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TOP REASONS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE 2015 AENC TRADE SHOW: 300+ Qualified Attendees Post Show Attendee Profile/Contacts Pre-Show List of Invitees Pre-Show Seminar Pre-Show Networking Lunch Parking Day of Show Early Bird Booth Discounts Post Show Roster of Attendees

TOP REASONS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE 2015 AENC TRADE SHOW:300+ Qualified Attendees Post Show Attendee Profile/Contacts Pre-Show List of Invitees Pre-Show Seminar Pre-Show Networking LunchParking Day of Show Early Bird Booth DiscountsPost Show Roster of Attendees

AENC 34th Annual Trade Show December 10, 2015 12:30 PM – 4:00 PM Raleigh Convention Center Raleigh, NC Qualified Attendees ► Attendees must be invited and qualified as: Nonprofit association management professionals and meeting planners from nonprofit, corporate, educational, health, and governmental entities. Tentative Schedule► Wednesday, December 9, 2015 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm Exhibitor Booth Setup 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Reception for Exhibitors Thursday, December 10, 2015 7:00 am – 9:00 am Exhibit Booth Final Set Up 9:00 am – 9:30 am Booth Inspection/Exhibitor Meeting 9:30 am – 10:00 am Continental Breakfast 10:00 am – 11:30 am Seminar (CEU credit) 11:30 am – 12:30 am Attendee & Exhibitor Lunch 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm Show Open 4:00 pm – 7:30 pm Booth Breakdown Best Booth Competition► Categories: Best Booth – Professionally Decorated Best Booth – Individually Decorated Best Booth – Food Presentation Trade Show Contact► Jovita Mask, Event & Sales Manager (919) 848-8255 or [email protected] Association Executives of North Carolina 7511 Mourning Dove Road, Suite 102 Raleigh, NC 27615 For more information and video ► www.aencnet.org

Official Trade Show Decorator

The show is located in Exhibit Hall C of the Raleigh Convention Center. (10’ x 10’ booths)

Agreement, Payment & Cancellation Policy – Booth space will be confirmed only after receipt signed contract and payment.Exhibit fees must be paid in full by July 31, 2015 or be submitted with exhibitor contract for booth purchases after July 31. Cancellations or reduction in booths must be received in writing on or before September 1, 2015 to receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be given for notice of cancellation or reduction after September 1, 2015. Any entity purchasing more than one booth must include a list of companies participating in those booths by Sept. 1 and payment must be made with one check or credit card charge. AENC reserves the right to make any necessary changes in booth location. This contract, including the Terms and Agreement on the reverse embodies the whole agreement of the parties hereto. There are no promises, terms, conditions, understandings, or obligations other than those contained herein. This contract shall supersede all previous communications, representations, and agreements whether verbal or written between all parties. I have read, understood and agree to the above stated terms and the Terms and Agreement as they appear on the reverse side, governing this contract and I am authorized to do so. Signature ____________________________________ Date _______________ Print name of COMPANY contracting for the booth(s) _____________________________________________________________

Print name of company as you wish it to be listed in program and on sign: ____________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________________ State __________________ Zip Code ________________

Phone (____________) __________________________________ Fax (____________) _______________________________

Company Website _______________________________________________________________________________________

Print Name of person who is the main contact to receive information _____________________________________________

Email ______________________________________________ Phone (__________) _________________________________

Cell Phone (for emergency) (__________) ________________________ Is address the same as above? [ ] Yes [ ] No

Payment Amount $____________________ [ ] Check payable to AENC [ ] MasterCard [ ] VISA [ ] American Express

Account # __________________________________________________ Expiration Date _________ Security Code _________

Print Name on Card ________________________________________ Signature _____________________________________

Billing Address for Card ___________________________________________________________________________________

City ___________________________________________________ State __________________ Zip Code ________________

Email credit card receipt to this address if different from above _______________________________________________

Association Executives of North Carolina – Exhibit Contract Trade Show, December 10, 2015, Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, NC

Send form and payment by mail, fax or email: AENC, 7511 Mourning Dove Rd., Suite 102, Raleigh, NC 27615

Fax to (919) 848-8525 – Email [email protected]

Association Executives of North Carolina (AENC), based on full payment, hereby provides display area in the 2015 Trade Show at the Raleigh Convention Center, Raleigh, NC, for the duration of the show, Thursday, December 10, 2015, subject to the Terms and Agreement on the reverse hereto and incorporated herein as a part of this contract. Booths will be assigned on a first come basis. Contact: Jovita Mask, [email protected] (919) 848-8255.

