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Twilight Script (Complete Transcription) Characters: Isabella Swan, Edward Cullen, Charlie Swan, Carlisle Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Esme Cullen, Jacob Black, Mike Newton, Jessica Stanley, Eric Yorkie, Angela Weber, Tyler Crowley, James Witherdale, Victoria Sutherland, Laurent Da Revin, Billy Black, Renee Dwyer, Mr Molina, Cora, Waylon Forge, Stephenie Meyer. [A deer is eating in the woods.] Bella VO: I'd never given much thought to how I would die… But dying in the place of someone I love, seems like a good way to go… [The deer is chased by something. A man catches the deer with bare hands. ] Bella VO: So I can't bring myself to regret the decision to leave home. I would miss Phoenix. I'd miss the heat. I would miss my loving, erratic, hair-brained mother. [Renee kisses Bella.] And her new husband. Phil: You guys, come on. I love you both. We got a plane to catch. Bella VO: But they wanna go on the road. So I'm gonna spend some time with my dad. [The car pulls away.] And this will be a good thing...I think. * * * * * * * * * * [OST – Full Moon by The Black Ghosts] [An aircraft departs. A police car crosses a bridge. ] Bella VO: In the state of Washington, under a near constant cover of clouds and rain, there is a small town named Forks. [Charlie drives the police car. Bella sits on the passenger side. ] Population, 3120 people. This is where I’m moving. My dad’s Charlie. He’s the chief of police. [They cross the damp town. ] Charlie: Your hair’s longer.

Twilight Script (Complete Transcription)Characters: Isabella Swan, Edward Cullen, Charlie Swan, Carlisle Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale, Esme Cullen, Jacob Black, Mike Newton, Jessica Stanley, Eric Yorkie, Angela Weber, Tyler Crowley, James Witherdale, Victoria Sutherland, Laurent Da Revin, Billy Black, Renee Dwyer, Mr Molina, Cora, Waylon Forge, Stephenie Meyer. [A deer is eating in the woods.] Bella VO: I'd never given much thought to how I would die But dying in the place of someone I love, seems like a good way to go [The deer is chased by something. A man catches the deer with bare hands.] Bella VO: So I can't bring myself to regret the decision to leave home. I would miss Phoenix. I'd miss the heat. I would miss my loving, erratic, hair-brained mother. [Renee kisses Bella.] And her new husband. Phil: You guys, come on. I love you both. We got a plane to catch. Bella VO: But they wanna go on the road. So I'm gonna spend some time with my dad. [The car pulls away.] And this will be a good thing...I think. ********** [OST Full Moon by The Black Ghosts] [An aircraft departs. A police car crosses a bridge. ] Bella VO: In the state of Washington, under a near constant cover of clouds and rain, there is a small town named Forks. [ Charlie drives the police car. Bella sits on the passenger side. ] Population, 3120 people. This is where Im moving. My dads Charlie. Hes the chief of police. [They cross the damp town.] Charlie: Your hairs longer. Bella: I cut it since last time I saw you. Charlie: Oh, guess it grew out again. [They arrive at Charlie's house.] Bella VO: I used to spend two weeks here almost every summerBut its

been years. [Bella and Charlie bring Bella's things upstairs. ] Charlie: I cleared some shelves off in the bathroom Bella: Oh right. One bathroom. [They enter Bella's room and look around the room. ] Charlie: Its pretty good working lamp. Sales lady picked out the bed stuff. You like, you like purple, right? Bella: Purple's cool. Thanks. Charlie: Okay. [leaves the room] Bella VO: One of the best things about Charlie...he doesn't hover. **********

[A honk comes form outside. Bella looks out the window.] Billy: I heard you guys coming all the way down the road. Charlie: Good to see you. [Bella comes to the driveway.] Charlie: Bella, you remember Billy Black? Bella: Yeah. [shakes hand with Billy] Hey, you looking good. Billy: Well I'm still dancin'. I'm glad you're finally here. Charlie here hasn't shut up about it since you told him you were coming. Charlie: All right, keep exaggerating, I'll roll you into the mud. [Bella giggles.] Billy: After I ram you in the ankles. [starts chasing Charlie on his wheelchair] Charlie: Yeah, bring it. [starts playing punch with Billy] Jacob: Hi, Im Jacob. Bella: Um. Jacob: We um, we used to make mud pies together when we were little. Bella: Right, now I remember. [looks at the dads] Are they always like

this? Jacob: Its getting worse with old age. [giggles] Charlie: [stops playing] So, what do you think? Bella: What? Charlie: Your homecoming present. Bella: This? Charlie: Just bought it off Billy, here. Billy: Yeah. Jacob: I totally rebuilt the engine. Bella: Oh come on. Oh my gosh! This is perfect. You got to be joking. [hits Jacob with the door] Oh sorry. [gets into the driver's seat] Billy: Told you shed love it. I'm down with the kids. Charlie: [sarcastically] Oh yeah, dude. You're the bomb. Jacob: So you gotta double pump the clutch when you shift, butbesides that you should be good. Bella: Is that this one? Jacob: Yeah. Yeah, right there. Bella: All right. [starts the engine] Bella: So wanna ride to school or something? Jacob: Oh I go to school on the reservation. Bella: Oh right, right. Thats too bad. It wouldve been nice to know one person. ********** [The red truck arrives at school.] Bella VO: My first day at the new school, its March, in the middle of the semester. Great. [A few students giggle at the sight of the truck.] Black student: Nice ride. Bella: Thanks. [walks towards school building holding some papers ] Eric: [shows up from behind Bella] You're Isabella Swan, the new girl. Hi, I'm Eric, the eyes and ears of this place. Um, anything you need? Tour guide? Lunch date? Shoulder to cry on? Bella: Uh, I'm really kind of the more suffer in silence type. Eric: Good headline for your feature Im on the paper, and youre news, baby, front page. Bella: No, Im not. Youplease dont have any sort of

Eric: Whoa, chillax. No feature. Bella: Okay, thanks. Eric: Cool? ********** [In the gym during a volleyball game...] Girl: Go, Chloe! [Bella hits Mikes head with volleyball] Mike: Ow! Bella: Im sorry. [Mike turns around.] I told them not to let me play. Mike: Oh, good. No, no. Its, its, dont Youre Isabella, right? Bella: Just Bella. Mike: Yeah, hey, Im umIm Mike, Newton. [shakes hand with Bella] Bella: Uh, nice to meet you. Jessica: Shes got a great spike, huh? [to Bella] Im Jessica by the way. Hey you're from Arizona right? Bella: Yeah. Jessica: Aren't people from Arizona supposed to be like, really tan? Bella: Yeah, maybethat's why they kicked me out. Mike: [giggles] Youre good. Jessica: [laughs] Thats so funny. [Bella turns around. Mike raises his eyebrows. ] ********** [In the lunch room, Bella walks with Mike and Jessica to a table. ] Eric: -- a masterpiece. We'll have like this crazy pyramid fall from the sky -Mike: [pulls chair for Bella] Its my pleasure. Eric: -- you guys can -Mike: [to Eric] You know my friend? Eric: Hey, Mikey, you met my home girl, Bella. Mike: Oh, you-yo-your home girl? Eric: Yeah, yeah. Tyler: My girl. [kisses Bella's cheek, and pulls Mike's chair out from under him] Sorry, I had to break your day, Mike! [Mike chases Tyler through the lunch room.]

Eric: Oh...Tyler. Jessica: Oh my god, it's like, the first grade all over again, you're the shiny new toy... Angela: [suddenly shows up] Smile! [Camera clicks.] Bella: Okay. Angela: Sorry, I needed a candid for the feature. Bella: Uhh... Eric: Feature's dead Angela, don't bring it up again! Bella: It's okay, I just... Eric: I-I got your back baby. [pats Bella' shoulder and walks away] Angela: I guess we'll just run another editorial on... teen drinking... Bella: You know, you could always go for... eating disorders, speedo padding on the swim team. Angela: Actually, that's a good one... Jessica and Angela: Kirk -Jessica: -- right? That's exactly what I thought. Angela: We're talking 'Olympic-size'. [Bella sees the Cullens outside the window walking to the lunch room door.] Jessica: There's no way. He's so skinny, it doesn't make sense. Angela: Totally.

