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Top Tips for Holiday Infographics

Date post:28-Jan-2018
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  1. 1. TopTips for Holiday Infographics DECEMBER IS THE PERFECT TIME to create a seasonal infographic that celebrates the holidays while building awareness for your product or service.Traditional news takes a vacation break but editors still need to fill their sites with information. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you wrap up your message in an nice, enticing little package... TOPICS: A bright idea in the holiday spirit needs universal appeal to add a little sparkle to your brand. TIMING: Get an early start with your seasonal message and release your holiday-themed piece in mid-to-late November. FOCUS ON MOBILE: More than ever, we are using cell phones and tablets to surf the web. Stay away from excess copy, small type and complicated imagery. FORMAT: The days of the super long infographic that requires endless scrolling are over. Consider a standard 8 1/2 x 11 size that reads over a variety of screen sizes. FLEXIBILITY: Infographics with modular sections make them easy to edit into a variety of dimensions. Consider making smaller memes and animated GIFS for social media BEYO N D H O LIDAYS:Think about how information can be adapted after the holidays into your website,within presentations on collateral or even event banners. UNIQUE DESIGN: Creativity can help your offering stand out from competing graphics. Use innovative design and a memorable illustration style. RESEARCH: Content is king of the successful infographic.Are your facts accurate, relevant and above all, interesting? KEVIN AKERS design + imagery (925) 735-1015 www.kevinakers.com IT IS NOT AN AD: If your infographic is lucky enough to get published it has some value to the public and uses someone elses web space for free; it cant look like an over- branded, PAID advertisement.

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