Before Before After Feb. 15, 2015 July 31, 2015 July 31, 2015

Booth Prices – AENC Members Corner Booth $935 $985 $1,055 Aisle Booth $845 $895 $960

*Booth Prices – **Non Members Corner Booth $1,215 $1,270 $1,350 Aisle Booth $1,125 $1,180 $1,230 ** [ ] Check here if you wish to receive information on membership in AENC. PRICE INCLUDES: one (1) 10’ x 10’ booth, and BOOTH CARPET, black pipe & drape, one (1) 6’ table with white top & black skirt, two (2) chairs, one (1) wastebasket, sign with name of exhibitor and booth number and registration for 4 booth representatives. Standard Drape colors are black. Aisles are covered with gray carpet. Carpet included in booth price is standard gray. If you want a different color carpet, you must rent/pay for it.

PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Any items other than those listed above. Additional equipment, furnishings, lighting or decorations can be arranged directly with the official Trade Show Decorator – George Fern Exposition & Event Service. Electricity, internet, phone or water must be ordered from the Raleigh Convention Center. Information on these services is included in the exhibitor confirmation packet.

Check preference for type of booth: [ ] Aisle Booth [ ] Corner booth [ ] Wall List specific booth number preferences. If you are requesting more than one booth, list each booth number separately.

First Choice________________________ Second Choice ______________________ Third Choice ____________________ List any company that you would prefer NOT to be located near your booth(s) ___________________________________

TOTAL NUMBER OF BOOTHS REQUESTED _____________ TOTAL AMOUNT DUE FOR BOOTH(S) $___________ Add $50 for Center Court Booths: #1319, 1322, 1324, 1326, 1328, 1333, 1418, 1419, 1432, 1433, 1518, 1523, 1526, 1527, 1529, 1532


