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  • 1. The United Kingdom

2. Buckingham Palace

  • This palace was built in 1705 by the duke of Buckingham. Queen Victoria was the first of the royal family to live in it. A flag is always raised when the queen is at the palace. Today, the palace has over 600 rooms which includes a throne room and a grand ball room.

3. Windsor Castle

  • Windsor Castle is the largest inhabited castle in the world with its earliest resident being William the Conqueror. The castles total floor area is 484,000 square feet. Along with
  • Buckingham Palace, it
  • is one of the places the
  • English royal family
  • resides.

4. Edinburgh Castle

  • Edinburgh Castle sits
  • upon the volcanic
  • Castle Rock. The castle
  • dates back to around the
  • time of David I in the
  • 12 thcentury. Much of the
  • fortress was destroyed
  • in the 16 thcentury but today
  • it is the National War Museum of Scotland.

5. Harlech Castle

  • Nestled on a cliff close to the Irish Sea this fortress has been inspiration for songs and a beautiful attraction in Wales. It was built in the 13 thcentury by King Edward I and is known for its giant gatehouse.

6. St. Pauls Cathedral

  • This 365 foot cathedral dates back to the 17 thcenturywhen it was built by Sir. Christopher Wren. Today, it is the seat of the Bishop
  • of London and services
  • still are held daily.

7. Westminster Abbey

  • Westminster Abbey was first used by Benedictine Monks in the 10 thcentury. Today it is the official coronation and resting place of 17 members of the royal family.

8. The White Cliffs of Dover

  • The White Cliffs of Dover form the British coastline that faces the Strait of Dover and France. These cliffs are part of the North Downs formation and some reach up to 305 feet. You are also able to see the cliffs from France on a clear day.

9. Blackpool Tower

  • Inspired by the Eiffel Tower in
  • Paris, France this tower is
  • 518 feet tall and can be seen
  • almost everywhere in a
  • 30 mile radius. It was opened
  • on May 14, 1894 and has a
  • time capsule buried under it.
  • Theconstruction used about
  • 5 million bricks.

10. Hadrians Wall

  • This fortress, also known as the Roman Wall, was built in 122 AD and was constructed out of stone and timber. Built by the Roman Empire under the rule of emperor Hadrian the wall spans the width of northern England. Much of the wall still stands today.

11. Antonine Wall

  • Made out of stone and turf, this wall
  • was constructed under the rule of the
  • Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius. It took
  • 12 years to finish the 39 mile wall that
  • spans the Central Belt of Scotland and
  • was 10 ft high and 15 ft wide which
  • created the northernmost barrier for
  • the Roman Empire. Sadly, today the
  • the remains of the wall are scattered
  • and rare compared to the Hadrians Wall.

12. The Wellington Arch

  • The Wellington Arch was built
  • between 1826-1830. It was
  • intended to be a monument for
  • the first Duke of Wellington and
  • was the entryway for Buckingham
  • Palace. The arch was moved from
  • the palace in 1882 and placed in
  • Hyde Park where it still sits today.

13. Stonehenge

  • One of the worlds first monuments was Stonehenge. This prehistoric monument is believed to have been built sometime in between 2500-3000 BC. It is
  • world famous and is
  • believed to be an
  • ancient burial ground .

14. Big Ben

  • This 315.9 foot high
  • clock is the largest four-
  • faced, chiming clock in
  • the world. It is attached
  • to the Palace of
  • Westminster located
  • in London and is 150
  • years old

15. The London Eye

  • The LondonIt carries about
  • eye was firstabout 10,000
  • opened on Dec.people a day
  • 31, 1999 and isand 3.5 million
  • the tallesta year. It has
  • observationbecome a very
  • wheel in the popular tourist
  • world.attraction in
  • London.
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