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Trainers at the Barn and Featured Sale Horses Hunter/ equitation Trainers Jumper Trainers Sales...

Date post: 24-Dec-2015
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Flowerside Farm
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  • Trainers at the Barn and Featured Sale Horses Hunter/ equitation Trainers Jumper Trainers Sales Trainers and other contacts 10/28/2008 2
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  • Hunter Trainers Colleen GillenAshley Hill Ashley has the experience to take an up- and-coming to the top. Her connections to top trainers like Olympian Kris Kappler also allow for wonderful clinics. She does not take everyone though so call the barn to set up a tryout. Colleen is one of our best hunter trainers who works with a variety of students. She is a wonderful beginner trainer with loads of patience but can also take your child to the top. 10/28/2008 3
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  • Jumper Trainers Kristen VanderveenJosh Vanderveen o She is a wonderful trainer who is great at motivating even the most timid jumper riders. o Her patience and expertise also allows her to teach younger students. o Kristen competes in the Grand Prix, so she has real life experience with tough courses. o Josh mainly oversees the jumper section of our barn but also has a few students. o He rides in the Grand Prix as well and assists Kirsten at horse shows. o He has a very impressive record and is a huge asset to our barn. 10/28/2008 4
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  • Equitation Trainers Laura may seem short staffed as the only trainer in her discipline but her way with students and time management would say otherwise. Her background includes training with Kris Kappler(Olympian ) as well as taking many of her students to equitation finals all around the country. Laura Sterns 10/28/2008 5
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  • Sales Professionals Our sales professionals come from a wide variety of backgrounds (and countries!) to serve our clients needs. Normally they work through the trainers at Flowerside but can also be contacted through the main office. 10/28/2008 6
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  • Flowersides Aiden His has great potential and was is capable of showing in the 4 in the next show season. He also has been shown in equitation and jumper classes with some success. Aiden is a jack of all trades waiting for a new home!! Aiden is a 6year old Dutch Warmblood who is currently showing with success at the 36 level hunters. 10/28/2008 7
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  • Flowersides Skinny Mini Skinny is a 4 year old Warmblood with a great head on his shoulders. He is also already in training for the 36 level at home. He currently is showing at the 3 level and has consistenly come out with a blue in the flats. 10/28/2008 8
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  • Flowersides Beauregard Beau is a wonderful 11 year old Dutch Warmblood with a wonderful show record and years of experience. Over the past four years he was been shown by a young client in the 26 hunters and a junior consistently in the ribbons showing in the 36 hunters. He has also shown and placed in the Hunter Derby. 10/28/2008 9
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  • Flowersides Larry the Cucumber Larry is a 10 year old jumper with loads of experience at whatever level you need. He took his previous owners, father and daughter, from the low jumpers to the Grand Prixs. His wants to be clean and speedy and is currently showing in Florida and is available to show upon request. 10/28/2008 10
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  • Lesson Options 10/28/2008 11 TimeColleen G.Ashley H.Kristin V.Josh V.Laura S. 30 Minutes 25 dollars20 dollars35 dollars 30 dollars35 dollars 45 Minutes 50 dollars35 dollars50 dollars 45 dollars50 dollars 1 hour 60 dollars50 dollars65 dollars 55 dollars65 dollars
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  • 10/28/2008 12
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  • Contact Information 10/28/2008 13 Website www.flowersidehorsefarms.com Address W. 3522 Snake Rd, Wellington, FL 55675 Phone: 325.555.0125 Fax: 325.555.0145 Email: [email protected] Contact Information