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UK Peatland Code

Date post:02-Jul-2015
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Presentation given at IUCN Peatland Action, 22 October 2014, by Prof Mark Reed about the UK Peatland Code. For more information, visit: http://www.iucn-uk-peatlandprogramme.org
  • 1. Prof Mark ReedResearch Manager, IUCN UK Peatland ProgrammeBirmingham City University

2. Summary The voluntary standard for peatland restorationprojects in the UK that want to be sponsored onthe basis of their climate and other benefits Guidance for restoration projects Assurance for sponsors In pilot phase (2013-2015) Not an offsetting scheme 3. Development IUCN Peatland conference, Stirling 2011 Report for EMTF: ranked their top opportunity Highlighted in Defras PES Action Plan National Action Plan & Committeeon Climate Change: key priority Joint ministerial statement, 2013 Code developed via ValuingNature Network project andDefra PES Pilot 4. Governance Owned by IUCN UK Peatland Programme Steering group chaired by Paul Vaight: Government departments and agencies for UK anddevolved administrations Environmental NGOs Landowners Business Research Defra-funded R&D project to support pilot phasemanaged by selected steering group members 5. Here today Scottish Gov./SNH Neil Ritchie Andrew Coupar Defra Colin Smith Catherine Duggan Emma Barley Welsh Government James Skates Land owninginterests Simon Thorp NGOs Clifton Bain Research Mark Reed Business Paul Vaight 6. Pilot sites Exmoor Pumlumon Lake District Peatland CodeParnters across UKproviding data andtrialing methods(including PeatlandAction) 7. Why is business interested? Reduce costs (some sectors) Demonstrate responsibility towards environment In future, meet environmental obligations Promote brands &product lines linkedto peatRestoration on Exmoor funded by South West Water 8. How will it work for landowners? On top of agricultural payments via CAP Minimum 30 year contracts during pilot phase Possibility of shorter contexts via Glastir Negotiate price with sponsor Bi-laterally or via broker Cover costs of work plus maintenance payments noset rate, to be agreed between buyer and sellerSubmit Expressionof Interest toSteering GroupProject DesignDocumentContracts andprojectimplementationPayments and workstart 9. Brokers Commercial brokers are beginning to emerge Peatland Alliance national prospectus and pitch: Peatland-owning NGOs with selected landowners Trusted brands and choice of sites Government e.g. via Glastir? 10. Next steps Pure CSR (no offsets): Peatland Alliance pitching this Autumn Mandatory carbon reporting: Peatland Code inGHG Accounting Guidelines Voluntary Carbon Markets after 2015 (e.g. viaVerified Carbon Standard) 11. www.iucn-uk-peatlandprogramme.org/peatland-gateway/uk/peatland-code 12. While Im here Premier of new Greengage Films production,Our Wilderness Sign the Peat Free Pledge 13. www.mayaproject.org/peat-free-pledge#peatfree

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Prof Mark Reed Research Manager, IUCN UK Peatland Programme Birmingham City University
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