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  • Transportation Engineering E-Books Transportation And Traffic Engineering

    Original Price Our Price()code title101 Best Aviation Attractions 10000644-038

    $30John F. Purner John Purner McGraw,Hill Professional 0071425195Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 224

    2004 Cruise Line Employment Manual 10000644-039$24Jim Ross CRUISE ROSS, LLC 0967056853Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 99

    2008 Emergency Response Guidebook (FOR RESPONDERS DURING INITIAL PHASE OF DANGEROUS GOOD 10000644-040$10Transportation Dept. (U.S.) Pipeline & United States Dept. of Transpo 0160794560Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 372

    4WD Driving Skills - A Manual for On and Off Road Travel (Landlinks Press) 10000644-036$21Vic Widman CSIRO Publishing 0643066241Auth: ISBN:2001 Pages: 152

    9,11 and the Future of Transportation Security (Praeger Security International) 10000654-040$49R. William Johnstone Praeger 0275990753Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 232

    A Concept for a National Freight Data Program (U.S.Transportation Research Board) 10000499-12$130National Research Council Transportation Research Boar 0309085705Auth: ISBN:2003 Pages: 114

    A Decade of Action in Transport - An Evaluation of World Bank Assistance to the Transport Sector, 1995 to 2005 10000550-17$20Peter Freeman World Bank Publications 0821370030Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 140

    A Dictionary of Transport Analysis 10000666-002$245 Kenneth Button Henry Vega Peter Nijk Edward Elgar Pub 1843763753Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 515

    A Dual Approach to Ocean Governance - The Cases of Zonal and Integrated Management in International Law of the 10000644-041$204Yoshifumi Tanaka Ashgate Publishing Company 0754671704Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 310

    A Framework for Evaluation and Design of an Integrated Public Transport System 10000630-042$44Carl Henrik Hall Linkopings University 9185523526Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 102

    A Guide to the Pressure Systems and Transportable Gas Containers Regulations 1989 (Health & safety series booklet 10000627-093$44Great Britain HSE Books 0118855166Auth: ISBN:1990 Pages: 59

    A History of British Motorways 10000657-002$45G. Charlesworth Thomas Telford Publishing 0727701592Auth: ISBN:1994 Pages: 295

    A History of Chinese Aviation 10000644-042Lennart Andersson Lennart Andersson 9572853337Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 322

    A Human Error Approach to Aviation Accident Analysis - The Human Factors Analysis and Classification System 10000625-006$200Douglas A. Wiegmann Scott A. Shappe Ashgate Publishing 0754618757Auth: ISBN:2003 Pages: 182

    A Large Spectrum of Free Oscillations of the World Ocean Including the Full Ocean Loading and Self-attraction Effe 10000626-025$109Malte Muller Springer 3540855750Auth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 120

    A model for simulation and generation of surrounding vehicles in driving simulators 10000630-043$44Johan Janson Olstam Linkopings University 9185457515Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 112

    A Pictorial Record of the Qing Dynasty - Manchurian Railway 10000657-003$300Lushun Museum Gale Asia 9814246182Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 284

    A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets 2004,5th Edition 10000651-010$150Aashto American Association of State 1560512636Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 940

    A Primer for Efficiency Measurement for Utilities and Transport Regulators (Wbi Development Studies) 10000644-043$22Tim Coelli Antonio Estuche Sergio Per World Bank Publications 0821353799Auth: ISBN:2003 Pages: 146

    A Text Book of Laying Off Or The Geometry of Ship Building 10000644-044$44Edward L Attwood Longmans, GreenAuth: ISBN:1918 Pages: 133

    AASHTO Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets 2001, 4th Edition 20000446-10$341AASHTO American Association of State 1560511567Auth: ISBN:2001 Pages: 942

    ABC American Airlines (ABC Airliner) (Scan) 10000644-046$12Simon Forty Plymouth Toy & Book 1882663217Auth: ISBN:1997 Pages: 96

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  • Original Price Our Price()code titleABC Light Aircraft Recognition, 3rd Edition (Scan) 10000644-047

