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Top 50 Multi-Unit Franchises

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A look at the top multi-unit brands in franchising based on Franchise Business Review's annual franchisee satisfaction research
  • top 50 Multi-unit franchises

    special report:

    Rated by todays biggest and most successful franchisees

    Franchise Business

    SPRING 2013

    Ratings & Reviews of Todays Top Franchises

    A Look Inside Todays Top Multi-Unit Franchises page 2

    21 Years of Loyalty: Checkers and Rallys Franchisee Alan Balen page 10

    The Maids Franchisee Mike Bjorn Talks Growth Plans page 6


  • For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com 1

    SPECIAL REPORT: Top Multi-Unit Franchises

    Franchise Business Reviews

    Top 50 Multi-Unit FranchisesSothebys International Realty

    Weed Man

    Palm Beach Tan

    CertaPro Painters*

    Heavens Best Carpet Cleaning*


    Color Glo International

    European Wax Center

    Miracle Method Surface Refinishing


    Firehouse Subs*


    Visiting Angels*

    Auntie Annes

    American Poolplayers Association

    Homewatch CareGivers*

    Window Genie*

    Snap-on Tools*

    WOW 1 DAY! Painting

    Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

    DKI (Disaster Kleenup International)


    Two Men and a Truck*

    The Maids*

    Home Instead Senior Care*

    Marcos Pizza*

    Coldwell Banker


    Liberty Tax Service


    Penn Station

    Our Town America*

    Synergy HomeCare*



    Money Mailer

    Sport Clips

    Koko FitClub

    Checkers & Rallys*

    Papa Murphys*


    Jack in the Box


    Captain Ds

    Interstate All Battery Center*

    College Hunks Hauling Junk




    Simple Simons Pizza

    *View this companys full satisfaction report at: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com

  • IntroductionWhether you are new to franchising, or a seasoned multi-unit franchise operator looking to expand your portfolio, this special report is a great starting point for your research. Franchise Business Review has spent the last six months researching hundreds of leading franchise brands, and surveying thousands of multi-unit franchisees, to help you identify the Top 50 franchise opportunities that are the best fit for todays franchise empire buildersthe biggest and most successful multi-unit owners. This years Multi-Unit Franchises Report from Franchise Business Review highlights the challenges and opportunities of

    A Look at the Top Brands and the Empire-Builders Behind Them

    Multi-Unit Franchises

    multi-unit franchise ownership, and the companies that are the true leaders in the multi-unit franchise segment.

    Regardless of the type of investment youre considering, one of the best ways to know if a franchise opportunity is really as good as it appears is to look at franchisee satisfaction. Not all brands willingly open their doors to an independent research firm like Franchise Business Review to have their franchisees surveyed, but those who do can offer investors a wealth of information on the systems leadership, culture, training and support, financial outlook, and franchisee communityall from the perspective of franchisees. If youre researching a brand that doesnt provide

    This report highlights our top choices for multi-unit franchise ownership and digs into what potential investors should consider as they research multi-unit franchise opportunities.

    2 For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com

    SPECIAL REPORT: Top Multi-Unit Franchises

    A Typical Multi-Unit Franchise Owner

    Median age range 45-54







    Have college degree


    Male-female partnerships

    Have been in franchising for less than 5 years

    Average reported annual profit (67% higher than our benchmark)

    Earn more than $200K (vs. only 4% of single-unit owners)

    *Based on a 6,671 franchisees surveyed across 301 brands.

  • franchisee satisfaction data (preferably from a third party), you may want to ask whythis can be a sign of deeper problems.

    This report highlights our top choices for multi-unit franchise ownership, based exclusively on the satisfaction and performance of a brands multi-unit franchisees, and digs into what potential investors should consider as they research multi-unit franchise opportunities.

    MethodologyTo compile the data for this report, Franchise Business Review surveyed more than 6,600 multi-unit franchisees (we focused our research specifically on operators with at least three units). We contacted all North America-based franchise companies for this study, and over 300 leading multi-unit brands were researched. Any franchise company can take part in our franchisee satisfaction studies at no cost to the companyour research is completely independent, and our surveys and interviews are conducted directly with franchisees and senior management.

    Potential franchisees who want to own multiple units need to look closely at the franchise system and whether its set up for multi-unit ownership.

    All active franchisees within a system were given the opportunity to answer 33 benchmark questions ranking their franchise in the areas of financial opportunity, training and support, leadership, operations and product development, core values (e.g., honesty and integrity of franchisor), general satisfaction, and the franchisee community. An additional 16 questions asked franchisees about their market area, demographics, business lifestyle, overall enjoyment running their franchise, and role in the franchisee community.

    From this data, we identify our list of Top Multi-Unit Franchises, which only includes companies with the highest franchisee satisfaction among all the brands we researched.

    For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com 3

    Now Im doing for myself w

    hat I was doing for corporat


    America for over 30 years.

    The brand equity, supply c


    and innovative processes m

    ade 7-Eleven my only choic


    Ralph Wiegandt, 5 stores

    in Dallas, TX





    1-800-782-0711 Franchise.7-Eleven.com2013 7-Eleven Inc. This is not an offer to sell a franchise.

    An offer can only be made in applicable states with authorized documentation. Equal opportunity organization.

    What is Multi-Unit Ownership?The definition of multi-unit can vary greatly depending on the franchise concept. In the food and retail industry, it means you own multiple physical locations within the same brand. For other sectors, like senior care and other service-related businesses, it can mean you service multiple territories but maintain one central office. Some brands define bigger territories but not as many multi-units, while others break their territories up to be very small (usually based on population) with lots of units. Some brands require multiple agreements for each unit; others make multi-unit ownership part of main agreement. Area development can be another form of multi-unit ownership and also has multiple definitions. Typically, an area developer

    SPECIAL REPORT: Top Multi-Unit Franchises

  • is someone whos agreed to develop a number of units within a territory by selling franchises within that territory to additional investors, training and supporting those franchisees, and getting paid a percentage of the royalty from those units. Many area developers own franchise units themselves, but in some systems, they simply perform a support role for franchisees in their area. Others are simply charged with selling franchises, and support is handled through the corporate office. Clearly, the exact definition and role of an area developer can vary from franchise to franchise, and you will need to research the specifics of the opportunity you are considering should you go down the path of area development.

    For this report, we looked only at franchisees with three or more franchise units within the same brand. Franchisees told us owning two units was very similar to owning just oneit wasnt until they reached three or more units that their operations and support needs really changed. Its also important to note that not every multi-unit concept (or franchisee) starts that way.

    The way we look at it, every single-unit franchisee has an opportunity to become a multi-unit franchisee. Whatever you say youre going to be in your business plan isnt necessarily what youll turn out to be, said Jennifer Durham, vice president, franchise development, for Checkers & Rallys.

    Window Genie franchisee Steve Sarafin didnt start out as a multi-unit owner, but the larger territory he originally purchased was restructured into smaller units within that territory.

    The fact that it turned into a multi-unit has been a blessing because it allows me to broaden my market base to specific customers, Sarafin said.

    4 For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com

    Our franchisees either build a business and add onwhich is how most of our owners cameor sign on to multiple agreements from the beginning, added Leann Reynolds, president of Homewatch CareGivers, a home care franchisor.

    What to Look For in a Multi-Unit OpportunityMulti-unit opportunities come in all different concept types and investment sizes, but the characteristics of a strong multi-unit opportunity are the same regardless of the business.

    Potential franchisees who want to own multiple units need to look closely at the franchise syst

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