Bella: Who are they? [Angela and Jessica turn their heads towards the window.] Angela: The Cullens. Jessica: They're um...Dr. and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids. They moved down here from Alaska like, a few years ago. Angela: They, kinda keep to themselves. [Rosalie and Emmett enter the lunch room.] Jessica: Yeah 'cause they're all together, like TOGETHER together. [Alice

and Jasper enter the lunch room after Rosalie and Emmett. ] Uh, the blonde girl, that's Rosalie, and the big dark-haired guy, Emmett, they're like a thing. I'm not even sure that's legal. [ Rosalie and Emmett pass behind the girls.] Angela: Jess, they're not actually related. Jessica: Yeah, but they live together. It's weird, and -- okay, the little dark-haired girl's Alice... [Jasper spins Alice around] ...she's REALLY weird, and, um, she's with Jasper, the blonde one who looks like he's in pain. [Jasper and Alice pass behind the girls.] Uh...Dr Cullens like this...foster dad slash matchmaker. Angela: Maybe he'll adopt me. [Edward passes by the window.] Bella: Whos he? [Edward enters the lunch room.] Jessica: Thats Edward Cullen. Hes totally gorgeous, obviously. [ Edward passes behind the girls. ] But apparently nobody heres good enough for him. [Edward smiles as if he knows what Jessica is talking about. ] Like I care, you know, uh. So...yeah. [Bella sees Edward taking a seat at the same table with the other Cullens.] Seriously right, dont waste your time. Bella: I wasnt planning on it.

********* Mike: Mr Molina. Mr Molina: Hey, Mike. Oh yes, Ms Swan. [Bella looks at Edward, walks in front of fan, Edward plugs nose.] Hi. The pass? Thank you. Youre in your class here, heres your stuff, okay. And uh, I got a seat for you right here, so come on, the last one. Stroll along to catch up. [Bella sits beside Edward.] [to the class] All right guys. Today, were gonna be observing the behaviour of planaria, a.k.a. flatworms [Edward pushes glass to Bella and unplugs nose. Bella smells her hair and

looks at Edward. Edward looks back and stares at her during whole lesson. Edward stands up to leave right before the bell rings. ] ********** Edward: There must be something open. Physics? Biochem? Administrator: No, every class is full. [to Bella] Just a minute, dear. [to Edward again] Im afraid youll have to stay in Biology. Edward: All right. Just just have to endure it. ********** Cora: I just cant get over how grown up you are. And so gorgeous. Waylon: Hey Bella, you remember me? I played Santa one year. Charlie: Yeah, Waylon, she hasn't had a Christmas here since she was four. Waylon: I bet I made an impression though, didn't I? Charlie: You always do. Cora: Buttcrack Santa? Waylon: Hey, kids love those little bottles though. Cora: All right. Let the girl eat her garden burger, Waylon. As soon as youre done, Ill bring you your favorite berry cobbler. Remember? Your dad still has it. Every Thursday. [Charlie and Bella both reach for ketchup. Charlie gives it to Bella. ] ********** Renee: Hey baby so listen, if spring training goes well, we could be moving to Florida. Telephone operator: Please insert a dollar twenty five for additional three minutes. Bella: Mom, where's your cell? Renee: Okay, don't laugh. I didn't lose my power cord. It ran away. Screaming. I literally repel technology now. Bella: I miss you. Renee: Oh baby, I miss you too. But tell me more about your school. What are the kids like? Are there any cute guys? Are they being nice to you?

Bella: Welltheyre all very welcoming. Renee: Uh oh, tell me all about it. Bella: It doesnt even matter. Renee: Yes, it does, honey. Bella: I-I have homework to do. Um, Ill talk to you later. Renee: Okay, I love you. Bella: I love you too. ********** [OST Eyes on Fire by Blue Foundation] Bella VO: I planned to confront him. And demand to know what his problem was. But he never showed. [Bella sees Emmett riding a jeep to school with Jasper. Rosalie and Alice come out of a red convertible. ] Tyler: Bella! [throws something at Bella. Bella shows a book she pretends to read.] Bella VO: And the next day, another no show. More days past, things are getting a little strange. ********** [VAMPIRE ATTACK SCENE] **********

[Bella slips and falls in front of the house.] Charlie: You all right? Bella: Yeah, Im good. Ice doesnt really help the uncoordinated. Charlie: Yeah, thats why I got some new tires for the truck. The old ones were getting pretty bald. Well, probably Ill be late for dinner. I got

to head down to Mason County. A security guard at the Grisham Mill got killed by some kind of animal. Bella: An animal? Charlie: Youre not in Phoenix anymore, Bells. Anyway, figured Id lend a hand. Bella: Be careful. Charlie: Always am. Bella: And thanks for the tires. Charlie: Yep. ********** Eric: [to Bella] prom committee is a chick thing, but I gotta cover it for the paper anyway, and they need a guy to help choose the musicSo I need your play list. Hey listen, um, I was wondering... did you have a- a date... Mike: [shakes wet cap over Bella's head] Wassup Arizona? How you likin the rain girl? Eric: Yeah, Mike, you're real cute, man [Bella looks at Edward and sits beside him. ] Edward: Hello. Im sorry I didnt get the chance to introduce myself last week. Im Edward Cullen. Youre Bella. Bella: Umyes. Mr Molina: Onion root tip cells! Thats whats on your slides right now, okay? So, separate and label them into the phases of mitosis. And the first partners to get it right are gonna winthe golden onion. Edward: [pushes microscope towards Bella] Ladies first. Bella: You were gone. Edward: Yeah, um, I was out of town for a couple of days, personal reasons. Bella: [pushes microscope towards Edward] Uh, prophase. Edward: Do you mind if I uh, look? [Bella shakes her head.] It's prophase. Bella: Like I said. Edward: So are you enjoying the rain? [Bella laughs.] What? Bella: You're asking me about the weather? Edward: Yeah, I-I guess I am. Bella: Well, um, I don't really like the rain. Any cold, wet thing, I don't

really... [Edward laughs.] What? Edward: Nothing, uh[laughs] It's uh, anaphase. Bella: You mind if I check? Edward: Sure. Bella: Anaphase. Edward: [smiles] Like I said. If you hate the cold and the rain so much, why did you move to the wettest place in the continental U.S.? Bella: Its complicated. Edward: Im sure I can keep up. Bella: Uhmy mom remarried and um Edward: So, you dont like the guy? Bella: No, thats not itumPhils really nice. Edward: Its metaphase. Wanna check it? Bella: I believe you. ********** [They walk through hall. Bella holds the golden onion. ] Edward: Why didn't you move with your mother and Phil? Bella: Well, Phil's a minor league baseball player, and uh, he travels a lot, and my mom s-stayed home with me, but I knew it made her unhappy, so I figured I'dstay with my dad for a while. Edward: And now you're unhappy. Bella: ...no. Edward: I'm sorry, I'm just - I'm just trying to figure you out, you're very difficult for me to read. Bella: Hey, did you get contacts? Edward: No. Bella: Your eyes were... black the last time I saw you. And now they're like... golden brown. Edward: [closes eyes] Uh, yeah, I know. Its the uh, it's the fluorescents, um. Ugh. [walks away] **********

[OST Tremble for My Beloved by Collective Soul] [Bella stands by her car. Edward stares at her. She stares back. Tylers van goes out of control in the effort to avoid a reversing car. Tylers van comes toward Bella. Bella turns around; Edward comes save her and stops the van with his hand. Edward looks at Bella, Bella looks back. Edward hops over Bellas truck.]

Random people: Bella! Tyler: Bella, Im so sorry, I-I panicked. Random girl: Ive got 911 on the phone now. ********** Charlie: Bella. You okay? [to Tyler] You and I are gonna talk. [to Bella again] You alright? Bella: Im fine, dad. Calm down. Tyler: Im sorry, Bella. I tried to stop. Bella: I know. Its okay. Charlie: No, it sure as hell is not okay. Bella: Dad, it wasnt his fault. Charlie: You couldve been killed, you understand that? Bella: Yes, but I wasnt, so Charlie: [to Tyler] You can kiss your license goodbye.

Carlisle: [enters the room] I heard the Chiefs daughter was here. Charlie: Hello, Dr Cullen. Carlisle: Charlie. Ive got this one, Jackie. Isabella Bella: Bella. Carlisle: Right, Bella. Looks like you took quite a spill. How do you feel? Bella: Good. Carlisle: Look here. You might experience some post dramatic stress, disorientation, but your vitals look good. No signs of any head trauma, I think youll be just fine. Tyler: Im so sorry, Bella, Im really -[Charlie abruptly pulls the curtain between them.] Bella: You know it would have been a whole lot worse if Edward wasn't there to knock me out of the way. Charlie: Edward? Your boy? Bella: Yeah, it was amazing. I mean he got to me so fast. He was nowhere near me. Carlisle: Sounds like you were very lucky. Charlie. [Carlisle leaves. Bella and Charlie walk out of door.] Charlie: I just have to sign some paperwork. You should probably call your mom. Bella: Did you tell her? Uh shesprobably shesfreaking out. [ turns the corner and sees Edward, Rosalie and Carlisle talking. ]

Edward: What was I supposed to do, let her die? Rosalie: This isnt just about you, its about all of us. Carlisle: I think we should take this in my office. [They see Bella and stop talking. ] Bella: [to Edward] Can I talk to you for a minute? Carlisle: Rosalie.