    $11Peter R. March Wow Toys 1882663152Auth: ISBN:1997 Pages: 112

    ABC United Airlines (Scan) 10000644-048$12Simon Forty Wow Toys 1882663209Auth: ISBN:1997 Pages: 96

    Access Management Manual 10000573-01$283U.S.Transportation Research Board Co National Academies 0309077478Auth: ISBN:2003 Pages: 373

    Access to Destinations 10000589-022$200David M. Levinson Kevin J. Krizek Elsevier Science 0080446787Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 422

    Ace the Technical Pilot Interview 10000644-049$29Gary Bristow Gary Bristow McGraw-Hill Professional 0071396098Auth: ISBN:2002 Pages: 346

    Achieving Sustainable Mobility - Everyday and Leisure-time Travel in the EU(Transport and Mobility) 10000644-050$200Erling Holden Ashgate Pub Co 0754649415Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 245

    Activity-Based Approaches to Travel Analysis 10000644-051$200D.F. Ettema H.J.P Timmermans Pergamon 0080425844Auth: ISBN:1997 Pages: 400

    Adaptive Cooperation between Driver and Assistant System - Improving Road Safety 10000616-007$250Frdric Holzmann Springer 3540744738Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 236

    Advanced Avionics Handbook (FAA Handbooks) 10000653-010$19Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Supplies & Academi 1560277580Auth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 114

    Advanced Modeling for Transit Operations and Service Planning 10000644-052$200William H K Lam Michael G H Bell Pergamon 0080442064Auth: ISBN:2003 Pages: 354

    Advanced Rail Geotechnology - Ballasted Track 10000674-011$149 Buddhima Indraratna Wadud Salim Ch CRC Press 041566957XAuth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 432

    Advanced Technologies and Methodologies for Risk Management in the Global Transport of Dangerous Goods (Nato 10000644-053$173Chiara Bersani Azedine Boulmakoul E IOS Press 1586038990Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 333

    Advanced Train Control Systems 10000674-013$134 B. Ning B. Ning WIT Press 1845644948Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 176

    Advances in Air Navigation Services 10000716-022$44 Tone Magister InTech 9535106869Auth: ISBN:2012 Pages: 174

    Advances in Computational Intelligence in Transport, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management (Studies in Computa 10000615-058$200Andreas Fink Franz Rothlauf Springer 3540690247Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 278

    Advances in Control, Communication Networks, and Transportation Systems 10000570-07$200Eyad H. Abed Birkhauser 0817643850Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 376

    Advances in Transportation Geotechnics - Proceedings of International Conference 2008 10000628-122$289Ed Ellis Hai sui Yu CRC 0415475902Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 786

    Advances in Vehicular Networking Technologies 10000716-054$44 Miguel Almeida InTech 9533072418Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 432

    Africa's Freedom Railway - How a Chinese Development Project Changed Lives and Livelihoods in Tanzania 10000644-055$39Jamie Monson Indiana University Press 0253352711Auth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 216

    A-GPS - Assisted GPS, GNSS, and SBAS 10000639-017$110Frank van Diggelen Artech House 1596933747Auth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 400

    Aided Navigation - GPS with High Rate Sensors 10000608-031$200Jay A. Farrell McGraw-Hill 0071493298Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 553

    AIM-FAR 2001 Aeronautical Information Manual-Federal Aviation Regulations 10000644-056$15Charles F. Spence Mcgraw,Hill 0071362304Auth: ISBN:2001 Pages: 829

    AIM-FAR 2008 Aeronautical Information Manual-Federal Aviation Regulations 20000644-057$20Charles Spence McGraw,Hill Professional 0071499253Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 1002

    Air Disasters 10000615-062$14Ann Weil Saddleback Educational 1562546503Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 66

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  • Original Price Our Price()code titleAir Disasters (Disasters Up Close) 10000644-058

    $30Michael Woods Mary B. Woods Lerner Publications 0822567725Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 64

    Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles - Standards and Technologies for Controlling Emissions 10000603-015$50Asif Faiz Christopher S. Weaver Micha World Bank Publications 0821334441Auth: ISBN:1997 Pages: 246

