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Top 10 Trends in Web Marketing & Web Design

Date post:21-Jun-2015
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The online landscape is continuing to evolve for both marketing professionals and graphic designers. The Karcher Group reviews the top 10 changes to web marketing and web design for 2013 and beyond. Originally presented by Jon Dulac and Andrew Husted on March 14 as part of the 2013 Breakfast Bootcamp series.

2. WELCOME! Jon Dulac Web Marketing Strategist Andrew Husted Development Team Lead tkg.com/breakfast-bootcamp-2013 3. WEBMARKETING:1. Facebook Graph Search2. Multiple Listings for One Website3. Top Search Engines4. U.S. Search Volume Trends5. Link Building 4. 1.FacebookGraph Search 5. + WHAT IS IT? Searching Facebook pages People Businesses Places Not websites 6. + WHAT IS IT? Multiple layers of searching Geographic Gender Relationship status 7. + CHALLENGES Personal privacy settings limit reach Users need to Like more 8. + HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL Make a Facebook page Get brand advocates to Like Develop ongoing Like campaigns Facebook advertising Integrate Facebook beyond the F logo 9. + WHEN? Rolling out over 2013 Join the wait list Type a word into the current search Click Get New Graph Search 10. 2.Multiple Listingsfor One Website 11. + WHAT CHANGED? Multiple listings from same domain Started October 2012 Example: Eramet Marietta 12. + YOUTUBE Multiple Videos 13. + PINTEREST Followers Following Specific boards 14. + LINKEDIN Main business page Specific business product pages 15. + YELLOWPAGES Multiple business locations 16. 3.TopSearch Engines 17. + U.S. Search Engines comScore provides monthly reports U.S. based searches Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL 18. + RESULTS Google has 67% of the market Showing annual growth Bing has 17% Recovered from a 2011-2012 drop Yahoo has 12% Three year low 19. + WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Google is still the top dog Bing is steady but isnt a force yet Bing is powering Facebook If Yahoo fades, its Google Vs. Bing 20. 4.U.S. SearchVolume Trends 21. + January comScore Data Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL 2011: 16.950 billion searches 2012: 17.804 billion searches 2013: 19.484 billion searches Nearly 15% growth over 2 year period 22. + WHAT DOES IT MEAN? People are searching more Integrate offline marketing Web marketing for every organization Shift offline budgets to online 23. 5.LinkBuilding 24. + INBOUND LINKS Help determine authority Similar to Likes on Facebook 25. + BAD LINKS Dun & Bradstreet Soliciting paid links JC Penny Buying and trading links 26. + MORE BAD LINKS Forbes Selling links Overstock.com Offered colleges discounts for links SearchEngineLand.com Infographic 27. + WATCH OUT! Excessive link acquisition at one time Global inbound links rather than text Links from same PR rating sites Links with the same anchor text 25 quality links guaranteed = red flag 28. + WHAT TO DO Produce great content Promote content through social media Promote through your own site Identify strategic industry partners 29. WEBDESIGN:1. Single Page Design2. Infinite Scrolling3. Large Photo Backgrounds4. Swiss Style5. Responsive Design 30. 1.SinglePage Design 31. + WHAT IS IT? Entire website on a single page Completely vertical layout Navigation jumps to different areas of the same page 32. + WHY BOTHER? Mobile device friendly Never requires visitors to click a link toget more information on the topic Scrolling is easy! Lets see it! Font Awesome 33. 2.Infinite Scrolling 34. + WHAT IS IT? A results listing without paging Uses AJAX technology to find and display the next set of results before you get to the bottom 35. + WHY BOTHER? No need to click to the next page No page loading Scrolling is easy! Lets see it! Google 36. 3.LargeBackground Images 37. + WHAT IS IT? A hero image large enough to fill an entire webpage Yep, an entire page 38. + WHY BOTHER? Attention grabbing marketing Sets an engaging tone for the rest ofthe website Lets see it! Patagonia And again - JayBirdGear 39. 4.SwissStyle Design 40. + WHAT IS IT? AKA International Typographic Style Developed in the 1950s Emphasis on cleanliness, readability, objectivity Includes things such as grids, asymmetry, sans-serif fonts, large photographic images, whitespace Uses Typography as a design element 41. + WHY BOTHER? Optimal readability Display lots of information withoutbeing distracting Plays well with responsive design Great for business sites Lets see it! Microsoft And again - GE 42. 5.ResponsiveDesign 43. + WHAT IS IT? A website optimized for ANY device Dynamically scales down and reorients features and content based on device dimensions Uses cutting-edge markup technology 44. + WHY BOTHER? Future-proof Eliminates the need to upkeep separatedesktop and mobile sites SEO no duplicate content or separate pageURLs between devices Consistent user experience between devices Lets see it! Microsoft And again - GE 45. Questions? Learn more at our blog - TKgenius.com

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