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Top mobile application development trends 2016

Date post:15-Jan-2017
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  • What Makes Mobile App Development the Most LucrativeBusiness Opportunity?

    Market Research firm Gartner predicts smart devices to drive an estimated 310 billiondownloads and $74 billion in revenue for mobile app stores by 2016. This is encouragingconsidering iTunes App Store having accepted the submission of more than 53,942 yearlysubmissions in 2015 (with almost 1000 apps per day) the rise can be pitted at 13 %annually.

    But, whats driving the Mobile app development demand? Well, studies have beenconsistently pointing at engagement-driven in-app purchases and an integrated cross-deviceexperience fueling this demand. The new iOS 9 update although with small changes is statedto make big impact in mobile app development in 2016. Similarly, Android developers arealso benefiting from the latest Google update in building apps that thrive competition andshow on top of the charts.

  • Mobility Redefining the Future of Enterprise ApplicationDevelopment

    Industry experts are betting on mobile devices and applications to continue bringing in aplethora of opportunities for commercial and technical innovation in 2016. This will includecreating new ways to improve process efficiency and effectiveness inside the organization,besides delivering innovative products, services and customer relationships outside it.

    However, mobility requires mastering of a wide range of technologies and capabilities so as tounlock its full potential. Here are the top 5 must-have technologies, businesses should includeas part of their Mobile App Development Strategies for 2016:

  • Multiplatform/ Multi-architecture AD ToolsWith many multiplatform development tools available, it is now indispensable for businessesto procure application development (AD) tools to support a 3 x 3 future that is anassimilation of 3 key platforms (Android, iOS and Windows) and 3 app architectures (native,hybrid and mobile Web using HTML5). This is important considering its complex balancingact in trading off many technical and nontechnical issues.

    HTML5One of the most powerful tool that can play a key role in mobile app development in 2015,considering its ability to deliver apps across multiple platforms, especially for employee-facingsituations when the highest quality of user experience isnt essential. Besides being supported inmost versions of smartphones and tablets, HTML5 when it comes to coding, complements butdoes not replace native code. So users should be ready to experience disappointing onpoor-performance smartphones and slow network connections.

  • Advanced Mobile UX Design

    Mobile UX design is going to play an exceptional role in mobile app development in 2016, asapp developers by now have realized the flipside of poor user experience one of the mostcommon contributor to low app-store ratings. High-quality mobile app UXs is indispensableconsidering it directly impact ROI or customer satisfaction.

    High-Precision Location Sensing

    Identifying an individuals location in a precise area can be a key enabler for the delivery ofhighly relevant contextual information and services. You can find apps harnessing preciseindoor location currently use technologies such as Wi-Fi, imaging, ultrasonic beacons andgeomagnetics. This is crucial considering an increase in use of beacons (based on the low-energyBluetooth Smart standard) in 2016.

  • Top Mobile App Development Trends to Drive Business in 2016

    App Security to be in focus

    With over 75 percent of mobile apps facing basic security measures through 2015, it is alsolikely to be the prime focus in 2016. Even though platforms like Apples iOS 9 or Android 6.0Marshmallow is already known for its high-end security features, developers has to ensure thatthe secure running of the apps, without negotiating the integrity of the platform.

    Cloud-based Apps to be the flavor of the yearAfter playing a comprehensive role in mobile app development in 2015, cloud technology is allset to continue spreading its magic in 2016. One of the reasons for the success of cloud-basedapps is that developers can keep the actual size of their mobile apps small; and secondly, cloudcompatibility allow users to sync their apps across multiple devices.

  • Enterprise App will Receive More Traction

    Mobile Banking and M-commerce

    Studies predict enterprise apps to show more traction in 2016 over consumer apps, with almost20 percent of global developers targeting this segment considering better ROI. It is alsoestimated that 35 percent of all large enterprises will have their own mobile app developmentplatforms.

    19 per cent of commercial sales as per recent studies is found to be coming either through asmartphone or tablet. Moreover, with the use of mobile phones to become as smart as usingcards while shopping; analysts predict this trend to continue in the upcoming years irrespective of whether it involves transferring money or shopping online. This meansdevelopers will focus more on developing mobile apps that can do transactions simply usingcredit cards.

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) is here!

    With IoT market is expected to grow 31.72 percent (CAGR) between 2014 and 2019, the Internetof things is predicted to emerge more than just a buzzword in 2016. Thanks to the risingawareness of a connected world, it is all set to take app development to the next stage. And thepossibilities are even brighter with World Economic Forum predicting over 5 billion people willbe connected to each other, across 50 billion things.

    Are you ready to take on the world?Well, there is a lot of enthusiasm amongst mobile app developers regarding mobile applicationdevelopment trends in 2016 as innovative concepts, trending technologies and challengingplatforms are opening up opportunities for creating enhanced applications. So if you have got anapp idea, this is absolutely the right time to convert it into reality. Get in touch with us NOW!

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