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Top Eight Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

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2013 was a big year for digital communications and marketing in Asia as the disciplines continued to mature rapidly – with the continued deepening of user penetration across the PC web and Mobile web – especially with Mobile as a platform. There were further innovations with both consumer device hardware and software (OS), as well as with connectivity as 3G became even more widespread in certain key markets. Brand experiences across digital platforms became much more robust and meaningful in 2013 – bringing new opportunities for brands to connect with their consumers. Digital and mobile advertising also took a few steps forward in the past 12 months with the refinement of targeted inventories and new opportunities for better display and search marketing than ever before across local digital channels. What will 2014 hold for digital marketing and communications? What trends will we see that will impact brands and the regional marketplace?
  • 1. WE Studio D APACPredictingDigital in2014 Eight Awesome Digital Trends That Will Create A New Normal For Marketing-Communications in India and across Asia-Pacific By Soumya Dev and Zaheer Nooruddin

2. About the AuthorsSoumya DevZaheer NooruddinIndia Head of Digital WE Studio D Waggener Edstrom WorldwideAsia-Pacific Head of Digital WE Studio D Waggener Edstrom WorldwideWE Studio D APACAbout WE Studio D Asia-Pacific Comprising of 40+ digital planners and analysts, content developers, graphic designers and video producers, WE Studio D Asia-Pacific delivers integrated brand storytelling across digital, mobile and social media channels and influencers, using measurement to empower real-time content marketing. To learn more, visit accelerateinfluence.comAbout Waggener Edstrom Worldwide Waggener Edstrom Worldwide (WE) is a global, independent integrated communications agency that has developed strategic communications programs for innovative and world-changing clients for nearly 30 years working to influence markets, inspire people and improve lives. WE APAC specializes in the Consumer, Technology, Healthcare, Corporate and Digital communications sectors. WE was recently named APAC Consumer Consultancy of the Year 2013 by The Holmes Report. In 2012, WE was named Mid-Size Network of the Year at the Campaign Asia-Pacific PR Awards for the second year running, APAC Technology Consultancy of the Year by The Holmes Report, and in 2011 Best Digital Campaign of the Year by The Holmes Reports Asia Pacific SABRE Awards. The agency has more than 800 employees in 19 offices around the world including Beijing, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Shanghai and Singapore in APAC. Its Global Alliance partners expand the agencys reach to more than 80 additional international markets. To learn more, visit http://apac. waggeneredstrom.com. 3. WE Studio D APACdataRocks 1DataSocks Off the 2014 Digital Trend #1Comms.2014 will be the year when communications and public relations truly come of age as data-endorsed disciplines. It will be the year in which the application of performance-based analytics and data to mine real-time, predictive insights fuel content development and brand storytelling. Brand communications, shaped by data and insight, will sit at the table alongside the art of brand storytelling across platforms. 4. WE Studio D APAC2 If Content Is King, then Contextual 2014 Digital Trend #2Content Is King Kong.Content has always been a key driver of brand marketing and corporate communications. What will change in 2014 is that content will begin to exist in a more meaningful planning ecosystem one that is fueled by data-driven insights to provide context to communications and brand stories. Rich content will be at the heart of digital communications with three core pillars: Creativity, Context and Care. In 2014 branded content will be more creative, more contextual, and more targeted. We will see the continued rise of visual storytelling. Micro-videos will gain momentum and infographics will become the norm for brands to share ideas and concepts, internally and externally. As news outlets use more visual content, the brand newsroom will require new skillsets. 5. WE Studio D APACROIKPI3 Fully-Measured Brand 2014 Digital Trend # 3EngagementBrand engagement in all its forms will come under the scanner of ROI. CMOs and organisations will seek more measured value out of platforms and channels. This will force the KPIs of Engagement to be much more than Click-throughs, Likes and Number of Fans across the spectrum of agency deliverables. Measurement will require the integration of agencies under a single ROI model for the business. Business impact will be the new flavor of choice for brand communicators in 2014. Digital, mobile and social media strategies will evolve to be linked to tangible business goals. 6. WE Studio D APAC4 Ubiquitous the Mobile and 2014 Digital Trend # 4Hidden TroveMuch has already been written about the ubiquitous mobile device but without much meaningful action by brand communicators in India and Asia-Pacific. 2014 will be the year when brands uncover this hidden trove of mobile brand communications. Instant Messaging (IM) and Chat-based social networks such as Whatsapp, WeChat, SnapChat, LINE and others will be utilized for brand communications, as a way to carry branded content to audiences in a targeted manner. Where possible, mobile advertising and other forms of brand engagement across IM platforms will become a dominant feature of digital plans. While it will take time to become the new normal for brands, in 2014 there will be a few campaigns across Asia-Pacific that will reveal the true power of these mobile networks for brands in the region. 7. WE Studio D APACSocial Care5 Social Customer Relations & 2014 Digital Trend # 5ServiceIn 2014 we will see more consumer-driven agenda and purpose marketing. Brands will continue to struggle to cope with customer reactions in real-time. Social CRM will at last become truly meaningful in the context of the allied growth in big-data systems, predictive analysis modeling for brands, and social-driven e-commerce. The much-overused and hyped concept of Online Reputation Management will find few takers in 2014 instead, Social Care will be the new mainstream of service-lead communications; only a lot smarter, more insightful and linked inextricably to the traditional CRM and customer loyalty solutions of brands and businesses. 8. WE Studio D APAC6 Digitals New Normal: 2014 Digital Trend # 6Omni-Channel The new year will witness omni-channel, transmedia campaigns as the new paradigm in how communications and marketing works. Importantly, multi-channel campaigns will be mapped against how consumers consume branded content to make decisions and form opinions around brand consideration, advocacy and purchase. This new process for campaign development will be a triumph for communications and marketing ROI. 9. WE Studio D APAC7 Communications Creates 2014 Digital Trend # 7CommerceAs brand marketplaces across platforms mature to the point of no differentiation in any feature other than pricing and branding, brand communications will take its rightful place as a key differentiator and driver of commerce across platforms. Technology-aided interventions will get stronger through compelling storytelling that delivers brand, customer experiences and targeted product content more seamlessly. 10. WE Studio D APAC8 Hybrid Teams 2014 Digital Trend # 8Birds of the same feather flock together. Well, not really! Marketing and communications teams within organizations and agencies across Asia-Pacific will become hybrid in 2014 to bring in diverse skillsets while collaborating across the development of transmedia, omni-channel brand campaigns. On one hand, this will mean that specialized agencies will come together more often to collaborate at campaign ideation stage. On the other, integrated agencies will invest to acquire the skillsets of specialized agencies in an attempt to deliver to the promise of full-service offerings across a complex, increasingly fragmented digital landscape. 11. WE Studio D APAC 1. Campaign Development 2. Creative Services 3. Digital Strategies 4. Measurement Solutions 5. Consumer Insight 6. Market Intelligence 7. Digital Advertising 8. Digital Training

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