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Top down selling

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  • Top-Down Selling

  • Top-Down Selling: Agenda Acquire the confidence and skills to sell effectively to senior managers- you need to practice! Understand what drives each executives buying decisions Penetrate gatekeepers and other obstacles to secure appointments with high-level managers Tailor and deliver presentations to achieve executive buy-in Build trust and credibility at the highest levels of your customers organization at the fiscal levelClose sales faster by gaining access to the top decision makers in parallel to bottom-up effortsGuarantee repeat business through strong high-level Relationships and proactive customer satisfaction efforts

  • The Sales effort required tosell Higher in an organizationis usually Greater, the time ittakes is usually Longer, butthe Reward for doing sois substantial Larger!

  • Understanding the Requirements:Selling to Senior Executives Understand the roles and responsibilities of senior management, who makes decisions, what they needClarify the issues and processes governing executive level decision making- acknowledge them.Understand your own behavioral and communications style and practice clean, business-level deliveryAdapt your own selling approach and behavioral style to maximize your selling effectiveness with senior executives Think in terms of benefits to your customer of your proposed solutions- these are not feature discussions!Do NOT discuss Price! VALUE, VALUE, VALUE!

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  • Developing Territory Plans Assess business potential with existing and prospective accounts and assert energy in proportionDetermine which accounts offer the greatest payoff for involving senior executives, then prioritize your timeIdentify the Highest-Level decision maker in your customers' or prospects' organizations and strive to reach them earlyAscertain the roles and responsibilities for everyone involved in the buying process dont get stuck selling LOWPlan when and how to include senior executives in your selling paradigm, offer value to senior managers

  • KNOW Your solutions CIO BenefitsYour solutions increase operational capacity/efficiency do more with lessYour solutions positively address ..requirementsYour solutions help to reduce costsYour solutions help to maintain customer satisfactionDO YOU UNDERSTAND THESE?

  • Getting the Initial Appointment Select the most successful approach for contacting senior executive customers or prospects Usually using the phone or Linkedin and usually by leveraging an introduction from within!Penetrate gatekeepers and other obstacles by presenting a fiscally responsible message, strategic impacts, etcSecure a 30-Minute, Face-to-Face meeting with ANY IT-related senior executive customer or prospect Make a positive first impression utilizing a powerful Opening Statement specific to THEIR needs!Request peers and/or subordinates early, and determine the decision tree structure.Respect their time, their structure, their processes!

  • Pre-contact Preparations:Do Your Homework! Understand your company own capabilities, resources, and vision and utilize this information to develop "Solutions" for senior executives in THEIR termsGather information which is pertinent and relative to the discussion at hand. Use research tools like the WEB and the media to understand THEIR businessContinuously identify opportunities by monitoring your competitors and key industry and market trends, proposing solutions pro-actively Align your solutions and services with your Customers mission, goals, and objectives for mutually beneficial outcomes

  • Aligning Your Presentation with Your Customers Goals Align Your Presentation with the senior executives Goals and Objectives Use examples from THEIR industry, modify your presentation individuallyPresent "Value" versus "Features and BenefitsDevelop and present powerful statements that convey the value you, your company, and our products can provide to them. These statements must be DEFINITIVE and LEADING.Adapt your presentation style to communicate more effectively with a senior executive customer in general a much more formal, summarized approach is best to use.

  • Discovery: Your First Meeting with the Senior Executive Customer Understand the nuances of handling the Discovery Process with a C-level executive what their words meanBuild early rapport based upon your homework- FIRST!Confirm time availability, STICK TO IT! Validate your research findings with your senior executive customer or prospect, ask for their agreement on your findings and the opportunities you seeGather the information you need to identify and prioritize viable opportunities (within this account) to pursue Look for agreement from senior executive to SPONSOR these sales efforts at their level, referring future decision makers to this sponsors approval.Professional tone in meeting with clear and concise closing

  • After the Call: ACTIONS! You MUST follow-up on each and every question raised during the meeting or commitment for future efforts. YOU OWN THIS.Explore ALL contact paths in parallel using each step to leverage the othersSend a THANK-YOU letter, in writing signed by YOU. Send ONLY pertinent literature, a small gift.Advise of next steps to set his/her level of expectation, WHO and WHEN youll next act.Solicit his continued support in the long-term relationship

  • Forwarding the Sales Cycles Understand and manage complex selling cycles Involving C-level Decision Makers Continuously build momentum to forward the sales cycle using buy-ins from other senior executives and sponsors Do not skip or overlook articulated obstacles. These WILL return to the table BEFORE they spend money!Overcome the most common objections from senior executives and be prepared to address these up frontAlways refer to THEIR value, not our products.

  • Building Long-term Partnerships Leverage your relationship to maximize Account Penetration and obtain high-level referrals and sponsorsCompetitor-proof your accounts by showing deep understanding, huge customer acceptance, etcAvoid relationship-ending mistakes such as organization structures, side-bar comments, inside information Build and maintain long-term, mutually beneficial relationships it all about Account SERVICING Develop and Implement an Action Plan to continually increase your value to your customers' organizations (Easy to do business with, pro-active tech support, crisp order processing, etc)

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