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Trent leyshan Credentials Presentation

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"Engaging Learning Experiences."
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Its not about us, its about you
We invest time in you,before recommending
a strategy to fit your unique challenges
and opportunities.
You get relevant and practical skills and tools to apply immediately!
You receive inspiring learning experiences
that motivate you to
adopt successful behaviours.
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How we help grow your business
The Seven Pillars of Sales Performance!
Identify the most successful sales habits and align with your day to day activities for enhanced performance!
Elements of Effective Communication
Explore the varying communication styles and how to consciously utilise these to effectively influence more customers.
Learn and demonstrate meaningful service by getting back to basics and developing loyalty, repeat business and referrals.
Creating a winning Culture
An exploratory workshop designed to provide your team members with an opportunity to reinvigorate their sales culture and develop a compelling, authentic and inspirational message.
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...How we help grow your business
Sales Leader Workshop
An inspiring space for your sales leaders to explore their current leadership styles and daily sales leader activities. Gain insights into what really influences and motivates their team.
Power of Process
Develop and learn how to use your ESP(Empathy Sales Process) for greater cut-through, buy-in, engagement and conversion!
Positive Persuasion for Sales People
Explore the fundamental principles of Persuasion and apply them positively to influence your customers while meeting their needs and desires.
Fully Tailored Solutions
Customised sales training and development programs are developed in collaboration with you to address specific areas of capability.
*More information on these and other customisable programs available upon request.
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What clients say
Though he was clearly an asset to our Sales efforts, Trent was also extraordinarily helpful in making suggestions to improve operations in the future.
- Kon Stoilas, Leadership & Development Consultant
Trent invests a great deal of time understanding the business to ensure the program hits the mark. His facilitation style is enjoyable and the practical concepts allow for immediate application.
- Helen Christo, HR ManagerAustralasia
With the recent recruitment of a new national sales force, the goal of AAA Tourism was to increase sales knowledge and develop stronger consultative relationships with our clients. This goal was achieved in a fun and informative manner.- Darren Smith, National Sales Manager
Trents involvement with the L.E.A.D program has highlighted him as an inspirational and motivating consultant whos experience is a key input to developing the capability and skills of our specialist leaders.. - Leadership & Development Manager
7. I look forward to speaking with you!
Thank You!
[email protected]
Inspiring learning experiences

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