    Air Quality and Comfort in Airliner Cabins (Astm Special Technical Publication Stp) 10000639-054$50Niren Laxmichand Nagda Astm Intl 0803128665Auth: ISBN:2000 Pages: 290

    Air Traffic Control 10000716-060$44 Max Mulder InTech 9533071039Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 172

    Air Transportation - A Management Perspective, 6th Edition 10000644-059$200John G. Wensveen Ashgate 0754671712Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 590

    Air Travel - How Safe Is It, 2nd Edition (Html Ebook) 10000644-001$44Laurie Taylor Blackwell Science 0632040696Auth: ISBN:1997 Pages: 287

    Airbus A380: Superjumbo of the 21st Century 10000708-017$24 Guy Norris Mark Wagner Zenith Press 0760338388Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 160

    Airbus Industrie Airbus A340 10000637-062$20Scott E. Germain Specialty 1580070027Auth: ISBN:2000 Pages: 100

    Aircraft Accident Analysis - Final Reports (Html Ebook) 10000644-002$39Jim Walters Robert Sumwalt McGraw-Hill 0071351493Auth: ISBN:2000 Pages: 400

    Aircraft Inspection, Repair & Alterations: Acceptable Methods, Techniques, & Practices (FAA Handbooks) 10000708-018$24 Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Supplies & Academi 1560277289Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 668

    Aircraft Performance Theory for Pilots 10000668-015$110 P. J. Swatton Blackwell Science 0632055693Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 384

    Aircraft Record Cards of the United States Air Force - How to Read the Codes 10000644-060$50Robert A. Mann McFarland 0786437820Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 288

    Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook - FAA,H,8083,1A (FAA Handbooks Series) 10000648-030$9Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Supplies & Academi 1560276762Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 92

    Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook, 1999 10000642-025$14Flight Standards Service Federal Aviation Administrati 0160589150Auth: ISBN:1999 Pages: 96

    Airline Choices for the Future 10000644-061$202Kostas Iatrou Mauro Oretti Ashgate Pub Co 0754648869Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 220

    Airline Finance, 3rd Edition 10000644-062$204Peter S. Morrell Ashgate Pub Co 0754670007Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 259

    Airline Industry: Strategies, Operations, Safety 10000705-158$44 Connor R. Walsh Nova Science Publishers 1611224238Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 326

    Airline Network Development in Europe and Its Implications for Airport Planning 10000644-063$200Guillaume Burghouwt Ashgate Publishing 0754645061Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 287

    Airline Operations and Delay Management - Insights from Airline Economics, Networks and Strategic Schedule Plan 10000664-020$200 Cheng Lung Wu Ashgate Publishing Company 075469190XAuth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 254

    Airline Operations and Scheduling, 2nd Edition 10000647-022$110Massoud Bazargan Ashgate 0754679004Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 308

    Airline Passenger Security Screening - New Technologies and Implementation Issues(HTML Format) 10000615-011$22Natl Research Coun National Academy Press 0309054397Auth: ISBN:1996 Pages: 74

    Airline Recognition Guide (Jane's) (Scan) 10000644-064$33Gunter G. Endres Graham Edwards Collins-Janes 0007204426Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 384

    Airplane Flying Handbook - FAA-H-8083-3A (FAA Handbooks series)(2nd Edition) 10000543-08$110Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Supplies & Academi 156027557XAuth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 280

    Airport and Aviation Security - U.S. Policy and Strategy in the Age of Global Terrorism 10000644-065$309Bartholomew Elias AUERBACH 1420070290Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 439

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  • Original Price Our Price()code titleAirport Competition 10000657-008

    $200Peter Forsyth David Gillen J rgen M Ashgate 075467746XAuth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 468

    Airport Design and Operation, 2nd Edition 10000615-066$230A.Kazda,E.CAVES Elsevier 0080451047Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 538

    Airport Development Reference Manual(IATA)(scan) 10000616-029$105IATA International Air Transport As 9290357290Auth: ISBN:1995 Pages: 307

    Airport Economist 10000644-066$22Tim Harcourt Allen & Unwin 1741755123Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 228

