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Turn previously hard-to-recycle products into useful, recycling centers. Used products are sorted...

Date post:19-Jul-2020
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  • Turn previously hard-to-recycle products into useful, eco-responsible items.

    What Is RightCycle by Kimberly-Clark Professional?

    The RightCycle Program is a groundbreaking service that

    enables you to collect previously hard-to-recycle items,

    such as Kimberly-Clark Professional nitrile gloves, safety

    eyewear, and single-use apparel items, and have them

    turned into new consumer goods. Through this program,

    you can:

    • Reach your organization’s sustainability goals

    • Divert waste from the landfill in support of zero

    waste to landfill initiatives

    • Give your used nitrile gloves, safety eyewear, and

    single-use apparel items a new life by aiding in the

    creation of new consumer goods like flower pots,

    patio furniture, and plastic shelving

    • Reduce your waste disposal costs

    • Protect the planet for future generations

    Single-use protective clothing, eye protection,

    and nitrile gloves are worn in your facility.

    Used products are collected and

    shipped to our recycling centers.

    Used products are sorted and processed into plastic pellets.

    Materials are molded into new plastic

    products and durable goods.

  • What Can You Recycle?

    You can use The RightCycle Program to recycle a wide range of apparel items, safety eyewear, and nitrile gloves from Kimberly-Clark Professional.

    Apparel and Accessories — Coveralls, Lab Coats, Sleeves, Aprons, Shoe Covers, Bouffant Caps, Beard

    Covers, Face Masks

    • KleenGuard™ Apparel and Accessories (A10-A65) • Kimtech™ Pure™ Lab and Cleanroom Apparel

    and Accessories


    • KleenGuard™ Element™

    • KleenGuard™ Unispec™ II • KleenGuard™ Visio™

    • KleenGuard™ V30 Nemesis™

    • KleenGuard™ V60 Nemesis™

    • KleenGuard™ Maverick™

    Nitrile Gloves

    • Kimberly-Clark Nitrile Exam Gloves • Kimtech™ Pure Nitrile™ Gloves • KleenGuard™ G10 Thin Mil Nitrile Gloves • KleenGuard™ G29 Chemical Gloves


    • Kimtech™ Pure Wipers (100% Polypropylene)

    For more information, please visit


    How Does It Work?

    Using The RightCycle Program is as easy as 1-2-3!

    Contact your local Kimberly-Clark Professional representative or e-mail [email protected] to learn about how this program can benefit your business.

    Collect used, non-hazardous Kimberly-Clark Professional apparel items, eyewear, and nitrile gloves in receptacles located throughout your facility.

    Consolidate used products on a pallet and ship the full pallets to our Kimberly-Clark recycling centers.




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