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Top Ten Reasons to Try Graphene

Date post:13-Apr-2017
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Top Ten Reasons for Trying Graphene

Top Ten Reasons to Try GrapheneGraphene is an ultra-thin layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal pattern like chicken-wire. As a multi-functional additive, this nanomaterial has been seen to impart its unique material properties to the materials to which it is added. Discover what graphene can do!


1. Thermal ConductivityGraphenes very high thermal conductivity (up to 5,300 W/(mK)) allows for heat to be quickly spread away from a heat source.In a sheet form, graphene can be used as a thermal spreader in mobile electronics.


2. Electrical ConductivityGraphene has amazing electrical conductivity due to its excellent electron mobility. Graphene is not a metal, but it has a surprisingly low electrical resistance.


When graphene was added to a thermoplastic, a 7-8 order of magnitude reduction in electrical resistance was observed.


3. Mechanical EnhancementsGraphene has the highest intrinsic strength of all materials (up to 130 GPa).Graphene has a platelet morphology and very high specific surface area.


4. Process EnhancementBecause of graphenes exceptional thermal conductivity and rheological properties, the time that it takes for materials to be processed can be reduced.This throughput enhancement can lead to savings in production costs for injection, extrusion, and blow-molding operations.


5. Barrier PropertiesGraphene is impermeable to even very small molecules such as H2O, O2, H2, and He.

Graphenes addition to a coating formulation dramatically improved the coatings barrier properties.www.angstronmaterials.com

6. Lubricity/Tribological EnhancementWhen a material additive reduces the surface coefficient of friction, it is said to positively impact the materials tribological properties.This reduction in friction also reduces the materials wear rate.

In studies, graphene has been seen to lower frictional forces between surfaces regardless of the humidity in the environment.www.angstronmaterials.com

7. EMI ShieldingMaterials that provide electromagnetic shielding will block electromagnetic fields that could harm wires or electronics.

Graphene in composites has been seen to act as an effective EMI shield over a variety of conditions.


8. Clarity in thin filmsEven though graphene in powder form appears black, a thin film of graphene blocks only 3% of light and is transparent.

Thin films of graphene are transparent and conductive.www.angstronmaterials.com

9. DispersabilityCompared to other nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene more easily disperses into other materials.

Graphene from Angstron Materials is available in dispersion, powder, masterbatch polymer pellet, conductive paste, and thermal film forms.www.angstronmaterials.com

10. CombinationsGraphenes unique properties can be delivered in combination to the material systems to which it is added.


About Angstron MaterialsAngstron Materials Inc. is the world's largest producer of nano graphene platelets (NGPs). As the global leader in graphene production and applications development, Angstron specializes in helping companies engineer graphene solutions with mechanical, electrical and conductive performance advantages. We have the expertise to partner with customers throughout the commercialization process from initial screening to market launch.

Visit www.angstronmaterials.com or email [email protected] to begin your discovery of what graphene can do!


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