[Carlisle and Rosalie walk away. Edward walks over to Bella.] Edward: What? Bella: Howhow did you get over to me so fast? Edward: I was standing right next to you, Bella. Bella: No. You were next to your car, across the lot. Edward: No, I wasn't. Bella: Yes, you were. Edward: Bella, youreyou hit your head. I think you're confused. Bella: I know what I saw. Edward: Umwhat exactly was that? Bella: Youyou stopped the van. You pushed it away with you hand. Edward: Well, nobody's gonna believe you so. Bella: I wasn't gonna tell anybody. I just need to know the truth. Edward: Can't you just thank me and get over it? Bella: Thank you. Edward: You're not going to let this go, are you? Bella: No. Edward: Well then I hope you enjoy disappointment. ********** [In Bellas room, Edward watches her sleep. Bella sleeps restlessly, wakes up and sees Edward. She switches on the light but he is gone. ] Bella VO: That was the first night I dreamt of Edward Cullen. ********** Mr Molina: I need everyones permission slip. [Bella looks at the dent in her truck.] Mike: Look at you, huh? You're ALIVE! Bella: I know, yeah, false alarm, I guess. [Edward stops walking.] Mike: Yeah. Um, now, I want to ask you, you know, if, if, uh you know its like a month awaybut [Bella is distracted by Edward.] do you wanna go to prom? Prom? So, what, what do you think? Bella: About what? Mike: Do you wanna go? To prom? Withme?

Bella: Oh IProm. Dancing. Not such a good idea for me. Uh, I have something that weekend anyway. ImIm going to Jacksonville that weekend. Mike: You cant go another weekend? Bella: Non-refundable ticket. You should ask Jessica. I know she wants to go with you. Mike: [looks at Jessica. Jessica waves. ] Yeah. All right. Mr Molina: Yo yo yo eh, guys! Come on, we gotta go, we gotta go. Green is what? Good, lets go. You guys, come on. Other bus, other bus, lets go. ********** [In a greenhouse] Mr Molina: Eggshells, carrot tops, compost is cool. Yeah stuff it in there Eric. Eric: Yes, sir. Mr Molina: Very good, very good. Now Im gonna make a steaming cup of compost tea. Tyler: Give me that. Mr Molina: Yeah. This is recycling at its most basic form -- guys, dont drink it! Its for the plants. Edward: [to Bella, without looking at her] What's in Jacksonville? Bella: How did you know about that? Edward: I- you didn't answer my question. Bella: Well, you don't answer any of mine so... I mean, you don't even say hi to me. Edward: Hi. Bella: Are you gonna tell me how you stopped the van? Edward: Yeah. I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. You can Google it. Bella: Floridians. Thats whats in Jacksonville. [Bella almost slips but Edward catches her. ] Edward: Would you at least watch where you walk? Look, Im, Im sorry Im being rude all the time but I just think its the best way -[Jessica suddenly rushes up. ] Jessica: Bella! Guess who just asked me to prom. Bella: Uhuh.

Jessica: [looks at Edward when he walks away] Um, yeah, I, I actually totally thought Mike was gonna ask you. Um, it's not gonna be weird though, right? Bella: No. Zero weirdness. You guys are great together. Jessica: I know, right? ********** [Outside the greenhouse] Eric: Bella, look, its a worm, its a worm. [laughs with his friends] Edward: Bella, we- we shouldn't be friends. Bella: You really should have figured that out a little earlier. I mean, why didn't you just let the van crush me and save yourself all thisregret? Edward: You think I regret saving you? Bella: I can see that you do. I just...I don't know why. Edward: You dont knowanything. Alice: [to Bella] Hi. Um, are you gonna be riding with us? Edward: No. The bus is full. ********** Charlie: Your mom calledagain Bella: Well, its your fault, you shouldnt have told her about the almost accident. You finished? Charlie: Yeah, I suppose youre right. She always did know how to worry. She seems different. She seems happy. Phil sounds like an alright guy. Bella: Yeah, he is. Um Charlie: All right. ********** [At school, in lunch room] Eric: Hey. La Push, baby. You in? Bella: Should I know what that means? Mike: La Push beach, down the Quileute rez. Were all going tomorrow. Jessica: And theres big swell coming in. Eric: And I dont just surf the internet.

Jessica: Eric, you stood up once, and there was a foam board. Angela: Theres whale watching too. Come with us. Eric: La Push, baby. ItsLa Push. Bella: Okay, Ill go if you stop saying that. Mike: Seriously, dude. Its creeping me out. Eric: What? Thats how its called. ***** ***** [Bella is arranging salad in a bowl.] Edward: Edible art? [Bella knocks over the apple and Edward kicks it up and catches it. ] Edward: Bella. Bella: Thanks. You know your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash. Edward: I only said itd be better if we weren't friends, not that I didn't wanna be. Bella: What does that mean? Edward: It means if you're smart... you'll stay away from me. Bella: Okay, let's say for argument's sake that I'm not smartWill you tell me the truth? Edward: No, probably not. [Bella turns away slightly angry. Bellas friends are looking at them both.] I'd rather hear your theories. Bella: I have considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite. Edward: That's all superhero stuff, right? Um, what if I'm not the hero? What if I'm... the bad guy? Bella: You're not. I can see what youre trying to put off, but I can see that it's just to keep me away from you. It's a mask. [Edward looks weirded out, taken aback.] Why dont we justhang out? Everybodys going to the beach. Come. I mean, have fun. Edward: Which beach? Bella: The Push. Edward: No no no. Bella: Is there something wrong with that beach? Edward: [turns around to look at Eric who is looking at them.] Its just a little crowded. **********

[At La Push beach] Eric: I dont know if its worth it anymore. Jessica: We came all the way out here. Angela: Well just hang out. Jessica: You guys are babies. Angela: So, I keep thinking that Erics going to ask me to prom, and he justdoesnt. Bella: You should ask him. Take control. Youre a strong, independent woman. Angela: I am? Bella: Yes. Jessica: [to Angela] Can you do me up? Angela: Yeah. Jacob: Bella! Bella: Hi, Jacob. Guys, this is Jacob. Jacob: Hey guys, how ya doin? Jessica: Hi. Angela: Hi. Bella: What are you, like, stalking me? Jacob: Youre on my rez, remember? Are you surfing? Bella: Definitely not. Jessica: You guys should keep Bella company. Umm her date bailed. Eric: What date? Jessica: She invited Edward. Bella: To be polite, thats it. Angela: I think its nice she invited him. Nobody ever does. Mike: Yeah, coz Cullens are freak. Sam: You got that right. Bella: You guys know him? Sam: [sharply] The Cullens dont come here. ********** Bella: What did your friends mean, about, you know, the Cullens dont come here? Jacob: You caught that huh? Im not really supposed to say anything

about it. Bella: Hey, I can keep a secret. Jacob: Um, really, its just like an old scary story. Bella: Well, I wanna know. Jacob: Okay. Um, did you know Quileutes are supposedly descended from wolves? Bella: What? Like wolves, real wolves? Jacob: Well, thats the legend of our tribe. Bella: Okay, so whats the story about the Cullens? Jacob: Well, theyre supposedly descended from this, like, enemy clan. My great grandfather the chief, found them hunting on our land, but they claimed to be something different, so, we made a treaty with them. If they promise to stay off Quileute lands, then we wouldnt expose what they really wereto the pale-faces. Bella: I thought they just moved here? Jacob: Or just moved back. Bella: Yeah. Angela: [screams and runs past, chased by Eric. ] A snake! A snake! Stop! Bella: What are they really? Jacob: Its just a story Bella. Come on, lets go. **********

Waylon: Hello? Joe? Joe! [starts the engine of the boat but Victoria pulls it back.] Oh, hello.

James: Nice jacket. Waylon: Who were you? James: Its always the same inane questions, Who are you? Victoria: What do you want? James: Why are you doing this? Laurent: James, lets not play with our food. ********** [In Bellas room, she sits in front of her Apple notebook and types Quileute Legends into Google search engine until Thunderbird & Whale Book Store, Port Angeles, pops up. Bella writes down the address of the book store.] ********** [The sun has come out. In school, outdoor, Bella searches the crowd for Edward.] Jessica: He's not here. Whenever the weather's nice the Cullens disappear. Bella: What, do they just ditch? Jessica: No, um, Dr. and Mrs. Cullen yank them out for like, hiking and camping and stuff. I tried that out on my parents...not even close. Angela: [jumps on them] Guys, Im going to the prom with Eric! I just asked him, I took control! [hugs Bella] Bella: I told you that would happen. Angela: Are you sure you have to go out of town? Bella: Oh yes, its a family thing. Jessica: Okay, we should go shopping in Port Angeles before all the good dresses get cleaned out. [School bell rings.] Bella: Port Angeles? Mind if I come? Angela: Yeah, I need your opinion. ********** Jessica: I like this one. Angela: Thats cool.

