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Ubiquitous Media Planning Guide

Date post:03-Sep-2014
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  • Pl anni ng Gui d e
  • Gloss Media Target women throughout Travel Media Reach traveling consumers using Neighborhood Media Bring your message their daily routine with female-focused media our Airport and Hotel Advertising. Airport Media directly to the consumers home and community networks including our exclusive Gloss TV consists of large-format, full-color wraps on private with Door Hangers, Newspaper Polybags, and Salon Digital Network, our Beauty Salon Media airport shuttles at Americas busiest airports. Hotel Branded Pharmacy Bags as well as media in Network, Regal Salons in Walmart, Dry Cleaner Media includes branded Door Hangers, Key Cards Barbershops, Laundromats, Bars/Restaurants, Bag Advertising, Daycare Centers, Yoga & Pilates and In-Room Advertising. Great for targeting Coffee Shops, Ice Cream Shops, Convenience Studios, Womens Restrooms, Social Networks, Conferences and Trade Shows as well as traveling Stores, Malls, and Independent Retailers. We have and Sponsored Events. We offer an array of families. branding platforms such as Interior Signage, the ability to target by radial distance, ethnicity Counter/Product Displays, Sampling, Couponing and household income. and Brandables. Metropolis Media Bring your brand to life with Varoom Take your marketing message on the Diverse Media Reach the influential Hispanic experiential platforms, eye-catching branding road with national and regional mobile tours and African American market where they live, tools, and face-to-face Ambassador campaigns and large-scale event marketing. We handle work and play with advertising Via Lunch Trucks, via Interactive Light Projections, Powerwash everything from start to finish including branding Convenience Stores and Check Cashing Venues, Stencils, Beach Branding, Digital Street Teams, the vehicles, securing venues, sourcing premiums, as well as ethnically-targeted Salons, Barbershops Brand Ambassador campaigns, and much more. choosing staff, mapping routing plans and general and Dry Cleaners. Efforts will be targeted towards strategic, high- program logistics. Also turn to us for Mobile traffic locations around the market and surely get Billboards, Scooters and Pedicabs. the town buzzing.
  • Reaching Women Salon Media Network Gloss TV Salon Digital Network Dry Cleaning Ad Bags Daycare Centers Yoga Studios Cooking Social Networks Branded Photo Inserts and Envelopes Female Targeted Events and Venue Sponsorships www.glossmedia.com If its Everywhere, it must be Ubiquitous! a division of
  • Regal Nail Salons in Walmart Salon Media Network also Available Targeting captive women in a receptive state of mind. Opportunities Include: Window/Entrance Clings, Counter Displays, Product Sampling, Couponing, Branded Mani/Pedi Mats, Emery Boards, Slippers and more. Program Availability: National, by market, zip code, ethnicity, HHI and radial distance. CPU: $250 per venue. Includes Cling Signage and Counter Display Lead time: 4-6 weeks * Extensive AA and Hispanic Salons Networks available. Gloss TV Salon Digital Network Engage the female consumer in a relaxed atmosphere with Salon television advertising spots in the midst of content such as Fashion and Beauty, Home and Garden and more! Opportunities Include: Digital Advertising (full audio & video), Window/Entrance Clings, Counter Displays, Product Sampling, Couponing, Branded Mani/Pedi Mats, Emery Boards, Slippers and more. Program Availability: Top 20 DMAs CPU: $100 per venue. Includes :15 spots - :30 and :60 spots also available Lead time: 2 weeks a division of
  • Dry Cleaning Ad Bags Daycare Centers Reaching affluent, white-collar professionals and Reach busy moms and their children within household decision-makers. Dry Cleaner Ad Bags independent daycare facilities across the nation. are carried into the consumers home to serve as Opportunities Include: Counter Displays, Product reminders and incentives for purchase. Sampling, Entrance Clings, Facility Sponsorship Opportunities Include: Branding, Product Sampling, Program Availability: National, by market, Coupon Hang-Tags, Process Printing, and Eco- ethnically-targeted friendly Biodegradable garment bags. CPU: $250-$350 per venue Program Availability: National, by market, zip code, Lead time: 6 weeks ethnicity, HHI and radial distance. CPU: $0.09 - $0.14, Minimum 55,000 units Lead time: 4-6 weeks *12 impressions per unit Yoga/Pilates Studios Reach active and health-conscious women in a relevant and intimate setting within our Yoga/Pilates network. Opportunities Include: Counter Displays, Entrance Clings, Branded Pilates/Yoga Mats, Branded Water Bottles Program Availability: National, by market CPU: $250-$350 per venue Lead time: 4-6 weeks a division of
  • Female Targeted Events and Venue Sponsorships Event Sponsorships are a great way to have extensive branding opportunities at high-traffic, high-profile events. Opportunities Include: Product Sampling, Branded Exhibitor Tent, Banner Signage, Logo Placement on Program, T-shirts, Website and more! Program Availability: Single or multi-market events CPU: Please ask for more details as Sponsorship packages are custom designed to promote your brand. Lead time: 1-3 months - Events include Revlon Run/Walk, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer ; other events can be researched upon request. Cooking Social Networks Branded Photo Inserts and Reach the busy, family-oriented female at Meal Preparation Venues and Cooking Schools. Envelopes Brand Photo Inserts and Envelopes, to be distributed within Opportunities Include: Recipe Inclusion, Product Sampling, developed photo packages across the county. Couponing, Signage, Weblinks and more! Opportunities Include: 4 X 6 insert and Branded Envelopes Program Availability: National or by market. Franchises include: Dream Dinner, Dinners Program Availability: Top 25 markets, independent photoshops. by Design, Super Suppers and Lets Dish. CPU: $0.50 - $0.75 CPU: $350 per month Lead time: 6 weeks Lead time: 8-12 weeks *95% female audience a division of
  • Targeting Travelers Branded Airport Shuttles Hotel Media Conferences Trade Shows If its Everywhere, it must be Ubiquitous! a division of
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