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Top 5 Digital Trends

Date post:20-Jan-2015
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Presentation to Nashville CABLE by Maryn Williams
  • 1. Top 5 Hot Digital Trends Every Business Should Implement

2. First...the BasicsFoundational Digital Marketing Strategies 3. Build on the Basics 4. With an Eye on the Future 5. 5. Social Shopping 6. 4. Reputation ManagementIf you thought the playgroundwas rough... Anonymous Cyber Bullies canRuin your Business!Guard Against the damage they can cause by proactively managing your reputation 7. 3. Google Properties 8. 2. M2M MarketingMachine to Machine 9. 1. Mobile.Three areas of focus:1. Mobile Friendly Site2. Mobile Marketing SMS3. Mobile Apps 10. Mobile MattersMobile Users are Buying 11. How Can We Help You?The BasicsSocial ShoppingReputation ManagementGoogle PropertiesM2M MarketingMobile

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