Jessica: But like I dont know about the one shoulder thing. Angela: I like this one. Jessica: Yeah, I like the beading, you wouldnt need jewellery. Angela: Jess, what do you think? Lavender? Is that good? Is that my color? I like, I like that dusty rose one too. Jessica: Okay, I like this one. It makes my boobs look good. [Four guys walk by the window.] One of the guys: [knocks the window] Nice. Angela: Oh my God. Jessica: That is uncomfortable. Bella: Oh, thats disgusting. Jessica: Bella, what do you think? Bella: Looks great. Jessica: You said that about the last five dresses, though. Bella: Well I thought theyre all pretty good. Angela: Youre not really into this, are you? Bella: Actually I really just wanted to go to this book store. Um, meet you guys at the restaurant? Jessica: Are you sure? Bella: Yeah, yeah, see you in a minute. Jessica: Okay. Angela: Okay. Jessica: Shes right, though, this looks awesome. [Bella buys a book at the book store.] Book store keeper: There you go. Good night. Bella: Thank you. [Bella exits book store, to be soon followed by two guys who were teasing at the dress store.] Guy 1: Saw you in the dress store. Hey, where you running to? Guy 2: There she is. Guy 3: Whoa. Guy 1: Yo, how you guys doin? Sounds good. Hey, whoa whoa whoa, where are you goin? Guy 3: Where are you goin? Guy 1: You dont get a date. Hang out with us. Guy 3: Come on.

Guy 4: Shes my type, man. Guy 1: Pretty. Bella: Dont touch me. Guy 3: Cute. Bella: Dont touch me! [hits one of the guys] Guy 1: Ow! [A silver Volvo screeches up. Door opens. Its Edward. ] Edward: Get in the car. Guy 4: That was a very dangerous maneuver. [Edward glares at the boys. They back off. Edward gets into car. The Volvo screeches away.] Edward: I should go back there and rip those guys heads off. Bella: Um... No, you shouldnt. Edward: You don't know the vile, repulsive things they were thinking. Bella: And you do? Edward: Its not hard to guess. Can you talk about something else? Distract me so I wont turn around. Bella: You should put your seat belt on. Edward: Haha... you should put your seat belt on. ********** [In front of the restaurant] Bella: Hey, you guys Im sorry I just -Angela: Where were you!? We left you messages. Jessica: Yeah, we waited, but we were starving, so we -Edward: Um, Im sorry I kept Bella from dinner. We just ran into each other and got talking. Jessica: Nowe totally understand That happens, right? Angela: We were Jessica: Yeah, we were just leaving. Angela: So, um, Bella, you wanna? Edward: I think I should make sure Bella gets something to eat. If youd like. [Bella nods.] Ill drive you home myself. [Bella nods again.] Angela: Thats so thoughtful. Jessica: Its really thoughtful, yeah. Bella: Yeah, I should eat something.

Angela: Okay. Jessica: Okay, so, see you tomorrow. Angela: See ya. Bella: Okay. [Bella and Edward walk into restaurant, Jessica and Angela laugh. ] ********** [In the restaurant] [OST: Never Think by Robert Pattinson]

Waitress: Alright, one mushroom ravioli. Bella: Thanks. Waitress: So, are you sure there isnt anything I can get for you? Edward: No, no, thank you. Waitress: Let me know. Bella: Youre really not gonna eat? Edward: No, Im on a special diet. Bella: You gotta give me some answers. Edward: Yes. No. To get to the other sideuh, 1.77245... Bella: I don't want to know what the square root of pi is. Edward: You knew that? Bella: How did you know where I was? Edward: I didn't. Bella: All right. [gets up to leave] Edward: Wait, don't leave.... Bella: Did youfollow me? Edward: I... I feelvery protective of you. Bella: So you followed me. Edward: I was trying to keep a distance unless you needed my help and

then I heard what those low-lives were thinking. Bella: Wait. You say you heard what they were thinking? So what, you... you read minds? Edward: I can read every mind in this room apart from yours. There's... moneysexmoneysexcat. And then you, nothing. It's very frustrating. Bella: Is there something wrong with me? Edward: See... I tell you I can read minds, and you think there's something wrong with YOU? [chuckles, then sighs ] Bella: What is it? Edward: I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore. Bella: Then don't. ********** Bella: Okay, I think Im warm enough now. [Both Bella and Edward reach for the heater and their hands touch.] Your hand is so cold. Whoa, what is going on? My dads still here. Can you pull in? Edward: Theres my fathers car on the end. What is he doing here? [gets out of car. Carlisle walks out of Forks Police Department. ] Carlisle, whats going on? Carlisle: [sighs] Waylon Forge was found in a boat near his place. I just examined the body. Bella: He died? How? Carlisle: Animal attack. [looks at Edward] Bella: [glances at Edward] [to Carlisle] Was it the same one that got that security guard at the Mason? Carlisle: [sighs] Most likely. [glances at Edward] Bella: It must be getting closer to town then. Carlisle: [cuts Bella off] Bella, you should go inside. Waylon was your father's friend. Bella: Okay. [walks up stairs, then turns around to Edward] Um, I'll see you later. ********** [In Charlies office]

Bella: Hey. Charlie: Hey. Bella: Dad, Im really sorry. Charlie: Known him going on thirty years. Dont worry, were gonna, were gonna find this thing. In the meantimeI want you to carry this with you. [gives pepper spray to Bella] Bella: I dont really -Charlie: It will give your old man some peace of mind. [Bella takes pepper spray.] Lets go home. [Bella walks down the stairs. 911 staff pushes the corpse past by her. She sees the corpses pale feet and is reminded of Edward. ] ********** [In Bellas room, Bella reaches for the book she bought earlier. She leafs through and stops on a photo of a mask with eyes and a row of sharp teeth. The inscription reads, the Cold One.] Bella: Cold one. [Bella goes to her Apple notebook and Googles The Cold One. Several pictures begin loading. She clicks on The Cold One: Apotamkin. She clicks on Egypt and out come a site about Egyptians: The Immortal Drink, clicks on India about Purge of the Ganges, and clicks on Peru about Demons Dismemberment. Then several pictures, words and visuals of Edward which represent the words leap out in quick succession: -- Undead, speed, strength, cold-skinned, immortal, drank blood and vampire. There is a picture of a handsome man biting a womans neck. The picture then comes alive, as Bella dreams it is Edward biting her neck, blood dripping.] [At the school lawn, Bella stands at the centre of the green lawn. Students past Bella as she stands still, waiting. Edward crosses the lawn, sees Bella and the intensity on her face. He stops. She walks to him, eyes meeting his. She continues directly past him into the dark forest that borders the school, followed by Edward. Bella throws her bag on the ground and stands amid the trees, waiting. Edward appears behind her. She doesnt turn around.] **********

Bella: You're impossibly fast, and strong. Your skin is... pale white and ice cold. Your eyes change color. And sometimes you speak likelike you're from a different time. You never eat or drink any thing. You don't go out in the sunlight. How old are you? Edward: Seventeen. Bella: How long have you been seventeen? Edward: A while. Bella: I know what you are. Edward: Say it. Out loud. Say it. Bella: Vampire. Edward: Are you afraid? Bella: [turns to face Edward] No. Edward: Then ask me the most basic questionWhat do we eat? Bella: You wont hurt me. [Edward grabs Bellas arm, leading her up the hill.] Where are we going? Edward: Up the mountain. Out of the cloud bank. You need to see what I look like in the sunlight. [Edward throws Bella on his back and runs up the hill. He drops Bella and walks towards the sunlight. ] This is why we dont show ourselves in the sunlight. [unbuttons shirt and walks into the sunlight] People would know were different. [Edward turns around to face Bella. His skin sparkles. ] This is what I am. Bella: Its like diamonds. Youre beautiful. Edward: BEAUTIFUL? [shows a look of disgust] This is the skin of a killer, Bella. [walks away around trees and rocks] Im a killer. Bella: [follows Edward] I dont believe that. Edward: Because you believe the lie. Camouflage. Im the worlds most dangerous predator. Everything about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell. As if I would need any of that. [jumps to a higher place] As if you could outrun me. [darts so fast around the area, before jumping back to stand near Bella] As if you could fight me off. [throws a tree branch] I'm designed to kill. Bella: I dont care. Edward: Ive killed people before. Bella: It doesnt matter. Edward: I wanted to kill you. Ive never wanted a humans blood so much in my life. Bella: I trust you.

