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Tuck Trivia!

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Tuck Trivia!. This game is. based on the book. Tuck Everlasting. by Natalie Babbitt. This game was created by Sal DeFrancesco. Tuck Everlasting. Winnie Foster. 100. 200. 400. 800. 1000. Angus Tuck. 100. 200. 400. 800. 1000. Mae Tuck. 100. 200. 400. 800. 1000. Miles Tuck. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
  • Winnie Foster1002004008001000Angus TuckMae TuckMiles TuckJesse TuckThe Stranger10010010010010020020020020020040040040040040080080080080080010001000100010001000

  • 100Who does Winnie see in the clearing, next to a tree?Jesse Tuck

  • 200How old is Winnie when she meets the Tucks?10 years old

  • 400Who does Winnie begin to fall in love with?Jesse Tuck

  • 800What does Winnie do with the bottle of special water? She pours it onto the toad

  • When Angus and Mae go back to Treegap, how long had it been since Winnie had died? (Hint: In Years) 2 years Pick a Wager

  • 100What is one word that describes Angus Tuck the most? (Hint: Synonym of Sad)Melancholy

  • 200How long has it been since Angus Tuck last changed in appearance? 87 years

  • 400What does Angus carve into the side of the tree with the spring? T

  • 800How does Angus make sure that the Tucks are going to live forever?He shoots himself with his shotgun

  • 1000What does Tuck say at the end of the story to the toad, that was ironic?Durn thing must think its going to live forever.

  • 100What piece of jewelry does Mae wear when she leaves to meet Miles and Jesse?A Brooch

  • 200What does Mae own that makes a song/noise? A music box

  • 400What does Mae hit the stranger with?Angus Tucks Shotgun

  • 800Where does the constable say that Mae might die? The Gallows

  • 1000What does Mae think about living forever? She thinks that whats done is done, and that theres no use fussing over it

  • 100What does Miles normally work as?A Blacksmith

  • 200Every ______ years Miles and Jesse come back home? Ten

  • 400Why does Miles let the fish he caught swim away? He let it go because Winnie didnt want to see the fish die

  • 800Why did Miless family leave him and how many children did he have? They left because Miles wasnt changing in appearance and he had two children

  • 1000What sound does Miles use to cover up the noise of the bars? Thunder

  • 100What excuse does Jesse use to make sure that Winnie didnt drink the water?He said that since the water came up from the ground, it was probably dirty and bad for your health

  • Pick a WagerHow old is Jesse when he meets Winnie? (Hint: Both ages. The age hes stuck at and the age he would be if he didnt drink the water.)Stuck: 17 Didnt Drink Water: 104

  • 400Who does Jesse fall in love with?Winnie Foster

  • 800At what age does Jesse want Winnie to drink the bottle of special water? Seventeen

  • 1000What happened to Jesse that would have broken his neck, but didnt? He fell out of a tree

  • 100What does the strangers appearance remind Winnie about? The ribbons at her grandpas funeral

  • 200What is the name of the type of deal that the stranger made with the Fosters? Blackmail

  • 400What does the stranger get hit with?Angus Tucks Shotgun

  • 800How is the stranger related to/knowledgeable about Miless wife and kids?The strangers grandmother was a friend of Miles wife

  • 1000What did the stranger plan to do with the water? Sell it

  • If Jesse is actually 104 and he is stuck at age 17, then how old would Miles really be if he is stuck at age 22?He would really be 109 years old Final Foster Question

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