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Who are you?
(It is important to instill confidence in the parents of you as a leader!)
Who are the chaperones?
In addition, there will be adults that want to join the trip. Who are your chaperones? Are adults allowed to travel? And, if they travel, are they chaperones or participants – there is a big difference! So, be sure to set these expectations from the beginning.
What trip is being planned?
Why chose EF?
Why is travel important?
Why is travel important?
Learn to be flexible and problem solve
Experience new cultures and explore famous sights first-hand
Improve your grades and enhance college applications and resumes
Gain independence and confidence
Why travel with EF?
Again, why did you choose EF? (May not be all or any of the reasons suggested below).
Suggested points
Best value: EF guarantees the lowest prices on every tour without sacrificing safety, quality or comfort
Best support: EF has over 45 years of experience and supports you with our helpful Customer Service Department, full-time tour directors, around-the clock emergency assistance and offices around the world
Cutting-edge innovations: EF keeps you connected to your destinations and other travelers with EF TourLink through which travelers can keep friends and family updated with pictures and stories throughout the tour
Accreditation: EF offers the opportunity to earn school credit
Hundreds of EF offices in more than 50 countries
24-hour emergency on-call service
EF’s Peace of Mind Program
EF’s North American Headquarter in Boston, MA
Safety is EF’s #1 Priority.
We want to ensure that all of our travelers feel comfortable and safe while traveling and that everyone returns home safely. EF has offices in over 50 countries and in every country that we travel to. This allows EF staff to meet your group in the event of an emergency and to learn first-hand and immediately of international events.
An EF Tour Director will accompany your group for the duration of your tour.
EF has a 24-hour 800# (800-637-8222) that parents and travelers can call from the U.S. and also a number to call collect from abroad (+1-617-619-2913). You will receive these numbers and more information before your departure.
Tour Options for Girl Scouts
Visit a WAGGGS world centre
Our Chalet in Adelboden, Switzerland
Pax Lodge in London, England
Our Cabaña in Cuernavaca, Mexico
Sangam in Pune, India
Pick a destination of your choice!
EF has been organizing youth travel for over 45 years. EF Tours for Girl Scouts specifically caters to Girl Scout groups. This includes itineraries designed just for Girl Scouts – including visits to any of the 4 world centres, service activities, and trips to many other destinations around the globe!
EF and GSUSA/WAGGGS have developed a great relationship and, if you look at our missions, it is not too surprising! Girl Scouts talk a lot about developing confidence, courage, and character in girls. And, we both believe that travel can play a large part of this!
We have a few Girl Scout trips that visit WAGGGS centres, but what is WAGGGS?
Group Travel
What is group travel?
Girl scout groups traveling on the same date are combined to share a motor coach.
We ask for date and tour
flexibility from our travelers.
EF is a group travel company. We are able to keep our prices low by combining groups to fill a bus. This is why we ask all of our groups to keep some flexibility in their departure date and also tour choice.
Group Travel
Makes tours equally affordable for groups
of 6 or 40
the world
What is included
Breakfast and dinner daily
Sightseeing tours led by licensed local guides
Entrance Fees to included special attractions
Additional costs
Optional excursions
Customary gratuities for your tour director, local guide(s) and bus driver(s)
Personal spending money- $30-$60 per day for European tours
Optional insurance - $155
Passports typically cost about $100 total (including photos and processing). Please order them now! They can take up to 12 weeks to arrive.
The All-Inclusive Insurance Plan
Medical and Accident
Baggage and Property
24-hour access to an English speaking representative
Girl Scouts often are required to purchase Girl Scout medical insurance from their council. The EF insurance can be supplementary or purchased in pieces* (ie excluding the medical). Any questions regarding the price can be directed to Customer Service at 800-665-5364 or can be viewed online as travelers go through the enrollment steps.
Payment schedule
$150 due by 14 months prior to departure
$200 due by 9 months prior to departure
Final payment due 110 days prior to departure
Participants can choose to enroll in either payment plan. They must elect to NOT enroll in Monthly Payment Plan or they will automatically be enrolled in Monthly Payment Plan (this can be done on the paper application, online, or over the phone).
Please contact us regarding alternate payment plans or if someone needs to make a late payment BEFORE the payment due date. Should anyone cancel, they will lose the $95 and insurance and any other non-refundable fees are non-refundable. Additionally, there is currently a $300 cancelation fee.
EF’s Monthly Payment Option
Convenient monthly payments charged to a debit or credit card
Free to enroll
No late fees
Final payment deadline up to 25 days prior to departure
The monthly payment plan is a great way to make the trip affordable!
Fundraising and Money-Earning
How much do we need to earn as a group?
How much can each traveler earn on their own?
Make a Plan
Set-up a sample calendar of events
It is important to have a plan to present to your group about how to pay for the trip. The price might seem overwhelming to some girls and parents if it is not broken down in to a manageable amount. Of course, you want to ask for ideas from the group and have the girls take a role in the planning process, but you also want to have a formulated idea of how it is feasible. From speaking with many of our Girl Scout group leaders, we suggest one of three options to pay for the trip.
