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  1. 1. THE FEATT OFTAT LIFETIME: TOP MARA HONS To ATTEND WORLDWIDERace to the nishor to your next vacation!Get inspired to sign up for a 26.2 mile conquest by coupli with a destination you've been d g g ovisit. lHere w have listed some of the w mostgprestigious marathons the ct an incre ' number of tourists. Identify the marathon destination of your dreams,lace up your running shoes,and start planning your greatest getaway.
  3. 3. l .7 _VVRacers:.on / lverrtgc The Next Race is April24th,2016 i- '1'! " 31thAnniversaryA * * 5 Enjoy the views from these scenic,3 coastal cliffs with the woodsy foreston one side and the vast Pacic Ocean on the other. r: .. ,,, ,_l . ,,.utit: -.n' This course is very hilly so it's important to incorporate some hill training in your preparation.
  4. 4. Racers:un Average27,000Boston MarathonThe Next Race is April 18th,2016120th Anniversary luv- Start your race in the rural area rightoutside of Boston proper and run- This is the oldest marathon in the U. S. through several quaint,New England _ _ - You have to quality to be in this race by having run towns until you end up in the centeranother qualier marathon in the past year and having compieted that marathon in a certain amount of time (based on age and gender).
  5. 5. . "5fll't5i. "l~. '~. ' mo . t>t= yugt'r2,300_V_ C" . ' " I .-I '4 _k , .. i.. _~.1' "'T"_. ' Vat ,. . ..4 . - f r .- .yr -The Next Race is March 6th,201638th Anniversary Race through the picturesque,rural Wine Country and take in the beauty of the expansive vineyards. - This isa no headphone race. - This course features a lot of downhill portions making it a great race for beginners.
  6. 6. g I}ti ,2 wtl I};ttlJg '33,?gigfeg:The Next Race is November 1st,2015 )Get the mmplete NYC mums you run through all ve boroughs of, -gt,,-my.1 g / / V/ ///0 / // '///y, /' / / / Ithis impressively large city. - This race is known for having a large number of celebrity participants.Past celebrity racers included Pamela Anderson,Katie Holmes,Teri Hatcher,Mario Lopez,and Ryan Reyno| dsto namea few.
  8. 8. ,_. ..Racers:,on Average The Next Race is November 8th,2015 J Athens Classic MarathonNotes: Experience running in one the _- The legend states that this marathon was first run 5 in 490 B. (. by an Athenian messenger who wasl L,H.I 119th Anniversary )mm as ou run bween Gre'e(e, Sbringing news ofGreek victory against the 3 g .5 I Y _ ._ _ Persian Army.The messengeristhought to have incredibly historic Cltles.run from a village called,Marathon,all the way to' . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. . - Athensgiving us ourmodern-day marathon /. route forthisrace.Ll This was the same course used in the 2004 $1.4. .. Olympics.-g V - The entire race is run on asphalt.l t Y
  9. 9. k+[ A "'53 T . -3 '11 l as..4-H. -IT2. : ' . b'. *'L T-T ,3 A.i " "'7 Lhakdal$NWMH. WBU%mLJJt3WF~ Racers: A _on AverageThmmm The Next Race is Apri|3rd,2016 )40th Anniversary )LGet up-close and personal with landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe,the Place de la Concorde, 5- 35% of the racers are internationalthe Louvre,the Rue de Rivoli,and the Place de la Basti| |ealso get a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower andNotre Dame.": _. ,tI! lA"t'-i_. ?_3 L o This is one of the largest and most prestigiousraces in the world. (non-French residents).
  10. 10. . _ ii i _ _0This extravagant course offers views.n,1 My 1 .tr - H .The N9) R3?*5 AP? 14":115)of classic London sights such asmini:sndeays b: :tet'I: errw: el? >:h: rp; a(: ysyt: :o$eS um AnniversaryGreenwich Park,Big Ben,the Towerenter this race.Other bailot entries include:of London,the London Eye_ the(hanty entry.Overseas entry,Good for AgeRive Thames,the 1-owermdgelentry,Bnush Athletrcs (lub entry, and Buckingham Palace. Championship entry,Wheeichair entry.and Deferred entry (for illness or injury). - Over 200,000 people apply for entry in a given year.
  11. 11. Racers: on Average2,500Great Wall MarathonThe Next Race is May 21st,2016 17th Anniversary Take in the gorgeous,hilly viewsfrom the top of the Great Wall,aswell as the quaint,nontouristy experiences running through the valleys and villages of thesurrounding area. - Because of the aggressiv and downs of this course,this rate can up to 50% longer to complete than your average marathon (there is an 8-hour time limit). - This is one of the most challenging marathons in the world. 0 To enter the race as an international -(hinese resident),you must purchase a oliday package (6 or 7 day itinerary).
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