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Trends Affecting Email Marketing

Date post:10-May-2015
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Presentation on some key trends that will affect email marketing in 2011....and beyond. Especially with an eye toward design and content. Presented at Silverpop's Email Creative Seminar in Chicago, February 2011.
  • 1.5 Uber Trends Affecting Email Marketing
    February 2011

2. Agenda
3. 4. 5. Social Media Explosion
6. The Big Gorillas
7. Facebook: The 2nd Web
8. Facebook Connect Login
9. Email Must Get More Social
And Work With Social
10. 11. Going Mobile / Screensize-apalooza
12. 40+ Tablets Expected to Ship in 2011
13. 14. 15. Mobile Apps are Exploding.but
25 billion downloaded by 2015
Juniper Research
16. 25+% of Apps Used Only Once
17. The Check-in Deal
18. Where is My Email Being Read?
19. Email is Mobile
Mobile is Email
20. 21. The ISP Battle has Shifted
Bad Stuff
Too much good stuff
22. Smarter Inboxes
23. and the Unified Inbox is coming
24. AOL Project Phoenix
25. Hotmail Active Views
26. Relevance is Not an Option
Email is Still the Killer App
27. 28. Customers Speak
Bad service
..tastes like sh*t
29. Ratings and Reviews
30. Brands Get Real (People)
31. How-to video
32. Real person

  • Service tone

33. 50% conversion rate

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