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Top Apps and Beyond

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Top Apps and Beyond. Kristi Watters Kindergarten Teacher Center Grove Elementary School Greenwood, Indiana. iPads in a Primary Classroom. Martha Andersen Kindergarten Teacher Pleasant Grove Elementary School Greenwood, Indiana. Top Apps. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Top Apps and Beyond

Top Apps and BeyondKristi WattersKindergarten TeacherCenter Grove Elementary SchoolGreenwood, IndianaiPads in a Primary Classroom

Martha AndersenKindergarten TeacherPleasant Grove Elementary SchoolGreenwood, Indiana

Top AppsThere are a lot of apps out there! The problem is finding the best and what meets the needs of your students.Apps reinforce skills previously taughtApps offer differentiation for students at all levelsStudents are engaged and excited to practice skills using their iPads.Dont forget there are more ways to use the iPad besides just apps

Language apps

Little Sky WritersLetter of the DaySound SortingiWrite WordsPhototouch Sight WordsLearning A ZSmarty Pants SchoolABC Magic seriesRocket SpellerMontessori CrosswordsWord BallLetter DetectiveSentence MagicRead on SightHowie Finding Vowel

3Math appsTally TotsMontessori NumbersPhototouch ConceptsKids Numbers and MathButterfly MathMath Bingo Games A Racing Game for KidsAddition and Subtraction for KidsKindergarten Math Drills

General Ed appsTeach Me KindergartenTeach Me First GradeStory WheelWriting PadScribble PressKindergarten 21 in 1 PackLittle Solver Preschool LogicCorkulous

Just for Fun appsDoodle Buddy more than just fun!ToontasticPocket ZooDr. Seuss BandLoraxLego Kid BlocksPBS KidsGoogle Earth

And BeyondShape Hunt use camera to take photos of shapes in the environmentNoun/verb Hunt same as above. Students followed a checklist and performed the verbs while recording as videoTree Journal documented the changes in a tree throughout the year with photosAnimal Research QR codes/webcamsZoo Book used Pocket Zoo to research an animal and used Doodle Buddy to draw a picture of the animal. Teacher assembled the drawings into a class book.

7And BeyondAlphabet VideoWhere Do We Live? Google EarthVideo Recording (student reading)Gingerbread HuntSkypeEmailApple TVQR CodesCreate web link shortcutsBrainpop, Big Universe,

App DatabasesAppShopperKinderTownApps Gone FreeSmartApps for KidsAppsmittenAppoliciousiPad Education AppsAppiticTeacher HubAPPSWEBSITES

Tips and TricksSpecify rules from the beginningStudents and parents must sign contractMake iPads easily accessible this is a gradual process Scavenger Hunt for learning the basic use of the iPadRecharge weeklyInstallation of appsShare your apps with parentsUpdate apps every 2 weeksSearch under App store to see what has been purchasedDeleting appsBeware of the free (lite) versions. You dont always get the extra features.

10QR Code ActivityMake sure you have a scanner such as Best Barcode Scanner or I-nigma on student iPadsFind a website you wish your students to link to or paste a photo of an app. Create the scanner code using www.qrcodekaywa.com and print this out. You will copy and paste a web address into the code maker.Students bring up the scanner on their iPads to scan the code. It will automatically take the student to the website you have entered.

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