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Top ten trends influencing procurement

Date post:24-Dec-2014
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There are a number of trends influencing procurement at the moment, here is one of the worlds leading CPO's talking about the top influencers he is seeing
  • 2. Emerging Solutions For a GlobalSupply Chain Low Cost and Reliable New App driven user interfaces Multi-DimensionalNumber 10Cloud ComputingFriday, 31 May 13
  • 3. Technology Merges Inter-CompanyCommercial Documents Extended Supply Chains become LessExtended Multi-tier Control Towers in SupplyChains Become the New NormalNumber 9Business Process ConvergenceFriday, 31 May 13
  • 4. Mexico Matches China in Direct Labor Costs.India, Ukraine and Indonesia Are Most Competitive Made in the USA Trend Grows but Slowly asRegional Manufacturing Becomes More CostEffective Right to Work Legislation Regionalization National Interests Labor Arbitrage no longer drives Sourcing Remote Stafng Augments Higher Costs throughTechnologyGlobal Labor Costs EqualizeNumber 8Friday, 31 May 13
  • 5. Africa, Australia, Canada, China & RussiaIncrease FocusNew Innovations in materials (AC toaluminum) Gold to Copper Steel to ResinConict Minerals and Rare EarthManagementNumber 7Raw Material ScarcityFriday, 31 May 13
  • 6. Undergraduate and MBA Programs BecomeMore Specialized New and Required Skills Emerge in: Supply Chain Cloud Cost Innovation (Cost Engineering) Multi-tier Analysis added to Total LandedCosts Logistics Change to AccommodateRegionalization BRIC Market CapabilitiesNumber 6Skill SpecialisationFriday, 31 May 13
  • 7. Virtual Vertical Integration* Mobile and Intelligent Networks Logistics Tracking Capabilities Risk and Velocity Drive Cost Management New Tools for Supply Chain Visibility Risk Mitigation Technologies* Industry Leaders Own No FactoriesNumber 5Control Tower Models ReplaceTraditional Procurement FunctionsFriday, 31 May 13
  • 8. Regional Sourcing Expands as economies grow Regional Manufacturing pulls back Supplier Ecosystems In the US and Midwest: A Manufacturing Renaissance In Europe: Poland, Romania and the Ukraine In Asia: India and Indonesia grow to compete withChina And CSER Becomes Normal in todays EmergingCountriesNumber 4The Growth of Regional and Local SourcingFriday, 31 May 13
  • 9. Risk, Resiliency andPreparedness dene winners asconict, terror and geographicdisturbances change businessbehaviours repeatedly Supply Chains Become Threedimensional and More CostEfcient Multi Tiered Focus and Risk Reduction and theEmergence of ETESCRM VelocityImprovementNumber 3Unpredictability becomes more PredictableFriday, 31 May 13
  • 10. Country and Company OptionalismDisappears Policy Penetration Expands Globally Emerging Country Laws Catch Up Foreign Corporations Follow GlobalNormsNumber 2Corporate Social and Environmental (CSER)become FundamentalFriday, 31 May 13
  • 11. Changes From: Relational to Integrated Category Management to Multi-Tier Supplier Mgt Risk Management linked to Insurance andInvestmentAnd: New Tools Drive Trust, Transparency andReliability Supply Ecosystems focus on Balance forSuccessNumber 1Non-Zero Approaches to Supplier ManagementEvolve SRMFriday, 31 May 13
  • 12. OLD ST LABSINNOVATING THE ENTERPRISEWWW.OLDSTLABS.COMOLD ST LABSINNOVATING THE ENTERPRISEWWW.OLDSTLABS.COMThis slide deck is put together fromTom Lintons Presentation at the World Procurement CongressMay 2013Friday, 31 May 13