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Twitter for Teachers 101: Building Your PLN 140 Characters at a Time

Date post: 03-Jul-2015
Author: mike-paul
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Teachers are discovering that Twitter can be a great resource for professional learning and connecting with other educators. Learn some of the keys to using Twitter as a teacher and see the power of this incredible platform.
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2. Tweet Tweet TweetTODAY'STHE DAYGet More Out of Your TwitterAccount 3. SessionGoalsCreating a Winning Profile5 Truths of TwitterThe Ninja Twitter ToolUse Lists To Sort and LearnHashtags for Sharing and Learning 4. let'splay!Head tokahoot.it 5. What does itall mean?Out of all those people, don't you think there are afew you can learn from?More importantly, don't you thinkthat YOU can add something ofvalue to the conversation? 6. What does itall mean?Its not about sending goofy statusupdates, pictures of your cat, orfollowing Ashton Kutcher, Oprah,or Kim Kardashian 7. What does itall mean?Twitter is about...LEVERAGE 8. CREATE AWINNINGPROFILE 9. Ninja.Twitter.Tool. 10. Who to follow?http://pmte.ch/ecet2twitterhandles 11. How do you findpeople to follow and getmore followers? 12. FOLLOW ALL...FILTER HARD. 13. TwitterListswill save your life... 14. HASHTAGSAND YOU 15. ONEMORETHING... 16. #663399 17. "rebeccapurple"