Edward: Dont. Bella: Im here. I trust you. [tries to kiss Edward but Edward darts around again] Edward: [while in a tree] My family, were different from others of our kind. We only hurt animals. We learn to control our thirst. But its you, your scent, it's like a drug to me. You're like my own personal brand of heroin. [darts to another tree]

Bella: Why did you hate me so much when we met? Edward: I did, only because of wanting you so badly. I still don't know if I can control myself. Bella: [climbs the tree Edward is in] I know you can. [Edward jumps down from the tree, followed by Bella.] Edward: I can't read your mind. You have to tell me what you're thinking. [stretches his hands forward and rests both palms on a big rock so that Bella stands in the middle of him, his hands and the rock ] Bella: Now I'm afraid. Edward: Good. [steps backward] Bella: [steps forward] I'm not afraid of you. I'm only afraid of losing you. I feel like you're gonna disappear. Edward: You don't know how long I've waited for you. [places his right palm on Bellas chest ] And so the lion fell in love with the lamb. Bella: What a stupid lamb. Edward: What a sick, masochistic lion. ********** [Edward and Bella sit on grass beside each other, then lay down on the grass. They look into each others eyes. Sunlight shines through the gap in the trees. Bella looks at the gap in the trees, then she looks at Edward.

He sparkles again. They look into each others eyes. ] ********** Bella VO: About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire. Second, there was a part of him, and I didn't know how dominant that part might be [a car honks from outside.], that thirsted for my blood. [Bella walks to the window and sees Edward leaning against his silver Volvo, ready to take her to school. ] And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. ********** [At the school parking lot] Jessica: Monte Carlo? Thats our prom theme? Eric: [distributes posters to students] Uhuh, gambling, tuxedos and bond. James Bond. Angela: [scanning for a camera shot, then frozen] Oh. My. God. [OST Spotlight (Twilight mix) by Mutemath] [Bella and Edward arrive at school together. Edward opens the passenger door for Bella. They walk from the Volvo towards school. All eyes on campus turn to them.] Bella: You know everybody's staring? Edward: [refers to a guy with curly hair] Not that guy...uh...no, he just looks. Edward: I'm breaking all the rules now anyways. [puts arm around Bellas shoulder] Since I'm going to hell... [The Cullen siblings look at them from inside Rosalies red convertible. ] ********** [At the edge of woods, overlooking hills and a big water area]

Bella: So, does a person have to be dyingto become like you? Edward: No, thatsthats just Carlisle. Hed never do this to someone who had another choice. Bella: So how long have you been like this? Edward: [flashback to Chicago hospital in 1918, Carlisle turning Edward ] Since nineteen eighteen. Thats when Carlisle found medying of Spanish influenza. Bella: What was it like? Edward: The venom was excruciating. But what Carlisle did was much harder. Not many of us have the restraint to do that. [Edward and Bella sit under the cover of a tree. It rains.] Bella: But didnt he just have tobite? Edward: Not exactly, when wetastehuman blooda sort of frenzy beginsand its almost impossible to stop. Bella: [flashback to Carlisle turning Esme] But Carlisle did. Edward: First with me, then with his wife, Esme. Bella: So, is Carlislethe real reason you dontkill people? [Edward and Bella are back at the edge of woods.] Edward: No, hes not the only reason. I dontwantto be a monster. Our familywe think of ourselves as vegetarians, we only survive on the blood of animals, but itsits like a human only living on tofu. It keeps you strong but itll never fully satisfy. Wouldnt be like drinking your blood, for instance. Bella: Was it other vampires that killed Waylon? Edward: Yeah. There are others out there. We run into them from time to time. Bella: Can the rest of your familyread peoples minds like you can? Edward: Nono, thats just me, but Alice canAlice can see the future. Bella: I bet she saw me coming. Edward: Alices visions are subjective. I mean, the future can always change. [Edward jumps off a rock]

********** [Edward lands on Bellas truck and then the ground.] Bella: Could you act human? [plugs off earphone] I mean Ive got neighbors. Edward: I'm gonna take you to my place tomorrow. [abruptly fixes the dent in Bellas truck] Bella: Thanks. Uh, wait, like with your family? Edward: Yeah. Bella: What if they don't like me? Edward: So you're worriednot because you'll be in a house full of vampires but because you think they won't approve you? [ chuckles] Bella: I'm glad I amuse you. [Edward looks towards the road junction.] What is it? Edward: Complication. Ill pick you up tomorrow. Bella: Um. [Edward drives away in his car. He glares at Billy and Billy glares back at him. Billy and Jacob park their truck. Jacob takes out a wheelchair for Billy.] Hey. Come to visit your truck? Jacob: Heh, looks good. You got that dent out. Bella: Yeah. Billy: Actually we came to visit your flat-screen. First Mariners game of the season. Plus Jacob herekeeps bugging me about seeing you again. Jacob: Thanks, Dad. Nice. Billy: Just keeping it real, son. Charlie: [brings cans of drinks in both hands ] Pale Ale. Billy: Well done, Chief. Harry Clearwaters homemade fish fry. Charlie: Good. [puts the cans in Billys lap and pushes Billy towards the door] Billy: Any luck with that Waylon case? Charlie: Well, I dont think it was an animal that killed him. Bella: Never thought it was. Charlie: Spread the word out at the rez, huh? Keep the kids out of the woods. Billy: Will do. [refers to Bella] Dont want no one else getting hurt, do we? **********

[Silver Volvo goes up the road and arrives at a three-storey house in the woods. Edward comes out of the driver seat and opens the door for Bella. They enter the house.] Bella: This is incredible. Its so light and open, you know. Edward: What did you expect? Coffins and dungeons and moats? Bella: No, not the moats. Edward: Not the moats. [chuckles] Its the one place we dont have to hide. [They walk up the stairs.] I told them not to do this. [In the kitchen, Esme is grating cheese, Carlisle is cutting meat, Emmett is cutting vegetables, and Rosalie is holdi ng a glass bowl for Emmett.] Rosalie: Is she even Italian? Emmett: Her name is Bella. Carlisle: Sure shell love it no matter what. [Everyone detects Bellas smell.] Rosalie: Huh, get a whiff of that. Here comes the human. [Bella and Edward walk around the corner.] Esme: [walks up to Bella] Bella, we're making Italiano for you. Bella: Oh, um. Edward: Bella, this is Esme, [Emmett in the background waves at Bella with a large knife in his hand.] my mother for all intents and purposes. Bella: Buongiorno? Esme: Molto bene! Carlisle: It gives us an excuse to use the kitchen for the first time. Esme: I hope you're hungry. Bella: Yeah, absolutely. Edward: She already ate. Rosalie: [breaks the bowl she's holding] Perfect! [Emmett walks to Rosalie.] Bella: Yeahit's just because I know you guys, I know you guys don't eat. [Carlisle walks to Esme.] Esme: Of course. That's very considerate of you. Edward: Just ignore Rosalie, I do.

Rosalie: Yeah. Let's just keep pretending like this isn't dangerous for all of us. Bella: I would nevertell anybodyanything. Carlisle: She knows that. Emmett: Yeah, well the problem is... you two have gone public now, so... Esme: Emmett! Rosalie: No, she should know. The entire family will be implicated if this ends badly. Bella: Badly as in...I, I wouldbecome the meal. [Carlisle giggles. Edward smiles.]

Alice: Hi, Bella! [Alice and Jasper jump off a branch onto the balcony and come into the kitchen.] Im Alice. [walks up to Bella and hugs her.] Bella: Um, hi. Alice: Hi. [steps back] Oh, you do smell good. Edward: Alice, what are you --? Alice: It's okay. Bella and I are gonna be great friends. Carlisle: Sorry, Jasper's our newest vegetarian. It's still a little difficult for him. Jasper: Pleasure to meet you.

Alice: Its okay, Jasper. You won't hurt her. Edward: Alright. UhI'm gonna take her on a tour to the rest of the house. Bella: Okay. Alice: Well, I'll see you soon. Bella: Okay. [Edward and Bella walk off.] Carlisle: I think that went well. Esme: [to Rosalie] Clean this up. Now. [Edward and Bella walk up the stairs.] Edward: Was that as weird for you as it was for me? Bella: UhI don't know. [looks at the graduation caps on the wall] Graduation caps? Edward: Uhyeah. Its aprivate joke. We matriculate a lot. [chuckles] Bella: Its kind of miserable. I mean, repeating high school over and over. Edward: True, but the younger we start out in a new place, the longer we can stay there. Come on. [They reach upstairs and walk into a room.] Uhyeah, this is my room. Bella: [looks around the room] No bed? Edward: Uhno I, I don'tI don't sleep. Bella: Ever? Edward: No, not at all. Bella: Okay, hmmm. [looks at CDs on the shelf] Boy you haveso much music. What were you listening to. Edward: Its aDebussy. Bella: Clair de Lune is great.