    Airport Engineering - Planning, Design and Development of 21st Century Airports, 4th Edition 10000674-017$300 Norman J. Ashford Saleh Mumayiz Pau Wiley 0470398558Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 768

    Airport Engineering, 3rd Edition 10000605-027$315Norman J. Ashford Paul H. Wright Wiley 0471527556Auth: ISBN:1992 Pages: 528

    Airport Infrastructure - The Emerging Role of the Private Sector (Html Ebook) 10000644-003$22Anil Kapur World Bank Publications 082133526XAuth: ISBN:1995 Pages: 78

    Airport Planning and Management, 4th Edition (Html Ebook) 10000644-004$40Alexander T. Wells McGraw-Hill 0071360093Auth: ISBN:2000 Pages: 432

    Airport Planning and Management, 5 Edition 10000664-021$300 Alexander T. Wells Seth Young McGraw Hill Professional 0071413014Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 572

    Airport Regulation Investment & Development of Aviation 10000664-022$44 OECD 9282102923Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 70

    Airport Regulation, Law, and Public Policy - The Management and Growth of Infrastructure 10000657-009$117Robert M. Hardaway Quorum Books 0899304745Auth: ISBN:1991 Pages: 264

    Airport Research Needs - Cooperative Solutions (U.S Transportation Research Board) 10000499-13$110Transportation Research Board Transportation Research Boar 0309077494Auth: ISBN:2003 Pages: 116

    Airport Security and Ground Handling Equipment in Jordan - A Strategic Reference, 2007 10000644-067$300Philip M. Parker ICON Group International, Inc 0497823373Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 194

    Airport Terminals, 2nd Edition (Scan) 10000634-068$140Christopher J. Blow Architectural 0750625856Auth: ISBN:1996 Pages: 217

    Airports As Multimodal Interchange Nodes (Ecmt Round Table) 10000615-067$57Ecmt OECD 9282103390Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 176

    Airports in Cities and Regions - Research and Practise 10000657-010$110Ute Knippenberger, Alex Wall KIT Scientific Publishing 3866445067Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 192

    Airspaces (Reaktion Books - Topographics) 10000657-011$27David Pascoe Reaktion Books 1861890907Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 304

    Airworthiness - An Introduction to Aircraft Certification, A Guide to Understanding JAA, EASA and FAA Standards 10000585-046$62Filippo De Florio Butterworth Heinemann 0750669489Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 264

    Airworthiness, Second Edition - An Introduction to Aircraft Certification 10000669-038$99 Filippo De Florio Butterworth Heinemann 0080968023Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 368

    Algorithmic Methods for Railway Optimization 10000570-15$300Frank Geraets Leo Kroon Springer 354074245XAuth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 330

    All Aboard: The Complete North American Train Travel Guide, Third Edition 10000705-169$18 Jim Loomis Chicago Review Press 1569763097Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 368

    American Locomotives 1900-1950(scan) 10000617-007Edwin P Alexander Bonanza Books B0006ASFW4Auth: ISBN:1950 Pages: 234

    American Transportation Policy (Html Ebook) 10000644-005$200Robert J. Dilger Praeger 0275978532Auth: ISBN:2003 Pages: 200

    AMERICA'S AIRPORTS - Airfield Development, 1918-1947 (Centennial of Flight Series) 10000657-015$39Janet R. Daly Bednarek Texas A&M University Press 1585441309Auth: ISBN:2001 Pages: 226

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  • Original Price Our Price()code titleAn Introduction to Sustainable Transportation: Policy, Planning and Implementation 10000705-206

    $39 Preston L. Schiller Eric Bruun Jeffrey R Routledge 1844076652Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 368

    Analyzing Friction in the Design of Rubber Products and Their Paired Surfaces 10000624-004$200Robert Horigan Smith CRC 0849381363Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 424

    Anger in the Air - Combating the Air Rage Phenomenon 10000664-027$119 Dr Joyce A. Hunter Ashgate 0754671933Auth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 238

    Applications of Agent Technology in Traffic and Transportation 10000544-33$200Franziska Klugl Ana Bazzan Sascha Os Birkhauser Basel 3764372583Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 209

