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UBE Sarnia Wheel

Date post: 25-Jul-2015
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1. use 2. UBE Rutamative.Graup. Global Technology, Manufacturing and Full Service Ji,a"~-f" (.;T**"o&~~~~*-~~-~1~~~~~~m~ **"'~~J-:>:Htz1, '*9. f n~ iiJii~t: 9 .Q~~~t.:~.t~f.H:::.:.i; t.dll~, ~*tl~A ?-fX'7Di!At1, '?~*Zt:~1, 'lli!1.JfQ.,.QfJ>-C9. tltWO)lli': 7 J'(:;t- t-'E-7-17~/ Jv-71.t, B*7 ;( 1 J 717J"T~i'0)3f~IL~l:ItJH:ffl"5 , B*~i:j:l1i:.,l:~*O) 13 fJJ-*;(-'jJ-A..~500JJ*~i!f~~L,{i-JIJ*9. To the Top, Toward the Future We at UAL are constantly striving to reach the top, always aiming toward the future. Our efforts are supported by our advanced technologies such as the unique Squeeze Casting Process as well as rich experience and knowledge in aluminum wheel manufacturing. For Vehicles Around the World UAL Group operates three manufacturing facilities each in Japan, United States and Canada Approximately 5 million wheels are produced and delivered to automotive manufacturers in Japan, North America a :i Europe. And You... :~apan 1:::-r4"1 UBE Automotive.. 3 U-MOLD 3. 5 Sarnia Plant I Canada 1 rjl';t-l':C-7-