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Date post: 24-Feb-2016
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UCC Subaqua. Introductory lecture 8 p.m. 2 October 2012. Welcome!. Welcome!. Séamus Ó Buadhacháin , DO. Who we are. Who we are. UCC branch of CFT / CMAS 5+ active instructors 30+ active members 6.3 m 115 hp RIB 300 b compressor (up to 40% Nitrox ). What we do. What we do. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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UCC Subaqua Introductory lecture 8 p.m. 2 October 2012
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UCC SubaquaIntroductory lecture

8 p.m.2 October 2012

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Séamus Ó Buadhacháin, DO

Page 4: UCC  Subaqua

Who we are

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Who we are• UCC branch of CFT / CMAS• 5+ active instructors• 30+ active members• 6.3 m 115 hp RIB• 300 b compressor (up to 40% Nitrox)

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What we do

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What we do• Snorkel and SCUBA training• SCUBA diving• Free diving• Underwater hockey

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Who should join?

Page 9: UCC  Subaqua

Who should join?• naturalists• historians• water babies• people who want to

have fun

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Why dive with us?

Page 11: UCC  Subaqua

Why dive with us?• We’re experienced

Page 12: UCC  Subaqua

Why dive with us?• We’re experienced• We’re self-sufficient• We offer value for money

Page 13: UCC  Subaqua

Why dive with us?• We’re experienced• We’re self-sufficient• We offer value for money

Page 14: UCC  Subaqua

How to join

Page 15: UCC  Subaqua

Joining the club• Membership to P.E. Office• Medical assessment• Lectures start on 9 October

Page 16: UCC  Subaqua

Medical assessment• Checks CV/pulmonary health, etc.• Your GP / Student Health can

administer it• Download from


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Diver training

Page 18: UCC  Subaqua

Diver training• Lectures• Pool snorkel and SCUBA training• Tuesday nights for approx. 10


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Lectures cover• Diving techniques• Safety measures• Underwater

physics and physiology

• Equipment

• CPR• Decompression

theory• ...

Page 20: UCC  Subaqua

In-water training involves

• Swimming competence test

• Use of snorkel and SCUBA equipment

• Finning techniques• Methods of entry

• Snorkel diving• Refitting equipment

underwater• ...

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The swim test

Page 22: UCC  Subaqua

The swim test1. Swim 8 lengths of the pool (any

stroke)2. Swim 2 lengths on your back3. Hold your breath underwater for 30

secondsTuesday 9 October 22.30

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Certified divers

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Certified divers• We welcome divers from other agencies• Crossover policy in place• Medical assessment, membership, etc. are

the same as for new trainees• Download application form from


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What this costs

Page 26: UCC  Subaqua

Start-up costsStudents Alumni

CFT membership(incl. insurance)

€50 €100

Equipment levy €50 €100Basic snorkelling gear

(mask, snorkel, fins, boots)

€100 €100

CFT log book €35 €35

Total €235 €335

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Running costsStudents Alumni

Equipment rental €0 €0

Training €0 €0

Compressor fills €0 €0

Shore dives €0 €0

Boat dives €15 / €10 €15 / 10

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What now?

Page 29: UCC  Subaqua

What now?Money to PE office by 9 OctoberLectures and pool sessions 9 October onwardsMedical assessment by 29 OctoberSnorkelling weekend 2–4 NovemberPool SCUBA test mid-NovemberOpen-water Scuba dives late January

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The most important slide• Lectures begin Tuesday 9 October• Electrical Engineering 2• 20.00

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Where we dive

Page 32: UCC  Subaqua

Dive sites 2011-2012• Cork• Kinsale• Clonakilty• Baltimore• Schull• Mizen Head

• Crookhaven• Castlegregory• Tory Island• Kilkee• Costa Brava• Red Sea

Page 33: UCC  Subaqua

Frequently asked questions

Page 34: UCC  Subaqua

Do I have to be able to swim?


Page 35: UCC  Subaqua

What certifications are recognised?



see http://www.diving.ie/scuba-diving/already-qualified/

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What about spearfishing?

• We teach important snorkelling skills• Spearfishing on SCUBA is illegal

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Questions?@uccsubaquahttp://www.facebook.com/groups/5995663394/http://www.uccsubaqua.com/[email protected]