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A Level Film Trailer Presentation Georgia Tamcken
  • The genre I had chosen to do (Psychological Thriller). This sub - genre is very similar to the Horror genre, however Psychological Thrillers do not use psychical violence. Psychological Thriller trailers are very fast paced just like Horror trailers and make use of black screen to create tension and suspense. The trailers that I analysed also had a lot of voice over used throughout so I stuck to conventions with this idea.
  • Psychological Thrillers
  • The posters in the previous slide are well known Psychological Thrillers that have very fast paced trailers. Fast paced trailers usually create suspension because it shows that the film has a lot of content and that it has a lot of action. The audience knows that the film will be good value because lots of exciting and thrilling events take place within the narrative.
  • I have used short clips in my trailer to stick to the conventions of a Psychological Thriller. As you can see here this clip in my trailer on plays for one second
  • Another big factor about Psychological Thrillers is that they use a lot of narrative an voice overs throughout their trailers. Voice overs give the audience gain a better understanding in what is happening in the trailer.
  • My trailer also includes voice overs throughout. This keeps the story clear without giving away to much of the plot and keeping the audience satisfied with what they see and hear but still leaving them thinking and interested about the upcoming film. i have used a voice over in the opening of my trailer to grab the audiences attention
  • Psychological Thrillers are known for having a lot of low key lighting shots as it creates a tense atmosphere for the audience to enjoy. Low key lighting is used to accentuate certain aspects of an object or person which creates the sense of alienation felt by the audience. American Psycho Trailer The Shining Trailer
  • I have used low key lighting in some of my shots for my trailer. I used this because I wanted to stick to conventions and I also liked the idea of alienating my trailer from the audience. Most of my trailer is in low key lighting because I wanted to emphasise the point of unrealism and the distortion of the characters mind.
  • For Mise - En - Scene, a lot of psychological thrillers use props, most commonly a mirror is used, most likely to portray the characters inner self as well as representing the 'dark side' of a character. I used a mirror for two shots in my trailer which represented the erosion of the characters mental state. Black Swan Trailer Story board My Trailer
  • The song I chose for my trailer was very fast paced and dramatic. I feel like I broke conventions with music as usually Psychological Thriller Trailers have eerie and tense music to build tension or to shock the audience. Although my music is not eerie sounding, I feel as though it still builds up tension towards the climax of my trailer and shocks the audience.
  • My trailer, movie poster and movie magazine all represent my chosen genre which is Psychological Thriller. I have done by following the conventions of other Psychological Thriller trailers, posters and other movie magazines.
  • Trailer
  • My Trailer follows the convention Psychological Thriller genre and tells the audience what they're going to expect and are going get in my trailer. My trailer ties in the with conventions of my poster and film magazine, e.g. the colours are dark, I used the same person for each task and I made sure they all stuck to my chosen genre.
  • The audience expects Psychological Thrillers to be fast paced, and to leave them thinking. The people that will watch my trailer enjoy Psychological Thrillers therefore my trailer is aimed towards them and my trailer will give them a basic understanding of my characters, what genre it is and a basic idea of what the story is and what to expect in the film.
  • Poster
  • When making my poster, I did not want it to look cluttered, but I still wanted to follow poster conventions, so I added a movie title, the actors names, movie credits and an image.
  • For my image, I only wanted one main character in the poster. I looked at a couple of movie posters that had one main character as the image and I noticed that they were mostly mid shots or a close ups of the character. I liked the idea of the audience being able to look at the characters face and get a sense of their personality and feelings so I took this idea to the extreme.
  • I used an extreme close up shot of my characters eye. I wanted to use the character's eye because I felt that the eye gave the most emotion, therefore the image portrayed the idea of fear which can be seen by the audience. They would then know what genre film this poster is representing and possibly be sympathetic for whoever the character is. Also they could get the feeling that the poster could be watching them therefore become paranoid which mirrors the characters feelings in my film.
  • I made the image black and white as I felt it fat in perfectly with my trailer plot as well as my chosen genre. However, I kept the eye coloured as I wanted the pupil and iris to be the main focus. The iris, being the main colour in the image also gives it a sense of realism. I coloured the rest of the eye a light shade of red because I wanted it to emphasise the tiredness of my character (as the trailer explains the character does not get a lot of sleep).
  • There is a small silhouette in the light of the eye. I placed it there to emphasise the fact that my character is afraid of someone or something. The audience will see this and possibly feel unnerved from the small image because they can see and feel the fear of the character in the poster.
  • I wanted my movie title to be the brightest of the text as it is the most important. I made it white to stand out because I wanted the audience to know and remember the title of my film. The title is also the largest of the pieces of text and is in the centre because of the same reasons. The title is the same font and colour as the one in my trailer which combines the two together.
  • I used an effect on Photoshop to make it look like there were lights surrounding the title of the poster because I felt that just plain white text would be boring to look at so I added this effect to make it nicer for the audience to look at and make it more interesting and easier for them to remember it. I also feel as though it gives the title a sense of delusion and mystery.
  • My two actor's name are smaller than the title but are a little larger than my movie credits. They are also a deep red which makes them stand out from the other pieces of text and the image. Red is a sense of danger, blood and death therefore, having the actors names coloured red could indicate that something is going to happen to their characters.
  • The movie credits are slightly faded as I felt that they weren't to important in my poster and I placed them there because I wanted to stick to conventions. I made the ' COMING SOON' a deep red because I wanted it to stand out from the rest of the credits so it was more noticeable to the audience which creates anticipation.
  • Magazine
  • When making my film magazine, I wanted it look formal and organised, i followed magazine conventions like, the masthead, a plug, a feature article photo, a subhead and the magazine title.
  • When analysing other film magazines, I noticed that most of their feature article photo's were positioned in front of the masthead. I followed these conventions as I liked that it drew more attention to the feature article photo, which is the main focus and article of the magazine.
  • For my feature article photo, I used the same person playing the main character. I took a mid-shot of the character as I wanted to show the body language as well as facial expressions of the character. Her facial expressions show that tired and possibly fed up with whatever is happening. She is also looking away from the camera which suggests that she is lost in thought or possibly, watching something. this leaves the audience questioning what she is looking at. The person feature article photo is w
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