    Applied Transport Economics - Policy, Management & Decision Making, 3rd Edition 10000664-028$65 Stuart Cole Kogan Page 0749439645Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 449

    Architecting Resilient Systems - Accident Avoidance and Survival and Recovery from Disruptions 10000650-041$79Scott Jackson Wiley 0470405031Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 320

    Arctic Trucker 10000664-029$12 Joseph Gustaitis RJF Publishing 1608702947Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 33

    Asia-Pacific in Figures 2006 (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) 10000644-068$20United Nations United Nations 9211205301Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 72

    Ask the Pilot 10000644-069$15Patrick Smith Riverhead Trade 1594480044Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 288

    ASME B31.4 - Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids 10000479-06$640ASME International 0791827925Auth: ISBN:2002 Pages: 126

    ASME B31.4 2002 Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids 10000567-29$300ASME ASMEAuth: ISBN:2003 Pages: 126

    Asphalt and Politics - A History of the American Highway System 10000668-025$35 Thomas L. Karnes McFarland 0786442824Auth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 223

    Assessing the Benefits and Costs of ITS - Making the Business Case for ITS Investments (Transportation,Research,E 10000615-074$300David Gillen, David M. Levinson Springer 1402076770Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 384

    Assessing the HEALTH IMPACT AND SOCIAL COSTS OF MOPEDS - FEASIBILITY STUDY IN ROME 10000644-070$44MICHELE FABERI, MARCO MART World Health Organization 9289010622Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 211

    Assessing the Impact of Future Operations on Trainer Aircraft Requirements 10000664-031$20 John A. Ausink Rand Publishing 0833037900Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 94

    Assessing the Relationship Between Propagule Pressure and Invasion Risk in Ballast Water 10000676-043$37 National Research Council National Academies Press 0309215625Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 156

    Assessment and Decision Making for Sustainable Transport 10000615-075$102Organisation for Economic CoOperatio Conference 9282113116Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 236

    Assessment of Fuel Economy Technologies for Light-Duty Vehicles 10000664-032$60 National Research Council National Academies Press 0309156076Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 260

    Assessment of Technologies Deployed to Improve Aviation Security 10000644-071$44National Research Council Staf National Academies Press 0309067871Auth: ISBN:1999 Pages: 88

    Atmospheric Change and the North American Transportation Sector - Summary of a Trilateral Workshop 10000655-054$10Steering Committee on Atmospheric C The National Academy of Scie 0309583918Auth: ISBN:1998 Pages: 34

    Atmospheric Effects of Aviation - A Review of Nasa's Subsonic Assessment Project (Html Ebook) 10000644-006$18National Research Council Natl Academy Pr 0309064252Auth: ISBN:1999 Pages: 41

    Aviation and the Environment 10000657-019$205Jon C. Goodman Nova Science Pub Inc 160692320XAuth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 515

    Aviation and Tourism 10000644-072$202Anne Graham Andreas Papatheodorou Ashgate 0754671879Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 408

    Aviation English Teacher's Book 10000644-073$110Henry Emery Andy Roberts Macmillan 023002758XAuth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 128

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  • Original Price Our Price()code titleAviation Food Safety 10000615-080

    $300Erica Sheward Sara E. Mortimore Wiley-Blackwell 1405115815Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 411

    Aviation Fuels with Improved Fire Safety - A Proceedings (Html Ebook) 10000644-007$39National Research Council National Academies Press 0309058333Auth: ISBN:1997 Pages: 158

    Aviation Instructor's Handbook - FAA-H-8083-9A (FAA Handbooks) 10000644-074$19Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Supplies & Academi 1560277491Auth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 226

    Aviation Internet Directory - A Guide to the 500 Best Web Sites 10000644-075$24John Merry McGraw,Hill Professional 0071372164Auth: ISBN:2001 Pages: 432

    Aviation Mental Health - Psychological Implications for Air Transportation 10000644-076$200Robert Bor Todd Hubbard Ashgate Publishing 0754643719Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 353

