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Trends in Programmatic Video 2015

Date post:11-Jan-2017
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  • Video Consumption in the US US Digital Video, Digital TV and Mobile Phone Video Viewers in millions

  • Cross Device Usage

    Cross device usage affects TV viewership and advertising

    84% Of viewers use their mobile, tablet or laptop while watching TV

    34% researched the product, 31% visited the adver>sers website

    82% of TV adver>sers show a direct correla>on between TV adver>sing & increase in web traffic

  • Programmatic Video Ad Spend

    US Programmatic Digital Video Advertising Spending from 2013 to 2017 (in billions)

  • Video Presence Across Industries

    US Digital Video Ad View Share by Industry (2015)

  • Programmatic Video Results

    Digital video delivers campaign performance

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