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UA ASCEND!. Spring 2014. Amanda Urquiza Eric Moser Andrew Siemens Ryan Stelzer Alex Yudkovitz. The Team. Test efficiency of solar panels at high altitudes Hypothesis: Solar panels would generate more power at higher altitudes Results: More voltage generated at higher altitudes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


UA ASCEND!Spring 2014

The TeamAmanda UrquizaEric MoserAndrew SiemensRyan StelzerAlex Yudkovitz

Fall Launch RecapTest efficiency of solar panels at high altitudesHypothesis: Solar panels would generate more power at higher altitudesResults:More voltage generated at higher altitudesAccelerometer failedSpring 2014 GoalsTest capability and efficiency of solar panelsHow much power can be obtainedPracticality of solar panels for industrial useFactors that help or hinder solar panels effectivenessSolar panels will charge 1.5 Volt battery

Better understanding of electronics, i.e. arduino, basic circuits, and programming

Videos for outreach events

StructureTwo carbon fiber cylindersSmaller cylinder nested inside large cylinder25.5 cm tallSmall cylinder: 14.7 cm diameterLarge cylinder: 19.7 cm diameterTwo-part liquid foamWhen mixed, solidifies into foam and expands2 lbs per cubic footPolystyrene foamHouse internal componentsLexan PolycarbonateUsed to cap the top and bottom of payload


ExperimentSample Output: Time 00:00:45 Acceleration: x: 0 y: 0 z: 1.0 altitude: 75,962 (ft) B field: x: 223 y: 334 z: 453 voltage: 1.5 (v)

ElectronicsControlled by Arduino UnoPowered by a 9V batteryMuvi facing horizontalGoPro facing down

ElectronicsADXL345 accelerometerMPL3115A2 altimeterHMC5883L magnetometerOpenLog data loggerSolar panel array



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