one marketing system !

    You have customers in your CRM system connect it to your email system and then you know their interests

    And when they click your email then you know their IP so next time a customer visits your website you know when and what they like

    Its time to create personal website

    Use automatic email marketing to send personalized targeted messages

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    Marketing Trend 2


  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Marketing will shift from

    globalization to personalization

    Personalization delivers targeted and relevant content to visitors

    Personalize email campaigns

    Vary content based on detected visitor segment

    Sort products for segments

    Show or hide content for specific segments

    Change layout or design based on segment

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Marketing Trend 3

    Integrated Email Marketing

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Integrated Email Marketing and

    Marketing Automation

    Page based emails means possibility to reuse content and products offer

    Personalized emails not in segments

    Define dynamic segments of recipients as alternative to lists

    Split test two versions of your email always

    Extended reporting and analytics of links and recipient action (and use it more then today)

    Delivery using authorized mail servers like SendGrid to avoid spam trapping

    And yes email marketing is still working in 2015

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Marketing Trend 4

    Rename Marketing to Business

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Rename Marketing

    to Business

    Scale your business with faster order to cash handling

    Eliminate manual work and risk for inconsistent data

    Reuse existing business logic from your ERP system

    Optimize your whole supply chain flow with integration

    Marketing is not about marketing or sale its about your business so rename your marketing department to business department

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Marketing Trend 5

    Show me the money

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Show me the money

    Focus away from traffic to leads

    Focus on ROI measure everything you can

    Not all traffic is good I want 10 leads and not 1.000.000 visitors who dont buy

    Optimize your SEO for leads not traffic

    Optimize your adwords for goals not traffic

    Follow the money

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Marketing Trend 6

    Lead Generation focus

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Lead Generation not traffic

    Turn anonymous visitors into identified visitors with the lead tool

    Build landing pages with compelling web forms and call to actions

    Boost relevant traffic from SEO with built in keyword analysis tool

    Publish to Social Media and generate valuable traffic

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Marketing Trend 7


  • www.SeoCustomer.com


    Physical and digital channels will be woven together so that the customer does not have to distinguish between


    Ecommerce winners will be those retailers who deliver a compelling shopping experience in all channels and particularly for products with physical connection.

    Recreate the experience of a physical store on the web

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Marketing Trend 8


  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Transparency will become the

    most important tool of marketing

    Consumers are going to continue to exert power and influence

    You cant hide bad stories be open

    The new word of mouth read Social Media is here to stay

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Marketing Trend 9

    SEO and Social Signals

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    SEO and Social Signals Will

    Become Even More Intertwined

    Social signals will become increasingly important for the organic search ranking

    The more people are sharing a piece of content, the higher quality its likely to be and therefor it will get a higher position.

    Social shares serve as a stamp of approval (read trust signal)

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Marketing Trend 10

    Marketing Automation

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Marketing Automation

    is the new black

    Marketing automation has a focus on moving leads from the top of the marketing funnel through to becoming sales-

    ready leads at the bottom of the funnel.

    Prospects are scored, based on their activities, and then presented drip campaign messaging via email and social

    channels, thus nurturing them from first interest through to


    Marketing Automation involves multiple areas of marketing and is really the marriage of email marketing technology

    coupled with a structured sales process.

  • www.SeoCustomer.com

    Top 10 Marketing Trends

    that will rock 2015

    Personalization Integrated

    Email Marketing

    All-in-One marketing


    Rename Marketing to


    Show me the money

    Lead Generation


    Omni-channels Transparency SEO and Social


    Marketing Automation

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