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Top Fashion Trends From London Fashion Week

Date post:04-Jun-2018
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  • 8/13/2019 Top Fashion Trends From London Fashion Week


    Top 10 fashion trends from London Fashion Week

    London Fashion Week is the most awaited events for all designers from all over the world tofollow fashion in the trendiest ways. The color is imbibed into the minds of the people. FashionMy Day offers a great couture like pink blouses, kurtis, shorts and many more. Glam up your

    style with the new color and revamp your wardrobe.

    1. Slogan TShirts: speak out aloud through slogan T-shirts, with more and more

    celebrities opting for slogan t-shirts these days to voice out their feelings.2. Florals are back: Floral clothing are great for spring and are always in vogue. The bright

    and colorful look of the flowery pattern gives you a lively and a charming personality.

  • 8/13/2019 Top Fashion Trends From London Fashion Week


    3. Matching is the new groundbreaker: Mix and match have always been in the fashion but

    the latest fashion if the same color clothing. Same color skirt and top give you that

    perfect professional look.4. Simple is sophisticated: the London Fashion Week this time was more for the common

    people. The designs and fabric were more wearable and were made keeping in mind thecommon trends followed by people. The simpler you are, more sophistication reflectsfrom your outlook.

    5. Use of pastel shades: More and more pastel shades were used in the LFW giving the

    spring season look, a perfect blend of softness and simplicity. Pastel shade pants andtrousers are quite in trend. Lemon yellows, baby pinks and light blue shades were quite

    dominating over bright colors.

    6. Skirts are in over trousers: trousers which are all time in the fashion season are ditched by

    different type of skirts. The London Fashion Week saw a great shift in the fashion sense

    when the different skirts ruled the show with pastel shaded fabric and to die for cuts and

    designs.7. Pearls: pearls are quite a hot accessory today. Glam up your style quotient by

    accessorizing with simple pearl studs. A pearl necklace can upscale your classic look of

    Indianness.8. Jumpsuits are still in: Jumpsuits are still in the wagon giving a cool look although colors

    imbibed were quite light and soothing.9. Tattoo prints: The tattoo printing was quite prominent in the show on the clothing. This

    new fashion can create a lot of buzz in the fashion market.

    Styling tips from London Fashion week are adopted all around the world but not everybodycan afford to follow them. Fashion My Day is the best place where you can afford to buy

    trendy stuff, cool clothing and a lot more to keep you updated about the latest trends and


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