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Top Food Franchises

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Franchise Business Review's annual report on franchisee satisfaction and food franchising
  • Franchise Business

    FALL 2013

    Ratings & Reviews of Todays Top Franchises

    THE LIST: Best of the Best Food Franchises PAGE 8

    CHURROMANIAs Bernardo Abend Finds Success with a Sweet Niche PAGE 17


    TOP FOOD FRANCHISESFranchisee Satisfaction Study


    From Friends to Franchisees: Black Bear Diners Tim Augustine & Burt Benepal PAGE 15

    Long-time Detroit resident Nicole Wilski owns 6 Checkers restaurants in the Motor City and is in the process of opening 3 more

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Top Food Franchises

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    SPECIAL REPORT: Top Food Franchises

    When people think franchise, fast food is often what comes to mindand understandably so as the quick-service (QSR) space is one of the biggest and most competitive in all of franchising. But the food sector is loaded with franchise opportunities ranging from QSR and full-service restaurants to coffee shops and frozen treats.

    So, how do you know which concept and brand is right for you?

    Thats where we come in. Every year, Franchise Business Review surveys thousands of franchisees from hundreds of leading franchise brands to gauge franchisee satisfaction and performance. Not all brands willingly open their doors to an independent research firm like Franchise Business Review, but those who do can offer investors a wealth of information on the systems leader-ship, culture, training and support, financial outlook, and franchisee communityall from the perspective of franchisees.

    Having a detailed understanding of franchisee satisfaction and unit-level financial performance is critically important in the food industrywhere competition is fierce, profit margins are slim, and consumer preferences are ever-changing. You need to know exactly what youre getting into before you get into it.

    This report highlights the top food franchises based solely on the satisfaction and performance of current franchise owners across the industry, and we dig into what potential franchisees should consider as they research opportunities.

    No, the food business isnt easy. But for the right person who finds the right franchise brand, the food business can offer an exciting, rewarding, and profitable opportunity.

    Food For Thought

    Happy franchising!

    Molly Rowe, Editorial Director

    This report highlights the top food franchises based solely on the satisfaction and performance of current franchise owners across the industry . . .

    Eric Stites, CEOMichelle Rowan, PresidentMolly Rowe, Editorial DirectorMichael Kupfer, Online Marketing ManagerNicole Kenney, Client Services ManagerJamie Lavigne, Client ConsultantLinda Lorrey, Client ConsultantJay Metzenroth, Research AssistantThe Secret Agency, Layout & Production

    Franchise Business Review is the leading market research company in the franchise industry, assisting prospective franchise buyers through the examination process of todays leading franchise systems. Before you invest in any franchise opportunity, get the facts from Franchise Business Review. Our independent franchisee satisfaction reports measure the health of any franchise system, based exclusively on the feedback of todays franchise owners ... the real franchise experts!

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Top Food Franchises

    4 | For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com

    WHO WE AREFranchise Business Review is a national mar-ket research firm that focuses on franchisee satisfaction and performance. Our products include franchisee satisfaction reports, custom research, industry sector studies, and other projects and services focused on driving fran-chise performance.

    WHAT WE DOTo compile the data for this report, we surveyed 4,328 franchisees, representing nearly 100 leading food franchise brands with a total of 21,200 food outlets across the United States and Canada. We contact all active franchisees within a franchise system and ask them to complete our satisfaction survey.

    Franchisees answer 33 benchmark questions ranking their franchise system in the areas of financial opportunity, training and support, leadership, operations and product develop-ment, core values (e.g., honesty and integrity of franchisor), general satisfaction, and the franchisee community. An additional 16 questions ask franchisees about their market area, demographics, business lifestyle, overall enjoyment running their franchise, and role in the franchisee community. From this data, we identify our list of top food franchises with above average satisfaction.

    It is important to note that all Franchise Business Review research studies are open to any North American-based franchise company with at least 10 operating franchisees

    at absolutely no cost. The franchise companies listed in our reports are based solely on fran-chisee satisfaction ratings.

    WHY SATISFACTION MATTERSBy all accounts, this is a great time to buy a food franchise. Franchise brands are outper-forming non-franchised businesses, franchise units are experiencing healthy returns, and many people whove been considering franchise opportunities for several years are finally committing to their dream business. But, no matter how rosy things look for franchising as a whole, nothing guarantees a franchisee or a franchise concept will be successful. Prospective franchisees must thoroughly research every opportunity they

    Photo courtesy of Bahama Bucks.

    Top Franchisors Focus on Smart Growth, Long-Term Health, and Franchisee Profitability

    The Bright Future of Food Franchising

  • For more information on this report, visit: www.FranchiseBusinessReview.com | 5

    SPECIAL REPORT: Top Food Franchises

    are considering to determine if the concept is viable and the right fit for them.

    One of the best ways to know if a franchise opportunity is really as good as it appears is to look at its third-party franchisee satisfaction data. Franchise systems that dont provide third-party data may have deeper issues, and those that do provide data offer a wealth of information on the systems leadership, culture, training and support, financial outlook, and franchisee community.

    MODELS & CONCEPTSFranchise concepts within the food sector typically fall into one of several major catego-ries: QSR, fast casual [a variation of QSR that includes higher end, counter-service establish-ments], retail stores, mobile and kiosk outlets, delivery only, and full-service restaurants. These models may be further broken down by food type, such as burgers, wings, pizza, Mexican, ice cream/yogurt, coffee, and sushi, to name just a few. Because many of the models fit into a number of categories (a coffee shop that serves breakfast sandwiches, for example), the concept lines are often blurred.

    Some franchisors offer multiple business models. East Coast Wings & Grill recently

    expanded its offerings to include QSR oppor-tunities for franchisees who already own a flagship restaurant. Existing East Coast fran-chisees can open a QSR location for $325,000 (compared to around $650,000 for full-service restaurant). CEO Sam Ballas told us they began researching and prototyping this model a few years ago in an effort to offer less expen-sive multi-unit opportunities for franchisees and to offset a projected real estate shortage.

    Weve been closely studying real estate in the past years and see a real crunch coming in 2014 and 2015, Ballas said. Were just not going to be able to find the 4,000 foot space that the food sector is going to need.

    As in past years, franchise concepts offer-ing quick, inexpensive foods dominate our list. Pizza, subs, wings, frozen yogurt, and burgers remain the hottest foods in franchis-ing. Of course, hot and trendy segments dont always translate into satisfied, profitable franchise owners. For example, there has been an explosion of brands in the frozen yogurt segment, and yet only one brand (Yogurtland) made our list this year.

    While Five Guys may have been the prominent player in the better burger market several years ago, smaller brands like

    MOOYAH have also made a name for them-selves in recent yearsespecially in terms of franchisee satisfaction.

    Healthier foods continue to be popular, although we see fewer wrap, salad, and Asian grill concepts on our list this year. Most brandseven those traditionally known as burger, shake, and fry conceptshave adapt-ed their menus to include healthy options.

    Were really known for wings and theyre not that healthy, so weve added other things to sway the veto vote, said Steven Falciani, Senior Vice President of franchise operations for Quaker Steak and Lube. We want to make it so if someone in the family doesnt like wings but everyone else does, theres something for everyone.

    MOOYAH President and CEO Bill

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