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Top Packaging Trends in 2018

Date post:28-Jan-2018
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  1. 1. Product packaging and Trends: Product packaging is important part of your packing weather your product is online store or normal grocery store it is, the packaging trend is changing right now with the direction of the time and according to our needs the customer need, market need, social need Custom Printed Packaging in E-commerce business have importance more than the normal grocery store the visual experience of packing in retail or grocery store is front row or normal looks but in e-commerce brand, wise or product wise looks of packaging have more importance Packaging is shadow or main garments or cover image of the product, which convince the customer itself, however, every one of us knows that boxing or removing box is the first step before using the product which is actually wrapped/packed
  2. 2. 1. Simplicity The design and designing is not too much or not very artistic type text/image is printed on packing so it makes the product easy to understand and it is intuitive and appealing for a layman and every 2nd customer The image has its own language and writing language or image language with slow down or average speed presentation based if you will pack your product then it will be simplified and it touches the heart of customer directly 2. Pastels Color pastel design packaging is moving Top Packaging Trend in 2018 and infect this color mixing simple pastel color packing is the first pattern. 2nd pattern is additive mixing of the color with the bright and colorful combination based pastel colors A bright look and A warm look pastel color combination gives which as basic message for the customer stated in product packaging it is soft language explanation note stated in product packaging and Custom Printed Packaging with pastels is art of packaging & colorful art which have too much value in field of packaging Without touching, using the product, customer rush towards it due to that much attraction with simplicity attraction it has the shades are explanatory color notes which infect provide and deliver the energy in the product which will be transferred to every packaging and product touch and looks becomes self- explanatory for the customer & layman Product packaging and Trends:
  3. 3. Product packaging and Trends: Doodles Custom Boxes using doodle sketch/drawings are made for product selection according to the type of product and its packaging trend and sometime it happened that a person smiles or get attracted towards a product alike magnet or a persons day/night is changed due to any art/painting/doodle he/she have seen anywhere You are teenage to mature age or old person doodle aspire/inspire us, due to we all have mind who can decode/read the doodle sketch and drawings or patterns which attract human beings and it has a special energy and force related/associated with it also which is transformed into Custom Packaging the box having doodle with it It can be turned into a packaging universe or fun universe sketch for anyone we are aware of the wonderful day and way of the describing the product as packing/box packing some of the times product is secondary before using it the customer is happy to get it and purchasing it and you find him happy &smiling before he open/de-box or use it but the Custom Printed Boxes with doodle have its own language
  4. 4. Product packaging and Trends: Movie posters If you are entertained by a game, board game or some light physical activity jogging, some cricket or soccer game or billiard game then you will be entertained by the movie poster and carton packing embossed with movie poster Some movies actors, actress, personalities have fan following which a layman knows about it and having a good collective reputation in peoples mind it has so the customer is fan of the hit movie, actor, character and so buying product with packing as Custom Boxes related/associated to it is very obvious for the customer It gives you the narrative that becomes the market practice or trend in society or shopping habit in market in e-commerce business or grocery store it is successful due to you buy the minds of people they buy your products is already done and such boxes are typically known as Wholesale Printed Boxes with movie posters packaging trend
  5. 5. Big words if you are the person who can speak to the point attractive words, in which the message is self-explanatory and convincing about the specifications details of the product then your product will touch the mind, the minds who read/decode the messages only Sometimes quotes like You buy the product for Quality Without qualitative product is nothing but a box Some people like poster, pictures, images, colors, while some are attracted or search message/description of the product at least it must have that curiosity the customer has in mind so if you hit that in mind of customer, your product is already sold, so Customize Boxes are manufactured and marked with such text with big words to market it Product packaging and Trends:
  6. 6. Shape, designs, pattern, Vintage with message/origination: It can be a grapes, sugarcane, harvesting season, area, region, village, past village currently a city or countrys specialty in terms of production or historical any remembrance of it, the shapes icons, buildings, area, images, patterns, designs related to it and messages delivered stated with sketches and images on product it delivers following things in Custom Packaging Historical or past or remembrance or specialty and special features related to its importance technical or on ground importance so a message is delivered and customers eye, brain and heart touching packaging you prepared and made, it will catch the attention of customer, and idea have done its job with packaging, marketing and selling it and it is sold already Product packaging and Trends:
  7. 7. Photography, holographic effects, vibrant gradients: A colorful image can catch the mind, attention of the customer A Holographic image, explanatory sticker can deliver the message direct/indirect to customers mind A Vibrant gradients striking, colorful, life full of color delivers the meaning to a customers mind So such type of packaging with photography, colorful vibrant gradients and holographic effects and Custom Printed Boxes in market have a meaningful and scope of such Custom Boxes printed, in such pattern have a great market value and customers eyesight value also Product packaging and Trends:
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