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Top 10 Working Holiday Jobs

Date post:14-Jun-2015
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Do you still think you need to work hard for a long time to afford some travelling? Well, if you do, watch this and dispel this popular stereotype. Getting to know other countries and cultures is much easier than you imagine.
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2. Win a tour of theOutbackAustraliantoursofthetasman.com You do nothave to setaside yourwanderlust 3. just becauseyou do nothavesufficientfunding 4. There arejobs outthere justwaiting to betaken 5. with most ofthem not onlybeing able toprovide thefunds that youneed 6. butenjoymentas well 7. 1.The MostIn-Demand 8. Leading toursfor touristgroups - workwith locals byleading tours 9. You are paidwhile yousightseewithoutspending apenny 10. The morelanguages youknow the moreadvantages youhave 11. 2.TeachingEnglish 12. There isa large demandfor individualsfluent inEnglish 13. in almost allparts of theworld 14. South Koreaand Japanare only twoof thecountries 15. that pay verywell forEnglish-proficientindividuals 16. 3.Writing 17. Freelancewriting canadd to yourbudgetconsiderably 18. and build animpressivewritingportfolioalong the way 19. Excellentwriters whostay abroad areoften asked bytheir foreigncontructors 20. to continuewriting forthem evenafter they havecome home 21. 4.Kitchen handor cookingassistant 22. Withappropriateeducation butwithout muchexperience 23. you can secureemploymentin a hotel orrestaurant 24. as a kitchenhand preparingingredients andwashing thedishes 25. With severalyears ofexperiencebut no formalqualifications 26. you canbecome acookingassistant 27. 5.Bartendingorbartendersassistant 28. The hourswill be longand themonetarycompensationwill almostalways be apittance 29. bartending isan opportunityto meet peoplewho can helpyou launch acareer if theyare regulars atthe pub 30. The tips, ofcourse,genuinely addup to make adifference towhat you earn 31. 6. Au pairing 32. Au pairing ismore thanworking forand living withlocal families 33. The time spentwith theseforeigners is agreat opportunityfor the traveller 34. to master alanguage whichcan be an assetto his or herprofessionaljob back home 35. 7. Ski resortworker 36. Competition israther stiff,and unless youare a certifiedski instructor 37. which chancesare you arenot, you can doother tasks 38. such ascooking,cleaning,housekeeping,among otherduties 39. and end upgetting aconsiderableamount of tipsevery week 40. 8.Customerservicerepresentative(CSR) 41. If you speakwell, arepatient enoughto handlecomplaints andexplain details 42. then the job ofa CSR issomething thatyou will notonly enjoy butearn from 43. It may only bea part-time job,but if you areprofessionaland reliable 44. the companyyou work formight considerhiring you on amore regularbasis 45. 9.Photographer 46. If you alreadyown a cameraor have dabbledin photography 47. you canconsiderphotographyyour workingholiday job 48. Of course youwill visitbeautiful placesor coverimportantevents, twofactors that canadd to yourknowledge andallow you toluxuriate inscenic views forfree 49. 10.Volunteering 50. This will satisfyyour altruisticside, improveyour peopleskills, earn yousome money 51. Somecompanies willcover your foodand expensesbut even if theydo not 52. your meals,transportation,andaccommodationare almostalways free 53. You may alsoenjoy5 Opportunitiesfor Free Travelaround theWorldClick it! 54. Visit Our Website 55. Join Us on Social Media 56. Still here?You must have likedthis presentation :)Share it!

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