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Travel and Cash Rewards Program Explained | Detailed Overview | 3 Lucrative Rewards Programs

Date post:16-Aug-2015
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  1. 1. If You Like The Idea Of Travelling More, & Earning More, With NO Risk To What You Do Now, Youll Love Our Rewards Programs
  2. 2. Do You Know 2 Other People Who Would Like To Travel More and Earn More, With The Potential To Live Their Dream Life?
  3. 3. If You Answered YES, Let Us Share An Exciting Income Opportunity With The Worlds Most Exciting Travel Rewards Company
  4. 4. Its Called Travel & Cash And Its About To Take The World By Storm
  5. 5. CLUB MEMBER $200 Includes $500 Travel Credit One time membership fee Discover secrets of people who spend their lives travelling the world saving you money , time & stress Learn how to live anywhere in the world & generate income Discover how to obtain great savings on travel solutions Access to 3 lucrative Reward Programs Travel & Cash Offers 3 Membership Levels Each Offering Access To Great Travel Solutions PREMIUM MEMBER $500 Includes $1000 Travel Credit Includes ALL Club Benefits PLUS the following Access members only pricing on a global range of travel solutions 110% Price Match Guarantee Special offers saving up to 70% Personal Concierge Service Increased Rewards Earnings ELITE MEMBER $1500 Includes $2500 Travel Credit Includes ALL Club & Premium Benefits PLUS the following Invitation to special Elite only member events Access to a global network of airport business lounges Training & mentoring on living a One Long Vacation lifestyle Qualify for maximum earnings in all 3 Rewards Programs
  6. 6. More Than 50% Of Every Membership Sale Is Set Aside To Reward Our Members
  7. 7. TRAVEL4FREE REWARDS Enjoy The Benefit Of EVERY Sale In Company Contributing To Your Success Each Membership Level Provides Automatic Entry Into 3 Lucrative Rewards Programs CLUB CASH REWARDS Receive Rewards That Keep Paying Out Again & Again, & Again From Just A Single Purchase LIFESTYLE REWARDS Create Lucrative Income That Can Quickly Make ALL Your Dreams A Reality * Watch The Videos On Each Reward Program To Learn More
  8. 8. The More You Share Travel & Cash & Give Away The $100 Travel Credits, The More People Will Join, & The More Rewards You Will Earn
  9. 9. We Also Created Our Matching Payment System Enabling You To Earn A Matching Reward Each Time Your Referrals Earn A Reward
  10. 10. Matching Payments Are Based On A Philosophy Where YOUR Success Is MY Success! Simply Put, When YOU Get PAID, I get PAID
  11. 11. 1. Become An Elite Member 2. Personally Create 2 Membership Sales 3. Help Others Do The Same To Maximize Your Earnings Simply Do 3 Things:
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