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Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal

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This ppt has more images and less text. We created such ppt so that presenter could easily make up his own explanation rather than depending on text provided in the presentation.... Animations are fantastic. Download to see....
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2. Introducing Ubuntu Ubuntu is a fastest growing Linux-based operatingSystem. It is an Open Sourced OS (free too). Pronounced (OO-BUN-2) Strong focus on usability and ease of installation. 3. Why that name? Ubuntu is an African conceptmeaning humanity toward others. It also means I am what I ambecause of who we all are. The Ubuntu operating systembrings the spirit of Ubuntu to theworld of computers. Sponsored by Canonical Ltd. Owned bySouth African billionaire Mark Shuttleworth. 4. System Requirements(min) Processor Speed (CPU): 1MHz Memory (RAM):384 MB Hard Drive (ROM):5 GB Monitor Resolution:1024768 5. History Where did it all begin? Ubuntu Releases. Governance. Ubuntu Today. 6. Generations of Ubuntu1. UBUNTU 4.102. UBUNTU 5.04(WARTY WARTHOG) (HOARY HEDGEHOG) 7. 3. UBUNTU 5.10 4. UBUNTU 6.06 LTS (BREEZY BADGER)(DAPPER DRAKE) 8. 5. UBUNTU 6.10 6. UBUNTU 7.04 (EDGY EFT) (FIESTY FAWN) 9. 7. UBUNTU 7.108. UBUNTU 8.04 LTS (GUTSY GIBBON)(HARDY HARON) 10. 9. UBUNTU 8.10 10. UBUNTU 9.04 (INTREPID IBEX) (JAUNTY JACKALOPE) 11. 11. UBUNTU 9.1012. UBUNTU 10.04 LTS(KARMIC KOALA) (LUCID LYNX) 12. 13. UBUNTU 10.1014. UBUNTU 11.04(MARVERICK MEERKAT)(NATTY NARWHAL) 13. Features:Web Browsing Softwares 14. Features:Office Applications 15. Features:Social and Email Applications 16. Features:Music and Mobile Applications 17. Features:Photos and Videos Applications 18. Features:Ubuntu Software Centre 19. Features:Unity One 20. Security Kernel level Security. Totally Virus Free. Immune from Worms and Trojans. Various File Security Features Provided.Anti-virus softwares can be installed. 21. Details Kernel Type:MonolithicLinux Kernel. OS Family:Unix-like. 22. Architecture 23. Memory Management This is a Memory Mapfor a single process inan Ubuntu System. 24. Merits Open source (free too.. ;) ). Upgrade available in about every 6 months!!! Compatible with Microsofts programs. Many add-ons available. No key codes, activation, registration. Can be dual booted with current OS or usedfrom a live CD. 25. Demerits No offline support (Internet users only). Not all programs compatible. Drivers for peripherals not always available. Some people may find Unity Interface difficultto understand. (For them Unity 2D is given inUbuntu 11.04) 26. How to get Ubuntu???Four ways to acquire Ubuntu 11.04:1.) Download from its official website:www.ubuntu.com2.) Download using torrents. [Warning: About 750 MB to download.]3.) Send application request for a free CD on itswebsite.4.) Ask us. (We will make you a copy.) 27. Conclusion Using Ubuntu is a great experience. Ubuntu has some drawbacks but manyadvantages that easily cover up the deficit.!!! Dont forget Ubuntu is still in developingphase.!!! Fun to work with, even used by businessentrepreneurs. 28. Any Quieres. 29. THANK YOU

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