[Edward takes Bellas hand. They dance for a short while. Edward spins Bella around and she gives him a look. ]

Edward: What? Bella: I can't dance. Edward: Hmm... Well, I can always make you. Bella: I'm not scared of you. Edward: [chuckles] Well, you really shouldn't have said that. Edward: [throws Bella over his shoulder, jumps out the door and lands on a tree trunk] You better hold on tight, spidermonkey! [Bella chuckles.]

Edward: [climbs up a tree] Do you trust me? Bella: In theory. Edward: Then close your eyes. [jumps to a different tree and climbs to top.] Bella: [gasps] Uh. Edward: What? Bella: This isn't real. This kind of stuff just doesn't exist. Edward: It does in my world.

[Bella and Edward climb to higher branches slowly. Then in a dark smoky room, Edward plays Bellas Lullaby on a piano while Bella sits near him. ] ********** [James looks at the search team from behind a tree. Victoria runs uphill. Search team find Victorias footprint.] Man from search team: Whoa, hold on! Charlie: [examines footprint] Human. ********** [Bella arrives in her truck.] Mike: Arizona! Yo, whats happening? So, youyou and Cullen, huh? Thats I dont like it. I mean, you know, he looks at you like you're something to eat. [Bella enters restaurant.] Cora: [hands a plate to the author of 'Twilight'] Here's your veggie plate, Stephenie. Bella: [to Charlie] Sorry, Im late. Biology project. Charlie: I ordered you the spinach salad, I hope thats okay. [Cora puts their meals on the table.] Bella: You should order one for yourself next time. Cut back on the steak. Charlie: Hey, Im as healthy as a horse. Cora: Uh, say Chief, boys want to know [refers to old male customers behind her]. Did you find anything down by Queets River today? Charlie: We only found a bare human footprint. But it looks like who ever that is is heading east, so Kitsap County Sheriffs gonna take over from here. Cora: Okay. Charlie: Okay. Cora: I just hope they catch him fast. Charlie: Looks like your friends are flagging you. Bella: [turns to see Mike shaking his butt outside the window ] Uh. Charlie: Its okay, you wanna go join them. Im just gonna turn in earlier anyway. Bella: Me too.

Charlie: Bella, its a Friday night. Go out. Looks like the Newton boys got a big smile for you. Bella: Yeah, hes a good buddy. Charlie: Better than any of these other yahoos in town. Anybody youre interested? Bella: Dad, were gonna talk about boys? [giggles] Charlie: I guess not. Just uhI leave you alone too much. You shou ldbe around people. Bella: I dont mind being alone. Iguess Im kind like my dad in that way. ********** Bella: [talks on the cellphone] Sohows the baseball stuff going? Renee: OhPhils working so hard. You know, spring training. Were looking for a house to rent in case things become more permanent. Youll like Jacksonville, baby. Bella: Yeah? Im really liking Forks. Renee: What? Bella: Forks is growing on me. Renee: Could a guy have anything to do with that? Bella: Hmmm, huh, yeah Renee: I knew it. Tell me everything. What, is he a Jock? Indie? I bet hes smart. Is he smart? [Bella is surprised when Edward is suddenly in the room.] Bella: [flustered] Uh, mom, Ican I talk to you later? Renee: Come on, we gotta talk boys! Are you being safe? [Bella quickly hangs up the phone, embarrassed. ]

Bella: How did you get in here?

Edward: The window. Bella: Do you do that a lot? Edward: Just the past couple of months. I like watching you sleep. It s aits kind of fascinating to me. UhmmI just wanna try one thing. You stay very still. [Bella moves forward a little.] Dont move. [They kiss. Edward pushes Bella onto the bed. The kissing goes wild. ] Edward: [jumps backward to the wall] Stop! Bella: Im sorry. Edward: Im stronger than I thought. Bella: Yeah, I wish I could say the same. Edward: I can never lose control with you. [starts to leave] Bella: Hey, dont go. [They spend the night talking until Bella falls asleep. ] ********** [Charlie is cleaning a gun.] Bella: Hey I got you another one. [puts a can of drink in front of Charlie] Charlie: Thanks. Bella: I have a date with Edward Cullen. Charlie: He's a little old for you, ain't he? Bella: Nohe's a junior, I'm a junior. I thought you liked the Cullens. Charlie: I thought you didn't like any of the boys in town. Bella: Edward doesn't livein towntechnically. He's right outside. Charlie: [looks at the direction of the door] He is? Bella: Yeah, he wanted to meet youofficially. Charlie: Alright, [cocks gun] bring him in. Bella: Could you be nice? PleaseHe is important. [Charlie draws invisible circle around his head, as to be a halo. Bella brings Edward in. Charlie stands up.] Edward: Chief Swan. I want to formally introduce myself. Im Edward Cullen Charlie: Hi Edward. Edward: Bella wont be out too late tonight. Shes just gonna play baseball with my family. Charlie: Baseball? Edward: Yes, sir, thats the plan. Charlie: [chuckles] Bellas gonna play baseball. Well, good luck with that.

Edward: Ill take good care of her, I promise. [Edward walks away.] Charlie: [to Bella] Hey, still got that pepper spray? Bella: Yeah, dad. ********** [At the driveway] Bella: [Edward puts a baseball cap on Bellas head. ] Since when do vampires like baseball? Edward: Well, its the American pastime. And uhtheres a thunderstorm coming. Its the only time we can play. Youll see why. ********** [Edward and Bella arrive in Jeep.] Esme: Glad you're here. We need an umpire. Emmett: She thinks we cheat Esme: I know you cheat. Call em as you see em, Bella. Bella: Okay. [OST Supermassive Black Hole by Muse] [Everybody takes their place on the field. A lightning strikes. ] Alice: Its time. [Alice throws the ball. Rosalie hits the ball and runs around the base. ] Bella: Okay now I see why you need the thunder. [Edward chases after the ball through the wood.] Bella: Its gonna be homerun right? Esme: [shakes head] Edwards very fast. [Edward takes the ball on the grass and throws it.] Carlisle: Come on, Rosalie! [Esme catches the ball thrown by Edward. Rosalie glides. Esme takes a look at Bella.] Bella: You're out. Emmett: Out! Whooh! [Rosalie looks at Emmett with an annoyed face. ] Hey, come on, it's just a game.

[Rosalie shoots a death glare at Bella.] Carlisle: [to Rosalie] Nice, kitty! [Alice throws the ball. Carlisle hits the ball and runs. Emmett and Edward both jump in the attempt to catch the ball. They collide in the air and miss the ball. Carlisle reaches a base. Edward and Emmett fall to the ground. They both laugh.] Edward: What you doing? Emmett: [pushes Edward] Come on. [Jasper flips his bat. Alice throws the ball. Jasper hits it and runs. Emmett climbs a tree, catches the ball and throws it back. ] Rosalie: My monkey man... [Alice throws the next ball. Rosalie hits it. Alice su ddenly becomes alert. Three figures are moving. Alice spins around to look at the wood. ] Alice: Stop! [Edward also becomes alert. Laurent, Victoria and James are moving towards the field. Everybody runs towards Bella.] Alice: They were leaving, then they heard us. Edward: [to Bella] Lets go. Carlisle: Its too late. Edward: Put your hair down. Rosalie: Like thatll help. I could smell her from across the field. Edward: I shouldnt have brought you here. Im so sorry. Bella: What? Edward: Just be quiet, stand by me.

[Laurent, Victoria and James face the Cullens.] Laurent: [holds up the baseball] I believe this belongs to you. [throws the ball] Carlisle: [catches the ball] Thank you. Laurent: [to Cullens] Im Laurent, and this is Victoria, and James. Carlisle: I'm Carlisle, this is my family. [looks from side to side at family ] Laurent: Hello.