    Aviation Psychology and Human Factors 10000642-046$109Monica Martinussen David R Hunter CRC 1439808430Auth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 240

    Aviation Security Management, Volume 1,2 and 3 (Praeger Security International) 10000644-077$500Andrew R. Thomas Praeger 0313346526Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 804

    Aviation Systems: Management of the Integrated Aviation Value Chain (Springer Texts in Business and Economics) 10000698-352$139 Andreas Wittmer Thomas Bieger Rolan Springer 3642200796Auth: ISBN:2011 Pages: 253

    Aviation Visual Perception - Research, Misperception and Mishaps 10000647-037$102Randy Gibb Rob Gray Lauren Scharff Ashgate 0754674975Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 320

    Baltic Connections (3 Volumes) Archival Guide to the Maritime Relations of the Countries around the Baltic Sea 30000708-056$475 Bes L. BRILL 9004164294Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 2300

    Barrier-Free Travel - A Nuts and Bolts Guide for Wheelers and Slow Walkers, 2nd Edition 10000654-067$19Candy Harrington Demos Health 1932603093Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 300

    Barriers to Sustainable Transport - Institutions, Regulation and Sustainability (Transport development and Sustainabil 10000615-083$220Piet Rietveld Routledge 0415323622Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 264

    Basic Cruising, 2nd Edition (Certification Series) 10000644-078$20Us Sailing Association U.S. Sailing Association 1882502973Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 128

    Basic Guide to Exporting, 1998 10000644-079$5International Trade Administration (U. International Trade Administra 0160589932Auth: ISBN:1999 Pages: 142

    Be Your Own Sailing Coach - 20 Goals for Racing Success (Wiley Nautical) 10000644-080$24Jon Emmett Wiley 0470319291Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 290

    Bedford to Berlin and Beyond 10000644-081$29Robert Coates Motorbooks Intl 094835805XAuth: ISBN:1994 Pages: 120

    Beech Aircraft and Their Predecessors (Putnam Aviation Series) (Scan) 10000644-082$50Alain J. Pelletier Naval Inst Pr 1557500622Auth: ISBN:1995 Pages: 223

    Better Regulation in the European Union - Lost in Translation or Full Steam Ahead transportation of EU transport dir 10000654-071$52M. Kaeding Leiden Univ 9087280262Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 240

    Beyond the Black Box - The Forensics of Airplane Crashes 10000664-041$32 George Bibel The Johns Hopkins University 0801886317Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 408

    Bicycle Resource Guide - 1976 Bicycle Bibliography 10000680-113$11 David J. Luebbers David J. LuebbersAuth: ISBN:1976 Pages: 110

    Biofuels for Transport - An International Perspective 10000622-054$200OECD Org. for Economic Cooperatio 9264015124Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 216

    Biofuels for Transport - Global Potential and Implications for Energy and Agriculture 10000622-055$115The Worldwatch Institute Earthscan Publications 1844074226Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 480

    Black magic and gremlins - Analog flight simulations at NASA's Flight Research Center (Monographs in aerospace h 10000644-086$110Gene L Waltman NASA History Division, Offic 0160592771Auth: ISBN:2000 Pages: 232

    Boeing 377 Stratocruiser 10000637-090$20Nicholas A. Veronico Specialty 1580070477Auth: ISBN:2001 Pages: 100

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  • Original Price Our Price()code titleBoeing 707.720 (Airlife's Classic Airliners)(scan) 10000552-46

    $118Jim Winchester Crowood 1840373113Auth: ISBN:2002 Pages: 128

    Boeing 737 Airplane Characteristics for Airport Planning 10000673-044$300 Boeing Boeing Commercial AirplanesAuth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 682

    Boeing 747-100 200 300 SP 10000637-091$20Dennis R. Jenkins Specialty 1580070264Auth: ISBN:2000 Pages: 100

    Boeing 747-400 10000637-092$20Robert F Dorr Specialty 1580070558Auth: ISBN:2002 Pages: 104

    Boeing 747-400 Flight Crew Operations Manual (2 Volume set) 20000673-045$400 The Boeing Company The Boeing CompanyAuth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 1600