1 – 100% troop funds
- Divide the total amount by the number of months between now and 3 or 4 months prior to the tour and create a fundraising calendar (at the meeting or ahead of time) illustrating how you could earn that amount each month.
- Consider putting a parent or girl in-charge of planning the fundraiser for different months. This will give more ownership to each girl / family and also keep parents involved. Not to mention, it will divide the work up among your group!
- Be sure to have a plan that looks reasonable to present and then be open to a discussion. It is important to present a plan of how to fundraise a large amount of money and make it look feasible when discussing the possibility of a tour!
2 – 50% troop funds, 50% parents
- To help, parents can enroll in Auto-Pay with EF. Your price quote shows the amount per month that would be deducted from a credit or debit card each month between the date of enrollment and the tour – this can be as low as $80/month depending on the tour cost and how far in advance you are planning! This seems much more feasible than one lump sum!
- You can easily apply what is fundraised to the different travelers’ accounts. If you mail EF a check from the money earned at different fundraisers, EF is able to distribute that money among your different travelers accounts. The Auto-Pay would not re-calculate, but would end earlier depending on the amount applied to the account.
3 – 1/3 troop funds, 1/3 parents, 1/3 girls
- Again, it is important to create a plan to present to the girls and parents about the troop will raise the money.
- Also, if your group chooses to make the girls responsible for a portion of the funds, it would be a good idea to offer a suggested calendar/list of how it is feasible and then initiate a brainstorming discussion where they come up and share their own ideas.
EF is here to help:
Website resources eftours.com/gsfundraising (including online webinars and PDFs)
Fundraising Booklet
Facebook App
Your travelers’ web resources
Join the the EF Tours for Girl Scouts Facebook page to connect with other Girl Scouts: facebook.com/tripsforgirlscouts
Log in to your own personal website to:
Learn more about your destination
Make online payments
Order extras, such as insurance and phone cards
Visit eftours.com/student to see videos, photos, games and more
Once you enroll… each participant will have access to their own traveler’s website! Here you can access your invoices, your tour itinerary, and take note of important deadlines/etc. Additionally, there are many resources to get you excited for your tour!
Know Before You Go
Valid passports and visas are required for all travelers.
Passports may take up to twelve weeks to process. Check with the State Department for current processing time.
Some destinations may require travel visas.
Know Before You Go
Passport Holder
New Zealand Dollar 1 USD= 1.18 Nzd
Try to change some money before you go!
A few tips before you go! The most important thing to note is passports – get them now! And, as of this fall, middle names are required on the EF application if they are listed on your passport because the name on your passport must match your airline ticket EXACTLY.
Know Before You Go
Cell Phones
Each traveler will be required to bring their luggage from the bus to his/her hotel room. In Europe, some hotels will not have elevators and therefore each person should be able to carry their luggage up the stairs! Also, the luggage must fit under the bus so try to limit yourself to one suitcase and one carry-on bag (ie purse or backpack). It is not possible to do laundry due to the fast-pace of the trips.
Adapters/Converters: you will need a different adapter for Europe than the UK. Converters are normally needed for larger items (hairdryers, curling irons, computers, etc). Generally, phone, camera, and iPod chargers just need an adapter. PLEASE try NOT to bring hairdryers/etc! They often will burn-out because of a power surge and take up a lot of space!
Upcoming Trips
2015 - Summer
The 2015 ITG trip includes Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand & Fiji. This is the most expensive trip we will likely take. London to Lucerne is being planned by another troop within our ITT.
We don’t have pricing yet on the Italy & Greece trip, but it should be out by September.
2015 – Journey Down Under
2015 – London to Lucerne
2016 – Italy & Greece
Tour Number – 1450918VK
2017 – Experience Spain
Tour Number – 1616723EX
Spring Break Trips
Approximate dates – 3/28 – 4/5/15
Approximate dates – 3/26 – 4/3/16
We need commitments for the Pax Lodge trip today, as well as a $500 deposit. There is a meeting after this one to go over more info on that trip, as well as to start the planning.
Information about Troop 7000
Girls can join our troop at 11, and can travel with us at 14.
Trips are planned 2-4 years out so there is plenty of time to fundraise for the trip of your choice.
We have 2 hour monthly meetings, with no meetings in the summer, and no meeting in February during cookie booth season. One hour of the meeting is topical, geared toward the upcoming trip(s), and the other hour is working on fundraising.
Most girls will fundraise for one particular trip, but are welcome to travel on as many as they would like.
Anyone who can be a registered Girl Scout can travel with us.
Dues are $20 per girl and $10 per adult traveler per year, which helps offset the cost of handouts, occasional food, troop patches, and supplies for the meetings.
Adults must be registered Girl Scouts to participate in the meetings, fundraisers and trips. Adults who travel with us also have to have a background check done.
Topics Covered in Meetings
What to Expect on the Trip
Bon Voyage!
Any questions?

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