Carlisle: Im afraid your hunting activities havecaused something of a mess for us. Laurent: Our apologies. We didnt realize the territory had been claimed. Carlisle: Yes, well, we maintain a permanent residence nearby. Laurent: Really? [look at James. James and Edward glare into each others eyes.] Well, we wont be a problem anymore. We were just passing through. Victoria: The humans were tracking us, but we led them east. You should be safe. Carlisle: Excellent. Laurent: Socould you use three more players? Oh, come on. Just one game. Carlisle: [glances in Edward's direction] Sure, why not? A few of us were leaving, you can take their place. We'll bat first. [ tosses baseball at Laurent] Victoria: [catches ball in front of Laurent] I'm the one with the wicked curve ball. Jasper: Oh well I think we can handle that. Laurent: Oh [Everybody laughs except James, Rosalie, Edward and Bella.] Victoria: We shall see. [Everybody starts to walk away. James and Edward continue their stares. The wind blows Bellas hair. James smells human scent. ] James: You brought a snack. [The Cullens jump back in front of Bella. Esme pushes Bella behind. The vampires crouch like an animal.] Laurent: Youre human? Carlisle: The girl is with us. I think it best if you leave. Laurent: I can see the game is over. Well go now. James? [Laurent, James and Victoria leave.] Carlisle: Get Bella out of here. Go. [Edward and Bella jog to the jeep. Edward tries to put on the seat belt for Bella.] Bella: Okay, Ive got it, Ive got it, Im alright! What now, hes coming after me? [The jeep goes through the wood.] Edward: Listen to me. James is a tracker. The hunt is his obsession. I read his mind. My reaction at the field set him off. I just made this his

most exciting game ever. Hes never gonna stop. Bella: Then what should we do? Edward: We have to kill him, rip him apart, and burn the pieces. Bella: Where are we going? Edward: Away from Forks. Well get a ferry to Vancouver. Bella: I need to go home, now, okay, you should take me home. Edward: You cant go home. Hes just gonna trace your scent there. Its the first place hes gonna look. Bella: But my dad is there. Edward: It doesnt matter! Bella: Yes, it does! He could get killed because of us! Edward: Just let me get you out of here first, alright. Bella: My dad, we have to go back! Well figure a way to lead the tracker away somehow, I dont know but we have to do something. ********** [At Charlies house] Bella: Edward, I said leave me alone! Edward: Bella, don't do this, please. Bella: Its over! Get out. [slams the door and goes upstairs ] Charlie: Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Bella, whats going on? Bella: I just gotta get out of here. I'm leaving, now. [shuts the door on Charlies face. Edward is already in the room, helping to pack things for Bella.] Okay. Charlie: [knocks on Bellas door] Bella. Bella: [to Edward] Wh~what am I gonna say to him? I cant hurt him. Charlie: Bella, whats going on? Edward: You just have to. Ill be down in the truck. [Bella comes out of the room.] Charlie: Did he hurt you? Bella: No. Charlie: Break up with you or something? Bella: No, I~I broke up with him. Charlie: I thought you liked him? Bella: Yeah, that's...that's why I have to leave. I~I~I don't want this. I have to go home.

Charlie: Home...Your mom is not even in Phoenix. [James is outside the house.] Bella: She'll come home. I'll call her from the road. Charlie: Youre not gonna drive home right now. You can sleep on it. If you still feel like going in the morning I'll take you to the airport. Bella: N-No, II~I wanna drive, it will give me more time to think. And if I, if I get really tired I'll pull into a motel, I promise. Charlie: Look, Bella, I know I'm not that much fun to be around butI can change thatwe cando more stuff together. Bella: Like what? Like watch baseball on the flat screen? Eat at the diner every night? Steak and cobbler. Dad, that's you, that's not me. Charlie: Bella, come on, I justI just got you back. Bella: Yeah, and you know if I don't get out nowI'm just gonna be stuck here like mom. [opens the door and leaves with her truck] ********** Edward: [shows up at the window, surprising Bella] Your fathers gonna forgive you. Why dont you let me drive. [takes the drivers seat] Bella: He wont. You shouldve seen his face. I told him the same thing that my mom told him when she was leaving him. Edward: Its the only way hed let you go. Just dont worry about him now. Hes safe. The trackers following us. [Something jumps on the truck.] Bella: Huh! Edward: Shh Bella: Why? Edward: Its just Emmett. Alice is in the car behind us. [The jeep follows closely behind them. Bella sees her friends exiting a building and laughing together. They reach the Cullen house. Edward and Bella go inside the house. Edward hisses when Laurent comes down the stairs.]

Carlisle: Wait! He came to warn us. About James. Laurent: This isnt my fight andIve grown tired of his games. But hes got unparalleled senses, absolutely lethal. Ive never seen anything like him in my three hundred years. And the woman, Victoria, dont underestimate her. ********** [In the garage] Jasper: Ive had to fight our kind before. Not easy to kill. Emmett: But not impossible. Well tear him up apart and burn the pieces. Carlisle: I dont relish the thought of killing another creature. Even a sadistic one like James. Rosalie: What if he kills one of us first? Edward: Im gonna run Bella south, you lead the tracker away from here. Carlisle: No, Edward. James knows youd never leave Bella. Hell follow you. Alice: Ill go with Bella. Jasper and I will drive her south. Ill keep her safe, Edward. Edward: Can you keep your thoughts to yourself? Alice: Yes. Edward: Rosalie, Esme could you put these on sothe tracker will pick upBellas scent? [tosses Bellas coat to Rosalie ] Rosalie: Why? [puts the coat away] What is she to me? Carlisle: Rosalie, Bella is with Edward. She's a part of this family now. We protect our family. [Carlisle hands Rosalie the coat. Rosalie takes the coat and walks away.

Bella is in the car. Edward goes to her at the window.] Bella: Oh GodIf anythingnoif anything happens to you I swear to God Edward: Nothings gonna happen. Theres seven of us, and theres two of them. And when everythings done, Im gonna come back and get you. Bella: Yeah. Edward: [looks into her eyes] Bella, you are my life now. [Jasper starts the engine. Edward strokes Bellas cheek. Two cars leave. ] ***** ***** [On the road] Bella: [talks on the cellphone] Hey, mom, its me again. Um, you must have let your phone die or something. Im not in Forks, but everythings okay and Ill explain itlater. ********** [Edward, Emmett and Rosalie race through the woods.] Edward: Rosalie, mark the tree. [Rosalie rubs Bellas coat against a tree.] Its good. ********** [Alice holds hands with Jasper while Bella looks from her backseat. ] **********

[James runs through the woods and stops by the tree. He smells

something.] ********** [Jasper, Alice and Bella stop at a hotel.] Alice: Uh! Jasper: What is it? What do you see? [James smells the tree, gets mad and runs back the way he came. ] ********** [Edward, Rosalie and Emmett abruptly stop running.] Edward: Hes figured it out. **********

Alice: The trackerhe just changed course. Jasper: Where would it take him, Alice? Alice: Mirrors, a room full of mirrors. [Jasper puts a paper in front of Alice and a pencil in her hand. Alice draws very fast.] Bella: Edward said the visions werent always certain. Jasper: Uh, she sees the course the people are on while they are on it. They change their minds, the visions change. Bella: Yeah, so thecourse the trackers on now is gonna lead him toa ballet studio? Alice: Youve been here? Bella: I took lessons as a kid. The school I went to had an arch just like that. Jasper: Was your school here in Phoenix?

Bella: Yeah. [picks up the cellphone] Edward, you okay? Edward: Weve lost the tracker. The womans still in the area. Rosalie and Esme have gone back to Forks to protect your father. Im coming to get you. And you and Iare gonna go somewherealone. And the others will keep hunting. Ill do whatever it takes to make you safe again. ********** [Jasper and Alice prepares to check out at the reception. Bella packs her stuff in the room. Her cellphone vibrates. She picks up the call from Home.] Bella: Hey, mom. Im glad you got my message. What are you doing home? Renee: Bella, Bella! Bella? Where are you? Bella: Calm down. Everythings fine. Renee: Bella! Bella! Bella: Ill~Ill explain everything later. Mom, are you there? James: Forks High School doesnt protect its students privacy very well. You know its just too easy for Victoria to find your previous address. Its a nice house you have here. I was prepared to wait for you. Then Mom came home after she received a very worried call from your Dad. And it all worked out quite well. Hmmm Renee: Please, wait Bella: Dont touch her! Dont, okay! Dont! James: You can still save her. But youre gonna have to get away from your friends. Youll handle that. Bella: Where should I meet you? James: How about your old ballet studio? And Ill know if you bring anyone along. Poor Mom will pay the price for that mistake. ********** [Bella sneaks out of the hotel and leaves with a taxi. ] Bella VO: Id never given much thought to how I would die, but dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go. [Bella climbs out of the taxi. It pulls away, leaving Bella alone. ] Bella VO: I cant bring myself to regret the decisions that brought me face to face with death. They also brought me to Edward.

[Bella shakes her pepper spray and enters the ballet studio. ] Renee: Bella, Bella! Bella? Where are you? Bella: Mom. Renee: Bella! Bella: Mom! Renee: There you are. What are you doing in here? Little Bella: Everyone makes fun of me. [Bella throws open a closet and discovers a video of her and Renee playing on TV. ] Renee: Come on, youre a wonderful dancer. Little Bella: Mom, I suck. Renee: You do not suck. [James laughs. Bella gasps and spins around, trying to locate James in the mirrors.]