    Boeing 777 (Scan) 10000637-093$20Jim Upton Voyageur 1580070019Auth: ISBN:1998 Pages: 100

    Boeing 787 Dreamliner 10000699-089$30 Mark Wagner Guy Norris Zenith Press 0760328153Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 160

    Boeing Stratocruiser (Classic Airliners) 10000677-042$24 Robert Hewson Motorbooks International 0760311978Auth: ISBN:2001 Pages: 128

    Bridge Management 10000621-063$210M. J. Ryall Butterworth-Heinemann 075065077XAuth: ISBN:2001 Pages: 464

    Bridge Management - Inspection, Maintenance, Assessment and Repair 10000619-054$620G.A.R Parke Keith Harding Taylor & Francis 0419160507Auth: ISBN:2006 Pages: 748

    Bridge Team Management, 2nd Edition (including a new section on Electronic Navigation by Captain T. J. Bailey FN 10000653-048$110AJ Swift T.J. Bailey The Nautical Institute 1870077660Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 110

    Bridge Watching 10000668-044$15 Edmund W. Jupp Intellect L & D E F a E 1841508047Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 156

    Bridging The Gap - Restoring, Rebuidling Nation Bridges 10000637-095$55American Association of State Highwa AASHO 1560514256Auth: ISBN:2008 Pages: 72

    British Airways - An Airline and Its Aircraft, Volume 1 (Scan) 10000644-087$44Davies R. E. G. Paladwr Press 1888962240Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 119

    British Army Vehicles and Equipment 10000664-046$44 Army ArmyAuth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 65

    British Columbia Standards, Specifications and Guidelines For Resource Surveys Using Global Positioning System ( 10000629-164$110Amin Kassam British Columbia Ministry of 0772645477Auth: ISBN:2001 Pages: 214

    British Flying Boats (Scan) 10000644-088$40Peter London Sutton Publishing 0750926953Auth: ISBN:2003 Pages: 293

    BS ISO 22901-1 2008, Road vehicles - Open diagnostic data exchange (ODX) 10000633-075$300BSI BSI 0580553585Auth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 494

    Buckling Up - Technologies to Increase Seat Belt Use (Special Report US Transportation Research Board) 10000499-19$152National Research Council Transportation Research Boar 0309085934Auth: ISBN:2004 Pages: 116

    Built Environment and Car Travel: Analyses of Interdependencies (Sustainable Urban Areas) 10000705-489$65 K. Maat IOS Press (Delft University Pr 1607500647Auth: ISBN:2010 Pages: 184

    Bus Systems for the Future - Achieving Sustainable Transport Worldwide 10000651-067$200IEA International Energy Agency 9264198067Auth: ISBN:2002 Pages: 192

    Bus Transport - Economics, Policy and Planning (Research in Transportation Economics, Volume 18) 10000615-086$220David A Hensher JAI Press 0762314087Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 538

    Business & Corporate Aviation Management - On Demand Air Travel 10000644-092$52John Sheehan McGraw-Hill Professional 0071412271Auth: ISBN:2003 Pages: 330

    Buying the Big Jets - Fleet Planning for Airlines, 2nd Edition 10000644-093$200Paul Clark Ashgate Publishing 0754670902Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 246

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  • Original Price Our Price()code titleCapturing Long-Distance Travel 10000644-094

    $101K. W. Axhausen J. L. Madre J. W. Pola Research Studies Press Ltd 0863802575Auth: ISBN:2002 Pages: 450

    Car Troubles - Critical Studies of Automobility and Auto-Mobility 10000654-089$99Jim Conley Arlene Tigar McLaren Ashgate 0754677729Auth: ISBN:2009 Pages: 250

    Cargo Work, 7th Edition - for Maritime Operations 10000615-088$50David J House Butterworth-Heinemann 0750665556Auth: ISBN:2005 Pages: 344

    Catamarans - The Complete Guide for Cruising Sailors 10000644-095$39Gregor Tarjan International Marine-Ragged 0071498850Auth: ISBN:2007 Pages: 304

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    Motor Fleet Safety and Se

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