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Top Ten Trends in Website Design

Date post:23-Jan-2015
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  • 1. 10the toptrendsIn Website Design(plus One Free Bonus Tip)

2. No.1Its all aboutshowing offthe work. 3. 2. SCRO ING 4. THREE:PARA AX SCRO ING 5. faux 3Deffect 6. 4) Black & White.4) BLACK& WHITE 7. Its simplistic, elegant,and gets out of the wayto let the content shine.Gisele Muller 8. 5. Intuitivenavigation 9. Make everything assimple as possible,but not simpler.Albert Einstein 10. 11. Fewer words. 12. 7 Plugin architecture. 13. ExpressionEngine 14. With easy-to-use platforms such asWordPress and ExpressionEngine,theres no longer a reason to fearmaintaining your site in-house. 15. ONLINESOLUTIONSdesign with easy-to-graspfunctionality. The result isa striking online presencethat uniquely conveys yourmarketing message, whileheightening your overallbrand exposure.Design Development Supportbered.wizardsgettingon seened.takes!group.net8. Responsive. 16. Computer Salesin Free FallHeadline / Wall Street Journal / 04.11.13 17. RESPONSIVE:Responsive web designs feature fluid layoutsand provide optimized viewing acrossmultiple screen sizes and devices. 18. The benefits are obvious:You build a website once, andit works seamlessly acrossthousands of differentscreens.Pete CashmoreWhy 2013 Is the Year of Responsive Web DesignMashable.com, December 11, 2012 19. 9. Large photos rock. 20. Typography10RULES 21. bonus tip: 22. 00:10Conventional wisdom says you only haveten seconds to tell your companys entire story. 23. reality:If you can tell your companysentire story in ten seconds, youhave a very boring company. 24. ENGAGETEN SECONDS to 25. 10the toptrendsIn Website Design(plus One Free Bonus Tip) 26. www.siteinspire.comFor inspiration, we recommend:

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