James: Thats my favourite part. Youre a stubborn child, werent you? Hmm? Bella: Shes not even here. James: Sorry. But you really made it too easy. So, to make things more entertaining, Im gonna make a little film of our time together. I borrowed this from your house. I hope you dont mind, okay. Andaction! OhItll break Edwards little heart. Bella: You wouldEdward has nothing to do with this! James: RelaxOh ho, oh, his rage will make for more interesting sport than hisuh, his feeble attempt to protect you. And lets continue. [Bella uses the pepper spray on James eyes with no effect. James gets mad. Bella runs towards the door. James jumps in front of Bella and hurls Bella to a column. Bellas head hits the column. ] Beautiful. Very visually dynamic. [Bella touches the blood on her head.] I chose my stage well. [James takes Bellas hand.] Its too bad he didnt have the strength to turn you. [Bella pulls away her hand.] Instead he kept you this fragile little human. Its cruel, really. [James stomps on Bellas right shin. Her

tibia snaps. She screams in agony. ] Tell Edward how much it hurts. Tell him to avenge you. Tell him. Bella: No, Edward, do not! James: Tell him! Tell him! [Edward comes and knocks James. James charges Edward, forcing him up against a column.] Youre alonecause you're faster than the others [crashes Edwards head into the mirror] but not stronger.

Edward: I'm strong enough to kill you. [slams James through a mirror and runs to Bella] Im sorry.

[Edward picks up Bella and tries to jump away. James pulls them back down and flings Edward to the window. Bella pulls a mirror shard from her leg. James grabs Bellas right hand and sinks his teeth into her hand. She screams in agony. Edward jumps on James, knocks Jam es across the

floorboard and forces James up against a column. Edward throws James. James lands on his legs. Edward kicks James and holds James up against another column. Edward Bites off James neck. James screams. Carlisle suddenly holds Edwards right shoulder. Emmett, Alice and Jasper drop down from the balcony.]

Alice: Bella, come on, its okay. Carlisle: Son. [Edward looks at Carlisle.] Enough. Remember who you are. [looks at Bella] Alice: Bella, okay. Carlisle: [looks at Edward] Bella needs you. Alice: Okay, its okay. [sees Bellas blood] Oh God [smells Bellas blood on her fingers] Carlisle, the blood! Carlisle: Your brothers will take care of him. Emmett: I got it. Alice: Carlisle! Emmett: Start the fire. Get the floorboard. [Jasper rips the floorboard. Emmett holds James.] Alice! Carlisle: [comes to Bella] Alice, go. [Alice snaps James head and throws it into the blazing fire. Bella still screams in pain. ] Femoral arterys been severed. Shes losing too much blood.

Bella: No, no, no, my hand, its burning! Edward: Its the venom. [Alice comes back to Bella.] Carlisle: You have to make a choice. Either let the change happen -Edward: No. No! Alice: Its gonna happen, Edward. Ive seen it. Carlisle: It doesnt have to be that way. Shed still have what she has. Make me a tourniquet with your belt. Edward: Carlisle, whats my other option? Carlisle: Tie it above my hands. Edward: Carlisle! Carlisle: Go. [Alice joins Emmett and Jasper.] You can try to suck the venom out. Edward: You know I wont be able to stop. Carlisle: Then find the willto stop. But choose, she only has minutes left. Edward: Ill make it go away, Bella. Ill make it go away. [takes Bellas hand and sucks her blood ] Carlisle: Edward, stop. Her blood is clean. You're killing her. Edward. Stop. Stop. Find the will. [Bella loses consciousness. ] ********** Bella VO: Death is peaceful. Easy. Life is harder. ********** [Bella opens her eyes in the hospital.] Renee: Bella? Baby? Bella Bella: Mom? Renee: Hey. Bella: Where is he? Where iswhere is Edward? Renee: Hes asleep. [They look at Edward who is sleeping.] He never leaves. And your dad is down at the cafeteria. Bella: What happened? Renee: Well, when you fell you broke your leg. And you lost a lot of blood. You don't remember any of this, do you?

Bella: Uh-uh. Renee: Edward came down with his dadto try to convince you to come back to Forks. So you went over to their hotel and you tripped. And fell down two flights of stairs. Way through a window! Bella: Hmmm. [looks at Edward] Yeah, that sounds like me. Renee: Oh, honey. I'm so sorry. [takes her cellphone] Its Phil. Hes so worried about you. Bella: Youre texting. Renee: Finally, yeah. I told him to stay down in Florida. Oh honey, you are gonna love Jacksonville. Its sunny everyday. We found the cutest little house and youll get your own bathroom Bella: Mom, I still wanna live in Forks. Renee: What? Bella: I wanna live in Forks. Renee: Okay. Well, well talk about it. Bella: Do you mind getting dad? I have to talk to him. Apologize. Renee: Okay, baby, Ill go get him. [kisses Bella on the forehead] And Ill go get a nurse, okay. Bella: Okay. [to Edward] Sowhat happened? Wh~wheres James? Edward: [walks to Bella] We took care of him. [sits down on the chair beside Bellas bed] The woman, Victoria, she ran off. Bella: Im alive because of you. Edward: No, youre in here because of me. The worstpart of itwasI thought I wasnt gonna be able to stop. Bella: You did stop. Edward: Bella, you gotta go to Jacksonvilleso I cant hurt you anymore. Bella: What? Are you s-- No! No! H~how-- I dont even know how you said-- howwhat are you-- what are you talking about? Y-you want me to go away? I cant, I cant, no, I cant, I cant just leave you, I-Edward: I know. Bella: We cant be apart. You cant leave me. Edward: Im here. Bella: Okay, just don't...you just can't say stuff like that to me. Ever. Edward: Where elseam I gonna go? [leans to kiss Bellas forehead] **********

[Edward and Charlie sit opposite each other at the dining table in the kitchen. Charlie stares at Edwards face. No one says anything. ] Edward: Ahem. [Bella descends from the stairs, wearing a shoe on the left leg and the cast on the right leg. They get up when they hear Bella walking downstairs.] Bella: UmAlice lent me the dress, um the cast is Edward: Perfect. [Charlie turns his head to Edward.] Ill take care of her, Chief Swan. Charlie: Uhuh, Ive heard that before. [Edward opens the door.] Bells. Bella: Um? Charlie: I put a new can of pepper spray in your bag. Bella: Dad. Charlie: And umyou look beautiful. Bella: Thanks. See ya. [walks out of the door] ********** [Edward helps Bella get out of car.] Edward: Here. [Bella sits at a bench.] Ill be right back. [drives the Volvo away for parking] Jacob: Bella. Bella: Jacob. Hey. Jacob: Nice. Bella: You too. Are you crashing the prom or something, are you coming with a date? Jacob: No. Uhmy dad paid me to come talk to you. Twenty bucks. Bella: Lets hear it. Jacob: Just dont get mad, okay? He wants you to break up with your

boyfriend. Its justhe said uhquoteWell be watching. Bella: Okay, well, tell him Thanks. Jacob: Okay. Bella: And to pay up. Jacob: Okay. [Bella starts to get up.] Come, Ill help you. Edward: Jacob. Ill take it from here. [Edward and Jacob glare at each other.] Jacob: Guess Ill see you around, Bella. Bella: Um. [Jacob leaves.] Edward: I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend. **********

[Couples walk through arch labelled Monte-Carlo, stopping at the arch to take photo together.] Bella: I cant believe youre making me do this. [Bella and Edward stop at the arch and pose.] Edward: Smile. [Bella and Edward go through the door into the building, then into the dance floor.] Bella: Wow. You are really trying to kill me. Edward: Prom is an important rite of passage. I dont want you to miss anything. Bella: Oh [Bella and Edward see Mike and Jessica who wave, nod and make signals

at them from a distance. Then they see Eric and Angela who wave at them from a distance.] Eric: Bella! Edward: You wanna go? Bella: Yeah.

[Bella and Edward go to the gazebo outside.] Shall we? Bella: Youre serious. Edward: Ohmy God [Edward holds Bella in dancing position. He raises Bella. They dance.] See? You're dancing. Bella: At prom. [The other two couples there leave them alone. ] Edward, why did you save me? If youd just let the venom spread, I couldve been like you by now. Edward: You dont know what youre saying. You dont want this. Bella: I want you. Always. Edward: Im not gonna end your life for you. Bella: Im dying, already. Every second I get closer, older Edward: Its the way its supposed to be. Bella: Alice said that she saw me like you. I heard her. Edward: Her visions change. Bella: Yeah, based on what people decide. Ive decided. Edward: So, that's what you dream about? Becoming a monster? Bella: I dream about being with you forever. Edward: Forever? [touches Bellas neck] Bella: Um. Edward: And youre ready right now? Bella: Yes.

[Edward bends down and presses his lips to her throat. ] Edward: Is it not enough just to have a long and happy life with me? Bella: Yeah. For now. [Edward smiles.] [They dance. Their lips touch. They kiss. And more dance. ] Bella VO: No one will surrender tonight. But I won't give in. I know what I want.