AENC 2015 Trade Show – Exhibitor Terms and Agreement By requesting a booth in the Trade Show, exhibitor agrees to abide by the Exhibitors Terms and Agreement below. For purposes of these Terms and Agreement, the Association Executives of North Carolina shall be referred to AENC and the Raleigh Convention Center shall be referred to as RCC. RESERVATION OF SPACE: Exhibitors who participated in the 2014 Trade Show will have first option of booths until February 15, 2015 at which time booths will be open to all potential exhibitors. Booths will be assigned on a First Come/First Served basis. Note: Any organization purchasing a block of booths must submit one check or credit card payment for the full amount of the block with the completed contract. Please include a list of all companies participating in your block. PAYMENT AND CANCELLATION POLICY: Exhibit fees must be paid in full by July 31, 2015 and payment must accompany all contracts received after July 31, 2015. Cancellations on or before September 1, 2015 will receive a 50% refund. NO refunds will be issued for cancellation after September 1, 2015. BOOTH DIMENSIONS AND LIMITATIONS: Standard booths (10’ x 10’ in a straight line) may not exceed 8’ in rear height. Island exhibits with aisles on all four sides have an automatic separation from neighboring exhibitors. Height is restricted to 8’ with an exception for foliage/balloons used as decorations. Wall Booths: Any both with a height above 8’ will only be allowed adjacent to the permanent wall and must be approved by the committee at least 30 days in advance with a sketch of planned decorations and a height not to exceed 10’ in the back half of the 10’x10’ booth. Exhibitors are responsible for informing booth designers/decorators about these restrictions. Line of Sight Limitations: Exhibits must be constructed so as not to obstruct the view of adjoining booths. Absolutely no booth design will be permitted which incorporates a height above 4’ on an aisle (as designated by the show decorator in the official show floor plan). Dividers may not exceed one half of depth of booth (from rear to front) at 8’ height. Remaining divider may not exceed 4’ in height. In addition, no signs, banners or archways over the aisles will be permitted. Exhibitors will not be allowed to alter the traffic flow as outlined by the show decorator in the enclosed floor layout of booths. ENTERTAINMENT & SOUND DEVICES: All entertainment within a booth must have prior approval of AENC by November 1. Noise from any type of entertainment must not affect neighboring booths. The use of sound devices, megaphones, loudspeakers, music, or other amplified methods of attracting attention is prohibited. If, during the show, the entertainment or sound is determined by AENC to be disruptive to neighboring booths or the show, AENC has the right to require that the exhibitor cease use of the said entertainment or sound. EXHIBIT INSTALLTION & DISMANTLING HOURS: Installation: Wednesday, December 9, 2015 – 1 PM – 7 PM; Thursday, December 10, 2015 – 7 AM – 9:00 AM. All exhibits must be set for booth inspection by the Trade Show Committee 9:00 AM on Thursday, December 10. A representative of each booth or block of booths must be present during the booth inspection & exhibitors meeting. Dismantling: Thursday, December 10, 2015 – All exhibits must be dismantled and removed from the exhibit hall by 7:30 PM on Thursday, December 10, 2015. The exhibitor authorizes AENC to remove, at the exhibitor’s expense, any material in the exhibit area belonging to said exhibitor after 7:30 PM on December 10, 2015. Displays must not be dismantled until the close of the Trade Show on December 10, 2015. Any exhibitors dismantling their booth before this time will not be allowed to select a booth until after March 31, 2016 FORFEITURE OF SPACE: If the exhibit booth is not set by 9:00 AM on Thursday, December 10, 2015, it will be forfeited by the exhibitor, and the space may be resold, reassigned, or used by the Trade Show Committee without a refund. OCCUPANCY OF BOOTH – PROHIBITIONS: Subleasing or assigning of booths or part of a booth is not permitted without prior authorization from AENC. Only two (2) companies/organizations may share one (1) 10’x10’ booth space. EXHIBITOR REPRESENTATIVES: Exhibitors may have a maximum of 4 representatives per 10’x10’ booth space. All individuals must be registered. No more than 4 representatives may be on the trade show floor at one time. If exhibitors wish to have more than 4 representatives at the trade show at ANY time during the show, they may be required to pay a fee for each additional representative. LIABILITY: Exhibitor agrees to comply with all applicable terms, conditions, rules and regulations of the RCC and official trade show decorator. The exhibitor assumes complete responsibility and liability for all loss, damage, or destruction of its property and that of its, employees, and agents. AENC, RCC, and official trade show decorator, any officer, agent, or employee thereof will not be liable for any loss, damage, or destruction of exhibitor’s property for theft, fire, accident, or any other cause except for loss, damage or destruction resulting from the gross negligence and/or willful misconduct of any of the foregoing parties. The exhibitor also assumes full responsibility and liability for all injury to any and all persons or property caused by the exhibitor, its agents, representatives, or employees. The exhibitor will indemnify and hold harmless AENC, RCC, and the official trade show decorator, their members, directors, officers, agents, representatives, and employees against any and all liability whatsoever arising from any or all damage to property or personal injury or loss caused by the exhibitor, its agents, representatives, or employees. Please have your insurance agent or company provide proof of general liability coverage by issuing a certificate of insurance. Liability limits shall be at least $500,000. A certificate of insurance must be the AENC office on or prior to October 1, 2015 for each organization with representatives in booths. Exhibitors are responsible for insuring their own property. AMENDMENT TO REGULATIONS: All matters and questions not covered by these regulations are subject to the decision of AENC. AENC shall have the sole authority to promulgate, interpret and enforce all rules and regulations, and to make any amendments necessary for the orderly conduct of the Trade Show.